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Skarner Build Guide by perez1028

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author perez1028

Skarner: Dominion Unstoppable Style

perez1028 Last updated on September 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I have always seen Skarner as a strong off-tank. His starting stats can rival a tank in health armor and magic resis. This will keep you from doing damage but Skarner is weak early game anyways. Dominion gives Skarner the starting edge by skipping most of his weak early game.

Your goal is to initially stick with the bulk of the group and be the first into the team fight for top. You will take a beating but with strong starting stats you wont die. All you need to do is melt down their team with your q and stop them from going anywhere. If your pals played it right and DPS the team away, that first fight is your win!

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Pros / Cons

-Strong starting stats
-Great in team fights.
-speedy with W (don't die!)
-very hard to kill/chase (W)
-good defense and offense (Ult to pull onto towers and pull away from allies while capturing)
-Perma-slow + DPS + Tanky in teamfights
-curls into a ball when channeling
-if you don't die and get alittle fed you cannot die...ever!
-Trollin Scorpion...

-DPS early on weak
-1v1 hard if low on mana
-needs to be in every major teamfights
-Need to play support/tanky to get kills and assists

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Skill Sequence

Need Explanation of abilities I'm lazy go here: Click Me Noobie! =)

Poke your claws at whatever you can get those cooldowns. Frozen mallet is a + here because it keeps them in range of melee if your on your first Q hit.

Strait forward ability: spam.. spam.. spam!? just watch it you have a strong mana pool but it doesn't regen! If you use up all your mana you cannot help much in teamfights and you will loose 1v1 fights.

I wouldn't be surprised if this is always on CD: This is your #1 escape, chase, survival skill. Use it right out of the gate to get to the towers. Use it right when you enter a teamfight and whenever it cools down. Great to run away from those people that are inches away. Your mana pool is to sustain this ability.

Least useful ability but has perks: they're really 4 good uses for this ability.
1: Use on creeps to get health back.
2: Use in team fights and 1v1 to get health.
3: Get that kill steal =P?... prolly not
4: Stop those damn tower captures (however if u get close and q them they will be slowed and runnin away 2 seconds later)

Your defensive and offensive ability:
How is it defensive... haha well drag their buts onto your tower and see them = pwned.
Offensive? well when one of your buds is capturing one of their towers that the time to use it. Your much more useful antagonizing the enemy then capturing points... If theirs 1 dude then use your Ult and drag him away and solo his ***... if its 2-3 then pull out the weakest with your Ult and if their not jerks they will come to his aid. Do a perma-slow or two then run away with your (W). Hopefully that give time to capture the point. You want to engage them as far away from the tower as you can the closer they are the more tempted they will to go attack the person capturing it. So if your channeling be on the closest side to enemy attack and if you see them coming go out and engage.

Now if they're 2 or more just perma slow and run away with (W), last thing you want to do is die. Cuz best bet is they will leave you and go for the tower so grab some health if you can and circle back around to defend.

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I find the defensive mastery is the best, Skarner to get into those teamfights he needs some serious Defense. If you do get into those team fights then you will be a pain in the *** even if you don't do much damage because of Q.

But masteries is up to user so my friend go pwn any way ya want.

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Manamune is completely useless in Dominion, personally i use it in normals but not dominion. You will never reach the cap...

Start with the boots and mana and health crystals... This will give you the starting boost to your stats allowing you to stay in the fight and not have to go back. (you can also grab some pots if you'd like)

ASAP go back and get mercury treads and sheen. Once you have those you have speed, some Defense and DPS.

Now do whatever you can to build Trinity force, I suggest the mallet first so you have more health but zeal is viable for movement speed.

That is your core buildand
Then i suggest buildingGlacial Shroud This will help your mana pool + armor + faster Ult cool-down. but wait on frozen heart... the armor is great because in dominion usually 3-4 are AD melee characters...

you can get sunfire cape but I would rather have the faster Ult and mana pool.

Next i would say eitheror
Frozen mallet if you need the Health for tankyness and if they have heavy CC. Guinsoo's Rageblade if you want the dps.
can suck my nutsz... health not nearly as good as frozen mallet + the slow isn't special at all. Your melee you will use Frozen mallet all the time... your Q with what 40%-45% slow + 40% from the Mallet... HAH they wont even be able to get away with Flash.... With frozen mallet you will be a Slowing *****. This will make you a target in teamfights (you want this), good offense and defense since no one can get away...

FROZEN MALLET FROZEN MALLET FROZEN MA...... sorry passed out for a second...

from there on if you haven't won already =), then build the rageblade/Frozen mallet... then from there either tanky items or dps your choice. prolly should finish off Frozen heart.

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Summoner Spells

Flash - You must get! in case your W doesn't save you flash will

Ghost / Exhaust...

Exhaust: Both are good.. primarily for use with your ult. Exhaust them right after your ult if they flash you can still catch up to them. also use to save squishes or use on their DPS and laugh... helps in 1v1s too

Ghost: Used with ult to get further Ghost + W... they will eat your dust. however i believe exhaust is more useful.

others: ummm do what you want its a free country!

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Either stick with what I have or possible switch out a few of the armors for mana regen. You want a good initial advantage with your rune being Dominion, but late game doesn't hurt either.

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Team Work

BE in the teamfights, thats where you get your worth and kills/assists...

Focus on being support for people capturing the towers... Enemy teams hate skarner "must kill!" their rage will keep them away from your soon to be tower.

Don't be the pointless hero... Skarner should have the lowest number of deaths... if your teamfight fails unless you can get one or holdout until help then GTFO no point in dying. Retreat to towers if alone and wait for backup... Some morons will chase you around your tower all u need is W to watch them ringaroundtherozie...die... (happened way to many time when I have 1 bar left.) Let them chase you across the entire map.. ping on map where your going let your team setup a fun little gank.. even if you have low heath use your W to get into the fight when your not being focused. a few Q's and some DPS and you'll give your team the upper hand.

Your a strong and fast support if someone needs help at a tower GET THERE... your very fast and if the towers still up they will either die cuz you keep them within the tower or they will run.

Don't be a Fak and enjoy!

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Hoped you enjoyed... my first build...

if you feel like hating my build then here is a fortune cookie quote:

"The only good is knowledge and the only evil ignorance."

If you don't like my build then go find another one I'm just tryin to give my opinion and knowledge!