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Skarner Build Guide by Neobouz

Skarner Hybrid

Skarner Hybrid

Updated on August 21, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neobouz Build Guide By Neobouz 2,261 Views 0 Comments
2,261 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Neobouz Skarner Build Guide By Neobouz Updated on August 21, 2011
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General Infromation

Skarner is a support/dps. He can deal some damage and take some hits. The only flaw to him is he takes a bit to get tanky. You use your ultimate for ganks and team fights. You can take someone out in team fights so your team will have the advantage. He is good for both 3v3's and 5v5's. He is good against squishy and off-tanks. Skarner is moderate to play, don't expect to do fantastic when you play him for the 1st time. When your laning your should be spamming crystal slash in order to keep there minions down and good farming skill. You can also jungle with this build without having to much trouble. You want to you crystal slash and fracture together. Impale is good for leading and grabbing someone to kill and also finishing so they won't get away. I use crystalline exoskeleton mainly for speeding me up to land my ultimate and to get to turrets faster. It is also good if you are 1v1 someone. This is my first build so tips will help me out to make this an even better build.
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I use attack damage and some ability power runes because Skarner is a hybrid between both. So i picked these runes though some may vary.
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I use these masteries to give me a AP boost using ignite and so i can hit them harder when i melee. Even though I don't necessary need 26 masteries in offensive, but I do it all the time and it work great.
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I start off with a Doran's blade to help out crystal slash, and help me out defensively. I also get a lantern for that extra boost as well. I get Boots of Mobility so I can run fast and engae them with impale and its harder for them to esscape. I use Trinity Force for the Ap/Ad and the sheen works great spamming crystal slash. I get the Hextech gunblade for the ap/ad boost as well and to give me a slow to ensure the kill. I get Nashor's Tooth for attack speed and ap boost. I grab a Manamune for the mana. I after that i get he rageblade for the attack speed and ap boost again. By that time normally I sell my Doran's blade so I can get another item such as the Manamune.
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Pros / Cons

Good pusher
Great at farming
Good ultimate

Doesn't do a whole lot of damage
Many people can escape ultimate with flash
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I hope you guys like and it. Comment below an give me some tips on how to make this build better.

Thank you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neobouz
Neobouz Skarner Guide
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Skarner Hybrid

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