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Sivir Build Guide by Odisseous

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Odisseous

Sivir the fear bringer

Odisseous Last updated on July 24, 2011
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Hello my summoner name is Odissious this is my Sivir build its based off of Meridianprime build in which i use to use a lot till i tweaked it. Im a great Sivir no so much in ranked and so now i'm taking on Leona and soon the monkey king. i don't have much wins due to the fact i used xp boost A LOT. Keep in mind this is my first Mobafire build and will get better info wise as i get better at making these or just typing informational wise

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    strong out the base against most miders
    get stronger as time goes
    consumes towers health
    fed easily

    extremely squishy for the people not use to her or mages(even though she is not one)
    her skills are tricky and some will find she is harder to use
    Target quickly in any team fight since one of the harder hitters in mid/lat game

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well i follow suite and agree totally with Meridianprime build. All squishyes will be cowering in fear form you your +25 off the line armor penetration. and the magic runes help with keeping enough man begin game to finish off you foes.
So the runes you will want are:

Greater mark of Desolation

these for me are a must while using Sivir. It makes the mages quake in their boots and others that want to take you on solo think twice.

Greater seal of Replenishment

Now that you have an ok armor penetration you need to keep that mana where you need it so you can finish those bush hiding champions/the runners xD

Greater Glyph of Warding

this will help protect you from those darn early attacks and since Sivir's resistance doesn't stqack when she levels this will keep you alive.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation

A great boost to your armor penetration this is the tip and end to your early game ks

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I prefer with sivir Teleport and Exhaust.


Gets you into battle or to that one tower quicker then most while the enemy team is distracted you just teleport to their lone tower and take it out like a good little Sivir, i can not tell you how many times i have teleported to the neuxas(sp) and win the match for my team
Helps slow down the enemy for that last strike kill or for your Rochette to do its last minute damage.

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My Build goes like this

Early game this is the first item you should start out with. it'll help with those chances of first blood which will get you the gold. this item will stick with you till your last item gained. That first kill will give you enough gold for your next item which is
of course to raise your movement speed of course. Then i go with

This is the start of the Bloodthirster item, a necessity to keeping alive early game
Finish your boot so that you may get the life you need with the minions

with the combination of your items it shouldn't take too long to get this item at all

Finishing the Bloodthirster should give you the edge to start getting those major ks beginning of mid game
is your next item with the bloodthirster and your new found speed with the combination for major minion kill this should not take long. which will allow you to finish this build with.

by the time you get this item you should be level l11 or so if you are a good sivir that is and in time you will be. Now with this combination of items you are now eligible on soloing the Dragon with taking little damage after depending if he gets last hit or you

nest is another B.f Sword to start out your infinite Blade

which is another boost toward your infinity blade in which you may or may not need this one

The next core item in your build which will raise your crit and by this time you will be doing over 700+ crit damage, and be doing nearly 300 normal damage. and with this the game should be a win if not close

This will get you on the way to your Hextech blade which is a good addition none the less.

With this item your attack should be nearly if not 347 and yor speed well nothing less then Holy o.o <3

this item replaces your Doran blade which by this time if the game is not over it soon will be

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Final notes for now

As you can see i am most unskilled in making this and hopefully will learn how to finalize this build for so that when you scroll over the items you can see the attributes of each