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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GigaTV

Sivir the uncountable Carry (3 counter 1 alternative build)

GigaTV Last updated on February 13, 2011
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This guide is for WELL SIVIR PLAYERS, if you are pretty new on her (under 20 games) please do not vote down this, because you are failing with this build.
But please try it out and read it completly, otherwise you will fail hard...

This is a sophisticated guide!

Hey guys, this is my second guide, again sorry for my bad english and I hope you will learn something.
When you have questions or anything what I did wrong, do not vote down to fast, I will change it and/or discuss with you.

This Sivir guide shows you, how to play Sivir successfull with staying alive and still being a viable pusher and damagedealer.

You will be very hard to counter.
The only way you can be countered is by stacking armor, but you can counter that with armor penetration!
Best is to get have a starks in your team, because it would take long to buy it on your own.
Otherwise Last Whisper or Black Cleaver gives you a great opportunity to get the title

Sivir-the Uncountable Carry

Do you think Deathfire Grasp or Madreds could stop her?
Doublespellshield and Magicresist= happy sivir and less prozentual damage (or non)

After your core you have many items you can choose to be the perfect counter for your ENEMIES. *

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Like some people here said there are problems you have with this build.
For example:

1. Not much attackspeed
2.Low damage in early game
3.Mana problems

I will add other problems when you tell me.

1. In earlygame you do not need any attack speed, just lasthitting, then your ultimate should be enough for the rest of your game.
If not just watch the additional items under the "item" section

2. In earlygame you are not dealing much damage, but the basic damage of your boomerang is enough to rape squishies and farm hard, until you can buy B.F. sword.
(BTW: you should never gank or anything else, just farm and stay on your lane as long as possible! You do not need to gank before you have B.F. sword.)

3. I did not played this build after the mp5 nerf, but normally a well sivir player is able to stay on a lane without getting any items.
Just skill masteries like I did and read the tips under the section "spells" and all other sections.

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Pros and Cons


-Extremly hard to kill
-Still a great pusher
-Very well farmer
-Still can kill Squishys easily
-You can take every lane you want to (mid, solo vs 1 or 2, duolane, but sivir shouldnt duo whateverso!)


-care about your mana
-you really depend on earlygame farm (!)
-your success also depends on your skill in throwing your boomerang
-sometimes its boring, cause you are nearly not able to die...

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All these items are viable on this Sivir, on Top you can click on 4 Itembuilds, I created for diffrent teams:

First: Standard build
For oppenents without specialize damage like a pure AP team or something
Many players say: Hey I need more attackspeed!
Just change Hexdrinker for example into Wits end!
Look at the additional items on the bottom of this item section.

Second: AP-Counter
For oppenents with massive AP damage.
You perfectly counter them with doublespellshield and lots of magicresistance.
Here you got Wits end as attackspeed item (But like I said often, you should not need this)
Here and in every other build you can change some settings, but I would ever buy at least the 4 first items like this

Third: AD-Counter
For oppenents with massive AD.
This is the itembuild, in which you have the most attackspeed and you are nearly a normal carry...nearly ;)

Fourth: Alternative
This build is more normal than the others, if you are not able to play the others builds, try this, still tanky but still diffrent to other normal builds
In this build you can also change hexdrinker into wits end and/or starks fervor into SoD (Sword of Devine)
If you need more armorpen get a Black Cleaver.

However, all these builds are combinations of these Items and you normally start like this:
(all additional items are under this text)

You always start with Ruby Crystal.
because-->[Since the last patch, you cannot buy an additional manapotion with an Dorans item and your mp5 runes are nerfed! I think about changing some settings, maybe you could help me with your experiences ;)]

You normally build Ninja Tabis, but if your enemie team is heavy cc, get mercurys to counter them.
Then you will start building Wamogs, start with regrowth pendant and then finish it.
After that, you will buy The Bloodthirster.

Look at the additional items if you need more attackspeed, for me my ultimate is enough, but if you want you can buy them.

THIS is your core build.

This Item works really really well on Sivir, you can stack it very easy and you can stay on a lane for years!

This is also a stack item :D So you will stack fast and get great dmg and you can harrass better, stay longer on the lane and can 1on1 really well then

Then you will build on damage survivalability or items, which give you both
Your following items should be these:

More mana, more Hp, magicresist against Madreds and Deathfire Grasp and DOUBLE SPELLSHIELD.
Casters cleary can suck your **** now!

Armor+crit+ an effect which really harmonates with your Wamogs, you will get a great amount of damage

Damage+Magic Resistance and a nice effect, perfect for this Sivir ;)

For people who need attackspeed, I prefer hexdrinker, but so many people gave bad feedback just cause they had not enough attackspeed...

I think this item is to expensive and normally the game is over after your core build, but it is also a great item you can get later on

Also items you can get...

Guide Top

Game examples

ALL games, which were in my history when I created this guide!
Watch in my history if you do not trust me. [EU]

Like you can see, I never had a full itembuild.
One time I even could not finish my Core build!

After your core build, you take some of the additional items, I showed you.
Every game, you can build perfectly counter your enemies without loosing surviveability or damage.
For example in the first game (9/2/15) the oppenent team had 4 time AP-damage, but not much cc (vladimir etc...)
So I bought Ninja Tabis as boots and Magicresist items after my Corebuild.

I got a winning spree of 6-7 Games with Sivir now, since I play this build (some games were before the last patch, when they cleared the log)

PS: In the 4/1/5 game, my only death was flashing into their fountain after we aced them at their nexus :D

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Fleet of Foot
Increases Sivir's dodge chance by 10/15/20/25% while moving.

This passive is great with your masterys and Ninja Tabis.

Sivir hurls her crossblade like a boomerang, dealing damage each way.

This is your main spell.
When you have skilled it about 3 times, you deal enough damage to harrass squishys hard or farm really well.
In Lategame you will really really need to be successfull with throwing it...

Toggle: Sivir's basic attacks will bounce to 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 additional target(s), dealing 25% less damage with each bounce (only the first hit procs item effects).

Great for farming, dealing more damage in clash and harrass.
Also amazing while pushing!

Spell Shield
Creates a magical barrier which blocks a single enemy ability used on Sivir. Lasts up to 3 seconds.
If an ability is blocked by the shield, Sivir regains 125 mana.

In early it can save your *** or you can get mana, if you use it right.
In lategame with banshees veil great against casters.


On The Hunt
Grants Sivir and nearby allies 25% movement speed and 25 / 45 / 65% attack speed (half for allies) for 15 seconds.

What can I say?
Great to push or escape ;)

Guide Top


Armor Penetration

You deal physical damage, so armorpen is NEVER wrong.


Mana regen per 5 seconds, per level

OR you can also take CD reduce on blue

Sivir have huge mana problems, but with runes+masterys you can stay on your lane very long with a bit practice.


Flat HP or even more Armor Penetration

You can take both.
If you are new to Sivir start with Flat HP ;)
Greater Survivalability in Earlygame or more Damage :)

Guide Top





Then you can skill dodge and nimbleness, which is great with your passive.


For even more regeneration and

with this you can get back to your lane more quickly or push lanes more often etc.

Then experience.

More important mana-regeneration and buff duration

To be faster than you enemie while chasing or getting chased!

You do not really need it, but it is the best thing you can skill then.

And hell YES you really need your summoners, especially port is important on her^^

Guide Top

Summoner Spells

Teleport is SO great on Sivir, cause of several reasons:
-Getting back on your lane fast
-Pushing a lane quickly or defend a tower
-Porting to wards, to get into a clash

Flash is great to:
-Escape ganks

You should not take these other normally viable spells on Sivir:

You also can take Ghost, but I think movementspeed is high enough with "On the Hunt" and getting over walls are out of cc range etc is more important.

Great spell, but YOU do not need this effect.
Port and Flash are more important...

Other spells like Heal-Clarity-Fortify are not important enough too.

Guide Top

Guide-How to play in which phase


You can go mid and sololane vs 1 or 2 guys.
I prefer solo top.
You will need to farm as much as possible, your whole game depends on it!
Learn to lasthit with Sivir as well as you can, play some practice games before if you are not used to do it.
You can harrass with your boomerang extremly well until it is skilled on rank 3 or higher.
You can use your shield to defend yourself against skillshots and nobody should be able to zone you.
Small tip, you can use it to get mana back easily for example on traps of Teemo, Caitlyn or Nidalee ;)

Ps: do not forget to buy wards when you are back


You are well farmed, have much life and already have a great part of your bloodthirster!
Do not forget to plant wards at dragon and maybe the buffs or the lane you are pushing.
If nobody else need it, get red buff and maybe, steal it with your teammates from the enemies.
Teleport on Minionpushed lanes, to kill the tower or deal major damage on it.
Your ultimate and your boomerang can make your clashes win or loose, so use them wisely!


It is nearly impossible for your enemies to kill you and you deal much damage, focus their squishies, do not be to afraid to get in focus ;)
Plant your team in jungle and push.
Then they will pick up guys, who want to defend the lane and where jungling before that.
Wont be possible in very high elo, but believe it, it works really great o.O
You can do Nashor solo or maybe with another guy, so ward up the area and get counterward/oracle to destroy enemy wards, so no one will pick you up there.

If you are bored in lategame:
You can spend your money in wards and build funny stuff, like stars or something :)
Wont take long. Your enemies are allready searching for the surrender button.

Guide Top

Some last words

I hope you will have much fun with this build and it helps you to controll Sivir better!
Leave a comment and tell me what I could add or change ;)
If you have Questions you can post them here or add me ingame if you like to ;) [EU]

Updated again!
3 Builds.
Nobody here should have any reasons anymore to vote this down^.^
Enjoy playing here on these builds and give your oppenents some reasons more to cry...