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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeLk

Sivir, the Solo-Queuer

NeLk Last updated on April 12, 2011
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Sivir, the Solo-Queuer

I've been playing Sivir for quite a long time and I've always looked up guides around here, so right after a friend posted an amazing guide here for Pantheon (Link at the end of the Guide), I thought that maybe I could share what I've learnt about Sivir just like he did with Pantheon.

The way I will explain you should play Sivir here is meant for players that want to Solo Queue calmly without worrying if their team will be a useless bunch of flamers. I'm the kind of guy who wants to play calmly, not aiming for the "OMFG FAST GO OBLITERATE THE OTHER HERO" that's why, while leveling up to 30, I often chose Tanks or heros that I felt could be fun to play with (Special mention to Teemo, as an old DOTA Player that see's a resemblance with Techies there :P. Techies = Funniest hero EVAR)

Playing tanks worked for a while but at some point I started to feel that things weren't right. I wasn't able to win a game by myself nor with a Tank neither with fun Heros and by myself I mean the following: its not the same getting Madreds Infinite Edge and Angel with Teemo than with MF/XinZao, even if I got OP Equipment and nice K/D Ratios, I couldn't weight the balance to our side...

I think that the current ELO system we have leaves you with two options:
1) Carry your team to the Victory!! Yay!!

If you don't carry your team you'll most likely lose the game... But you can't carry a bad team with Teemo/Tanks(Most of them at least), and Solo queueing you find LOTS of bad teams. IMO Losing a few times in a row because you got some bad players isn't fun at all, so I started to look for a Champ that wouldn't be stressful to play and would be able to push a bad team to Victory.

It was about that time when I found the Extremely Underrated Sivir. She was like a godsent gift. The hero I had being searching for was a hero with whom I could play Ranked Games, I wanted this new hero to become my Main and it wouldn't be fun to have him banned in half the games that were being played at the moment.

Even now after the Buff at her Boomerang, I still find people asking me not to pick Sivir and/or yelling at me because of picking her. As I said, she's an Extremely Underrated Champ... Even if she's only 450 IP..

She has a AREA poke that hits for around 500 at MidGame and around 1k LateGame
She has Spellblocking
Her attacks Bounce all around the enemy team dealing bonus dmg
Her Ulti gives the whole team increased ASPD / Movespeed,

Furthermore, she is a Champ that doesn't requires you to get Fed, you dont need to be hysterical because some noob stole your kill, you won't be lacking something late game if you dont achieve 20-2-0 score @ early game. On the contrary, the way I play Sivir is to get assists, but not rush them, I let other champs get their kills. You get money from Creeps and from teamfights, where you will probably and unintentionally kill a few heroes. Let Champ killing stats for other champs that need that food and let Creepz be your food instead.

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Skill Sequence

Fleet of Foot

Increases Sivir's dodge chance by 10/15/20/25% while moving.

Dot. If you flee, +25% Dodge, if you are permanently on the move while last hitting chances are that you will dodge 1/4 of the attacks that pesky hero is doing in order to harass you.

Boomerang Blade

Sivir hurls her crossblade like a boomerang, dealing 75 / 120 / 165 / 210 / 255 (+75% of ability power) and (+95% of Attack Damage) Magic Damage to the first unit and 20% reduced damage to each subsequent target.

Boomerang that guy, BAM -500hp. People often freak out when they see i can Boomerang TF/Sonna for 3/4 of their total HP... Amazing Skill. Hits Hard.


Toggle: Sivir's basic attacks will bounce to 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 additional target(s), dealing 22% less damage with each bounce (only the first hit procs item effects).

Remember to :
Activate Ricochet in teamfights
Deactivate Ricochet when hitting towers, it will bounce on enemy Champs and turn the Turret against you.

Spell Shield

Creates a magical barrier which blocks a single enemy ability used on Sivir. Lasts up to 3 seconds. If an ability is blocked by the shield, Sivir regains 125 mana.

Always have a finger ready to push E

On The Hunt

Grants Sivir and nearby allies 25% movement speed and 25 / 45 / 65% attack speed (half for allies) for 15 seconds.

Lately nerfed. Still amazing.

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Summoner Spells


When you soloqueue you can't manage EVERYTHING. You will often find that there's a Tryndamere/Olaf/WarWick/Twitch/Whatever.. that obliterates half your team before you can bring him to half hp not alone speak of killing him and by the time you bring him to Half Hp he has already turned the tides of the battle in the favor of his team. What's worse, he then runs away while there are still 4 other guys wacking your ***es and if things get bad then he comes back and finishes the job.

Exhaust him.

If he isn't a good player/is a Jungler, you've just saved 2 guys from certain death, two guys that may bring enough DPS to finish off one of theirs, with that, paired with your Boomerang hitting of 800 and Ricochet Bouncing all around has managed you to bring their team to 3/4 of HP at least all alone while yours is sitting at Full HP, use your Ulti and maybe that will be enough to bring them down and to counterpush, dont rush for it though, if you cant reach the Nexus with your push, back off, retreat, and wait, being patient will score you more wins than you'd ever thought.

If he's good, he'll have cleanse, and you will get raped anyway I would then advice you to try to fight near towers and pray to god that your team of 5 + Tower will be able to clean their team and allow you then to make a counterattack.


Teleport to a wave that has just reached an Enemy Tower while you see Enemy Champs pushing somwhere else, Boomerang creeps, Ricochet + Ulti + Autoattack the Tower and you will find you have just obliterated that turret and a whole creepwave... then pill home. Well done boy.
Ninja Attack, Sick Advantage.

Also, Defending Towers that are left alone from a 40 creeps Wave with Boomerang + 5x Ricochets combo is Priceless... well not really, you may even get rich while you are at it.

Teleport gives you a slow advantage on Towers and Money, exactly what Sivir needs


Flash is the greatest spell ever imo for any char BUT I dont like it with Sivir-SoloQueue. I'll explain you why... You are Solo queueing Remember? Well...If

You flash to initiate, you are dead. (You are not Galio/Amumu)
You flash to flee from a teamfight, with the damned ELO system, chances are your team will get Raped and even if their team can't kill you before you reach the tower, What will you do when 5 guys go raging to your tower? Strip in front of them? If they can Tank the tower a few seconds, you are done even under your tower's protection.

You have 3k of HP, 25% Lifesteal and deal ~1k dmg Boomerang for a reason, you may bring that last 500 dmg that allows YOUR team to escape with 100hp and avoid situations like "OMFG HES AT 40HP SOMEONE KILL THAT KENNEN!!" "ALL AT 100HP WTF WAS THAT!!??!?"

Yes, you will die more than if you get Flash instead of the other spells.
Yes, you will score more wins in the long run.

If you play alone, sacrifice for the team, backdoor with Teleport and DONT pick Flash.
If you dual Queue, pick Flash, you know that at least you have a friend with you that can support you and wont screw things over.

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With Sivir, if you get to midgame and you are not among the Top level Champs and with Double (if Solo Lane) or Equal (Dual Lane) creep kills than any other Champ apart from Heimendinger, you are doing something wrong.

While the Enemy creeps are arriving face them and Q> Autoattack with W a few Times = Wave Gone / + 200Gold for you.

It's so easy it hurts to see a Sivir last hit early game. That is one of the reasons why you can Handle Mid, Solo Lane and Duo Lane, You can Solo like any other OP Champ, farm Mid like the best Heimendinger and ofc Dual Lane like any other dont let anyone tell you otherwise.


If mid > Abuse Spellshield and Boomerang-mindtricks
If Dual Lane, Harass, you will CreepKill later at Lvl 5 when you can clean a whole creep wave in less than one second.
If Solo vs 2, Play safe, Hug tower, Try to Level to 5. Let them push. Boomerang creps, Spellshield everytime you Boomerang too far away from tower.

Starting Items

Early Game you aim for farming Berserker's Boots and a fast BloodThirster starting with B.F Sword, but like Colbycheeze said, if you cant afford to buy B.F Sword in your first trip to fountain, go for as many Doran's Swords as you can. It will give you the burst you need to clean waves effortlessly and to stay more in Lane this time. Even if you have enough money to buy 3, do it, in paper it may look stupid, but lets think about it, 2 Doran's are perfectly acceptable, and you will see if you play this build that 3 are also Ok, just in case you think its too much, have in mind that you are just wasting 235 gold for that last Doran's as you can sell it later for 200, 235 gold for sivir is nothing, and that Extra HP+Dmg+Lifesteal, believe me, you will notice that.

At the end of Early Game you should look like this.

Ofc, if everything went Ok instead, this should Look like this

Next, you want to finish that BloodThirster and get some more ASPD (Attack Speed) & Increase further your Health.
I personally choose Madred's Bloodrazor Over Warmog's at this point.

You are aiming for this:

Late Game will arrive soon, Tanks will have Armor, and you will need to penetrate that armor and dish more burst dmg, I've tried lots of different builds and played around with multiple choices, from Manamune, going trough more Bloodthirsters, Atmas, Phantom Dancers (Wich were my choice untill they nerfed the Dodge out of them)... but what really makes you shine right now as last item is an Infinity Edge.

OR if you feel confident and are not getting too ganked, you can turn that Giant's Belt into a Frozen Mallet instead of a Warmogs


So then you'll have as a final build the following

You are Sivir, that's why you can't focus too much on Critical chance or dmg, you just crit to the first enemy you hit, but that +80 Dmg is nice, and with 25% Lifesteal, 40% Armor Penetration and 30% Critical Chance, when you Ult, you will see the enemy life go down and never go up. Bear in mind you get +65% ASPD when you Ulti, your blades will be bouncing all around and you will Hitting ONE single target with Spikes of ~600-1k Dmg (depending on their armor) + Madred's Bloodrazor AND your Blades will be bouncing around hitting (medium armor case) for 320>250>200>160>128 To each subsequent target.

HOLY ****!! THAT'S A LOT!! you are spreading ~1058 Dmg to enemy targets!!!!! And that's without taking into account any Crits or Madred's!

Try to attack first a Squishy target!!!

If you attack MF with 96 Armor and penetrate 40% -> You'll be dealing her approx 360 Dmg then bounces substracting 22% per hit would be 290>240>190>...
If you attack Malphite with 700 Armor and penetrate 40% -> You'll be dealing him approx 200 Dmg then bounces will be 160>120>90>...

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As Sivir you are weak early. You are not some kind of Overpowered Mordekaiser that can withstand any kind of attack. Your Range is lower than some other Ranged Heros, and if you aim for a Survival Build, instead of that you'll find yourself harassed and ganked to no end. That's why I go with.

AD Quint & Reds
Mana Regen/Level Yellow & Blue

If someone is missing and you feel that you can get Ganked. Boomerang the line of creeps, autoattack the nearest creep you can a two times and retreat. With that Runes, You've just cleaned 4 creeps at least and you are safe and sound near your tower, mana will regen for you to repeat the same procedure over and over.

What's more important, with that build you can completely forget about any Kind of mana regen, given that you don't forget to toggle/untoggle Ricochet (Early game use it just when you can clean the line of creeps and a few times, Later game its your Call)

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Youtube Examples

I take no credit for these two videos, I just give them to you so you can see how to play Sivir.

Warmog's Sivir

ColbyCheeze's Sivir

The End

Well, I'll add more sections any other day, or whenever its not 4:30AM in the morning xD
Cya soon Hope you like the build

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