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League of Legends Build Guide Author Yukon

Sivir, The Midlane Menace

Yukon Last updated on January 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Ok, so this is officially my first build. My girl here, Sivir, is in my honest opinion, one of the most overlooked champions in the game. She is easily one of the best, if not the best pusher in the League, not to mention she's just sexy. So here is my first at bat with an old champ, and a new perspective.

Good Pusher
Built in Banshee's passive
Good DPS
Teamfight winning Ult

Very Squishy
Somewhat weak Early game
Relient on timing(aka shield)
Often targetted

So to start off I'm going to say this. No, I don't stack attack speed. No, I don't rush a warmogs. And no, I don't want to hear your arguments about whether or not i am a "noob". Keep in mind, this is my take, my opinion. There are many out there, feel free to express your own, but do so in a polite manner.

Early Game
So you start off with a meki pendant and 2 health pots. Try your best to get mid-lane.
Most people won't try to argue with you about it because of the fact that they know that sivir has excelent pushing capabilities. What people don't realize is that, when used correctly, she has excelent survivability and can basicly keep an enemy mid-laner gimped for much of the game. Don't actually put any points into any of your skills until you know who you are actually facing in mid lane. If its someone who is not worth your time and mana harrassing,(Vlad mostly), then put a point in Ricochet and chug away at those creeps. Level 2 spell shield is a must. Not only will it save you from a lot of harrasal damage from enemys, but it acts as a mana replenishment. Try to bait your enemys into using skills and shielding them for mana regen, but be careful not to burn ur shield only to take the damage and be out of mana. Boomerang is your primary harrass skill. Try to make it so you end up hitting the enemy champ on the way out and back in. IF u can line it up to where u also hit creeps, although your blade will do less damage, u can clear the lane a little faster, and hit 2 birds with one stone so to speak.

By now your creep kill counter should be growing. Don't worry if u dont have a kill, if u haven't been ganked and haven't died, your doing your part still. Don't be afraid to help in teamfights but remember, your not the greatest ganker. Base once you have enough money for a Tear and Beserker Greaves. Also, don't be afraid to buy health potions throughout the game. Until you have your starks, you still have very low health and regen, so those pots allow you to survive longer and stay in your lane.

Late Game
By now you should have your Occult and Starks. Get in every teamfight possible. But never run to the front of your team. Your ult can change fights in an instant. So pop ur ult, turn on richochet, and boomerang those squishys, if your team is competent things should drop and you will see your stacks on sword of the occult slowly rise. Hitting 20 stacks on occult is highly improbably because you will be targeted a lot. Rely on your positioning during fights, and utilize your spellshield. Buy your blood thirster and you become one tough cookie. Hitting someone for 250+ damage plus any ricochets that come in contact with them can add up fast.

The reason i put warmogs as last item is for two reasons.
1) IF your positioning is correct and you make good use of spell shield, you shouldn't die too often.
2) By the time you are buying it, other teams will have a good amount of items on their bars, so the extra help never hurts.

Laning 2v1
So your team has decided to send you to a 2v1 lane. No problem. Start off your build the same but grab richochet at lvl 1 followed by lvl 2 spell shield. Sit back and auto the closest creeps u can, don't worry about pushing out, stay near that turret since you are still squishy. At level 3 if you arn't being harrassed too badly you can grab boomerang blade, but if ur sitting right under your turret lvl 2 richochet isn't a bad idea. By level 6 you want 1 point in boomerang, 2 in richochet, 2 in spell shield, and 1 in your ult. Communicate with ur jungler for ganks since u do have a level advantage.

So there you go, please feel free to comment but remember to do so politely. If you have any further questions just leave them in a comment or ask for my IGN and i will gladly help.