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Skarner Build Guide by markotaur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author markotaur

Skarner Ap Hybrid (not jungler) build

markotaur Last updated on March 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first build... The star of the build is Skarner! Mostly guides are for jungling this is for destruction an enemy team :) I know that Skrner is jungler but he is good in lanes too... So ppl who love Skarner and dont want to go in nasty scary jungle folow the master build

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Skarner is hybrid champion so he need armor and magic penetration to deal more dmg.. Magic penetration is more important because he is doing more ability power.. I took runes with magic and armor penetration , HP and ability power.

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Why Skarner with alot of ap?

Crystal slash only do physical dmg when is charching after that its only Ability power!
Crystilline exoskeleton with Ability power he absorb more dmg fixed is 250 + (0) percent of ur ap! This shield saved me alot of times... He absorb all dmg not only magic dmg!
Fracture wich is used on jungle build to heal ur self now is ability power 250 +(300* or more) its nice ap hit
and Ulti is last Impale is for disabling enemy champions but with this build u can disable them and hit nice dmg on them... Thats all my friends see ya in game :) transfer 500 ip on markotaur eu east :) i need skin <3 mwah

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Start - Boots 3 hp potions or regrowth pendant and 1 hp potion
Middle game - sheen is more important item after completing boots..
after u completed shen u wull be more powerful on battlefild and start making zeal for critical , speed and att speed and finish it with completing Trinity force! Trinity force is so good on skarner its totaly worth it! After trinity u need some ap and ad... best item and not expensive is Guinsoo Rage Blade 35 ad 45 ap + 40 ap from colecting stacks and some att speed.... After Rage blede im going on hp! Not armor Hp i go for crysta lscepter 80 ap 500 health and unique passive u slow ur enemis with ur spells for 30 percent! there comes crystal slash and fracture skills they cant escape from skarner with that item + u have ap for ur sceleton W shield and HP ! After crystal sometimes i do thornmail if enemy team is more physical dmg dealer or death cap for more ap... hextech gun blade is nice option too but i preffer death cap more ! I hope this poor made build helped u little...SKarner is not only JUngler!!! he is nasty killer ! thanks for voting ... and critics are accpeted

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Pros / Cons

Pros: Skarner is good fighter and he is hard to kill!
He is hybrid can be tank , jungler , dps , ap caster!
Skarner ulti can disable enemy unit and do critical dmg on their tactic and team position
Skarner have aoe attacks u can att more enemies close to u not just one!
Cons: At start u eat mana alot so u need to make alot of recalls... Thats why mostly ppl jungle with him!
U will fight for blue buff with ur team mates xD
Impale ur ulti need good timing and zoning to use it perfect for u team with more skarner games u will get it...
Skarner is not easy champ to play with need time... But when u master it u will kill all!

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Last chapter

If u try my build and if u really see some progress with him let me know... There is no many build for scarner off jungle so i was disapointing i hope this build helps! cheers