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Not Updated For Current Season

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Skarner Build Guide by CharmsLaChance

Skarner Hybrid AP

Skarner Hybrid AP

Updated on August 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CharmsLaChance Build Guide By CharmsLaChance 2,647 Views 1 Comments
2,647 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CharmsLaChance Skarner Build Guide By CharmsLaChance Updated on August 24, 2011
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- Very fun to play
- Fast moving, powerful late game.
- Abilities are almost always off cool down so your hand is always doing something
- Your a bad *** Scorpion

- Very mana hungry, anytime you can get blue buff. Your teams, enemies blue. Do it.
- Very expensive to build to do a lot of damage that other toons just seem to do.
- Feels more like a support dps for feeding a carry kills
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Summoner spells

I choose Clarity for the fact that until you get blue buff your going to be outta mana a lot. I also choose flash for mobility. Escaping, dodging ult like lux or catching up to someone who is running or can jump walls. I guess Ghost would work but just what you can do with flash makes it more worth it then Ghost to me. Your plenty fast enough to outrun most people with all the slow or speed buff from your w.
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Chapter 3


Ok this is my first build so I'd like reviews on it. This is how I build Skarner and some paths to make him more survivable if you are getting targeted.


Right now I have a full rune page of attack speed and the same rune page that Phreak uses in the Spotlight, except that I used flat ap resist instead of ap resist per level. If I have games in a row were I seem to not get focused I use the Atk spd run page. If I seem to be getting focused I use the more tanky rune page.


I use a 9/21/0 masteries build for the ap pen in offensive tree. I use the full tank taking any armour, magic resist, health and damage reduction to give me more survivability. I do these over the quicker experience because if you get to the highest level it stops being useful. If you get into a standoffish type game this will overall be better.


I pick up a Amplifying Tome to start and when I have enough I go back for my revolver and boots of 1. After that I go for the rest of my boots and sheen, I finish building my gunblade and then get litchbane followed crystal scepter. Rageblade then rabadons deathcap for the final two Items. I pick up the revolver first because of the Spell vamp. Every time you hit q, every enemy you hit in the circle is giving you health back. Then I get magic pen boots because other then the first time you hit with q all the damage you are doing is ap. Sheen for mana and extra melee damage every time you hit q. finish the gunblade first for lifesteal and more ap. I build litchbane for the same reason I build sheen except you get bonus speed. Great for keeping up to people trying to run. Crystal scepter is obvious because health and more slow and ap. I personally like to get rageblade next because it stacks your passive very well and more ap and ad with added ap when you melee someone. Deathcap to top it all off. with all that spell pen and ap, deathcap should give you 250 more ap.

If you find your selfgetting focused I would switch litchbane for trinity force still starting with sheen then phage then the last time. Switch rabadons for banshees veil then get rageblade. that should put you near 3k health and a spell resist every 60 sec.

Skill Sequence


When leveling up you want to max q first then you should have w maxed second then your ult followed by e. When you get into a fight you should almost always activate your w then hit q followed by e. If you are losing w should be off cooldown and you should be able to make an escape thanks to all the slows you have and the speed boost of your w ability. His ult is a learned ability and will take time to get used to. I tend to use it more to drag people into my towers or keep someone from escaping a team fight. Or to stop channeled ults like ww, kat, nunu or Malz. Sometimes I find myself using it to disable a carry like kog if I can get to him then pulling him into my team.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CharmsLaChance
CharmsLaChance Skarner Guide
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Skarner Hybrid AP

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