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Skarner Build Guide by SilverSeer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilverSeer

Skarner - GetBackHere!(Jungle)

SilverSeer Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Scorpions Rape. Nuff said. Skarner is a scorpion. Nuff said.

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In a fight you want to find the biggest threat showing from their team and try to catch them coming to the fight. When they try to run away their entire team will follow you, this is good, bait them into your team that is camping in the brush. If the bait works it should just be massacre. If it doesn't work then have your team come out and initiate just spamming all your ****, when you see your carry in trouble or their carry doing too much damage peel them off from your team and deal with them yourself. Other than that yo should just be ganking ALL early and mid game up to the point where being alone is dangerous.

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To start jungle have someone leash blue to about half hp then have them leave. kill blue golem by last hit smiting then move onto the wolves. pop and hp pot when the person leashing leaves.

At the wolves just spam your q don't use w you need to save mana. Pop and hp pot when you are almost done killing the wolves. Then move onto the wraiths.

At the wraiths you want to spam q + w and pop an hp pot the second the one you currently have on runs out. Then move onto the lizards.

At the lizars just repeat what you did at the wraiths and try to last hit smite it. Pop and hp pot whenever the last one runs out. Move onto the double golems.

At the double golems just repeat what yo're doing it's fairly simple.

When you are done with that run buy boots and go gank a lane. Then gank another lane. Then gank another lane. Then gank another lane. etc.

Skarner should be feared by how many times he ganks, his slows make it impossible to run away so ganking someone where your ally in the lane has a stun, should basically mean a free kill.

Do what your teammates ask of you (i.e. if your top lane ally is having trouble and needs to b hold the lane for them until they get back then go gank mid lane or something).

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Pros / Cons

-High health
-High damage
-Fast jungle
-Natural ganker
-Often fed
-A scorpion
-Made of crystals
-Awesome Voice

Hard to play. VERY Hard to play.

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Before i start this runes are totally player preference I just suggest these for a fast safe jungle and easy ganking.

Look above by the build if you want to know what they are, i'm too lazy to give you handy pretty pictures in this section.

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Again, player preference I just use these for a fast safe jungle and easy ganking.

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For Items really it's pretty self explanitory:

Merc Treads - These give you tenacity and since the runes give you aarmor and mr and and your core items give you a lot of hp, these make you really quite tanky.

Trinity Force - Core Item #1. Sheen proc for your q, ftw. Zeal makes you faster. Phage gives you EVEN MORE SLOW!!! Yes every bit of slow is annoying. Making it a triforce just buffs the 2 items and fuses them so, enjoy raping.

Rylia's - God I love this thing. Your q on the second time using it with the slow read to proc does so much slow it's just ****ing ridiculous. 45% already 15% from rylia's and a possible 25% from phage. That's *drum roll* 75% slow! Adding lizard buff here is just overkill. Therefore ALWAYS HAVE LIZARD BUFF.

Gunblade - This Item really is sorta overkill after rylia's you should already be raping face. Basicaly you buy this for the vamp but the ****load of extra damage is nice, and the active is really adds onto your slows...tehee.

Rageblade - The more you're in the fight the strong you get, what's not to love?

Gunblade #2 - Why not?

If you are having issues surviving say...their tryndamere is getting really fed, swap out the rageblade for a thornmail then swap out he gunblade for a rageblade.

The last two items should really always be situational i just find myself using those 2 the most often.

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I don't know what to type here so...I hope you found this guide helpful if you have an account please vote if you don't have a mobafire account i encourage you to get one. Have a nice day and beware the stinger of scorpions! Leave any suggestions in comments.