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League of Legends Build Guide Author lonewolf1979

Sivir: The Rage of the Huntress

lonewolf1979 Last updated on May 19, 2011
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Playing as Sivir, viable in 3's or 5's

Sivir needs an ungodly amount of farm to reach her potential, but it is doable thanks to her W (Ricochet). You want to make sure you take mid if possible, unless you have a jungler on your team and can take the 2v1 (this is entirely situational, because sivir is very weak early game). You want to make sure that Trynadmere is no in your lane because he can tear you up in a few hits and with that slow on you you wont be able to get away. The key to playing as Sivir is attackspeed, because...well, thats all she has with just 2 damage abilities ricochet and boomerang blade.

Sivir is not really much of a carry until very late game, up until that point youre a damage support, so stay in the back and spam your ricochet/boomerang blade to help take a few chunks from the enemy.

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For Sivir's runes i always take armor pen marks, attack speed seals, attack speed glyphs and armor penetration quints. The reason for this is sivir's starting damage is a joke and richocht's damage is decreased by 25% per bounce, so armor pen marks help give her more of a punch early game and will come into play later to help your team bring down tanks.

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I put 9 points into offense to get archaic knowledge. Why you ask? Because sivir IS for all intents and purposes a hybrid. Meaning she has the abilitiy to draw from AP and AD damage and boomerang blade is her "nuke". Next i put 9 points into defense, the reason is because Sivir is incredibly squishy and weak and has very very low base health and ****py health ratios leveling, so defense masteries help keep her in the lane longer. I usually take Nimbleness and Evasion over the Strength of Spirit talent, because they combine with her passive to help her dodge basic (auto attacks) as long as she is moving. Which with sivir you always want to be moving because it increases her chance to dodge, which is more important versus a team full of attack damage/attack speed teams.

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Skill Sequence

I like to level up Ricochet first, its great for harrassing and take minimal effort to harass your enemy. Max it first, boomerang blade second. Max spellshield last, even just 1 rank in it is sufficient enough to keep you from eating ashe's crystal arrow, or keeping that nasty blitzcranks paws off your sexy skin by anulling his rocket grab.

You will watch the enemy try to stay at max distence to avoid getting hit by your ricochet, and by doing so it makes it easier for you to deny them gold they need, so max ricochet FIRST!!!

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To start with, i take boots+1 first because its IMPORTANT to have high mobility to start so that you can more easily juke skill shots, and you want to immediately build them into Berserkers Greaves once you hit 1050 gold and take a vampiric scepter when you go back your first time. Then again you go back to your lane and begin the farm once again. Poke the turret if it is safe to do so whenever possible. The next time you go back you pick up a b.f. sword and go back and farm again or you can go for a gank since you now have a bit of damage behind you (build into bloodthirster next time you go back). the next item that i like to get is aegis of the legion for more health and armor and magic resist plus the bonus for your team. Then you want to start building nashor's tooth, so i start with Stinger for cooldown reduction and the 40% attackspeed. Why nashors you ask? because it gives your a nice bit of AP for your boomerang blade, good attackspeed with mana regen. The last thing i work on as a major core item is last whisper just incase they have tanky dps teams.

By late game your item build should be looking like this:

Berserker Geaves,Bloodthirster,Aegis of the Legion,Nashors Tooth,Last Whisper and the last item can be whatever defensive item you need. if they have alot of burst damage (like leblanc) you might take a Hexdrinker or banshee veil. If its more health and armor you need you could go for a randuins, and frozen heart works great for reducing enemy attack speed.

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Pros / Cons

Sivir is squishy, yet a fun champ to play. She has no crowd control which can be a major drawback in teamfights. her ricochet only applies on hit effects on the first hit, and on none of the subsedquent bounces. This build will see you through many types of team comps if they mix AP with AD, but will not be very strong against solid burst mage teams or all AD/AS teams, so you need to know how to build to survive.

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Summoner Spells

I like to take teleport with sivir, just for that extra chance to backdoor whenever the enemy is occupied and not paying attention to their minimaps.

I also like to take flash on her, since with her ult she doesnt really need ghost, because she already has ghost built into her character. These are the best 2 abilities ive been able to find for her. She can use ignite which is good for that occasionally pesky warwick or the more common and annoying xin zhao

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Sivir is terrible soft, so do not be afraid to get some tanky items, she can farm very quickly so spend that cash. The objective is to make sivir harder to kill, but keeping her dishing enough damage so she isnt a drain on your team. Most people choose not to take sivir because they think she isnt a good champ, to that i say this. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and a good player can take even the worst champ and find a strength in them to exploit to their advantage.

Sivir is an excellent pusher, so take that teleport and use it to tear down enemy turrets.

As ever please comment and help me try to invent new builds for a champ that is used little and underestimated and underused greatly. Ive used this build several games with her and it seems to do the job and it works in 3's as well as 5's. Thank you for reading my guide, and i hope this build works as well for you as it does for me!