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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pimzy

Sivir, The Pushin' Style (Along with Solo Top) UPDATED

Pimzy Last updated on March 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Guide Top

Sivir, Everything to Know.

Sivir,the Underrated Champ.

Who is Sivir? What does she do?

You are Sivir. Your mission? Make people use their teleport, ghost, ulti. Just to get the little Sivir pushing those damn towers. Sivir is one of the best pushers in the game, and mainly people use her as a backup, or a OMFG WERE LOSING USE ULTI kind of champ. NO. NO NO NO NO NO. Sivir, she should be like a little ninja, running through those bushes. Pushing every tower she sees. But what about my team? 4 of them should be able to hold off any team, and while your opposing team is pushing, they feel a little shiver down their back as they see you destroy their last turret. OH **** SIVIRS DESTROYING THE BASE SOMEONE GO BACK. Yes. This puts the other team into a "wtf do we do?" moment.

    Best farmer
    Best pusher(IMO)
    Has very own banshees
    AoE ulti for your team
    Very squishy
    Not suitable for a 1v1
    Focused on alot

The Build

Beginning game, Slivir lacks mana, as most champs do. Adoesn't hurt to have. It also gets you one step closer to solving your mana pool problems. Onceis thrown in your pack, you should be set. Nowis a no brainer really. Sense your building for 3 Bloodthirsters, your best cost efficient way is to rush your B.F. Swords. This makes it so your not lackin' any damage at the point of game your in. My most asked question probably will be. Why? Why this? Wtf? Yeah ik. Personally, I love it. It gets you just a tiny bit more meat on those bones, and is your key way to escape. After taking out a turret, their whole team is probably raging and will chase after your little as-butt.+= LIGHTNING SPEED WOOO CANT CATCH ME. By the end of the game everytime I usually get a F*** you Sivir here and there.
Now you do have some other choices, heres a couple items you can replace Shurelya with if your a hater: :(
-Make you nice and beefy late game so you don't blink and go wtf wheres my health?
- Pop that active, and do work on the turrets. Now the reason i chose Shurelya's over this is because it effects to your whole team. It can help out alot in a chasing or fleeing moment. BE A LIFE SAVER :D

- Take that stupid mofo Cho'gath or Mordekaiser out. God i hate them.

Other good items could be attack speed or damage increase.

Laning Phase

Early Game:
MID... MID MID MID MID MID. Take mid please.. Sivir excels in mid so well, and Heris a scary thing in the laning phase. You should atleast push the middle tower on your own. Try just running up and smacking it when your minions are in range. Yes, the other guy will try to harass you. NO FEAR, E SKILL IS HERE. This will make them so angry, they'll throw everything they've got at you, while you laugh running around in circles. Playing Sivir is like playing with their heads.

Mid Game:
Start looking for some TOWERS to push, I don't like to really think about ganking, Sivir isn't the BEST ganker. Be careful though, don't let your lane go! If team fights start, Yourdoes some massive damage at this point, so help out and harass.

Late Game:
Hehehehe.. This is where the fun starts. I played a game where we had about 2 team kills total and the other team was at like 20. People were just thinkin' oh god its over.. Then they see Pimzy has destroyed an enemy turret! Another.. Another. ANOTHER. ANOTHERRR. My team was getting so motivated, we stopepd them at our last turret, and boy i had them sprinting through the woods after me like a couple of hungry animals. THAT should be you. Play mind games with the team. Push bot a few waves, tele to top as they are about to gank you. Run alllllll the way back to bot take the turret out and they'll just be like wtf. This will stress the opponents out, and forcing them to fall back and babysit.
Summoner Spells

My choice:- A must, teleporting gives you dominance on map control and towers.- I love this spell, it helps me see where the whole team is going, and gives me a chance to run to a safe spot. Its almost like Pacman

Other Good Selections:

Stop worrying about those darn deaths.. If you win the game for your team, why would it matter? Do not worry about the score you have, Winning/Losing is what really means something.

ALSO. You do MASSIVE damage to turrets, your AS isn't that much of a worry when your dishing out 250 every hit. You have your ult for that AS you need.