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Skarner Build Guide by Reploid123

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reploid123

Skarner? I barely even know her!

Reploid123 Last updated on September 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay, so this is my first build guide and I chose to do it about a champion that I think is one of the most badass champions out there, Skarner. I've heard people say such things as "Skarner is one of the most useless champs there is!" To which I have to reply, "not the way I play him." As you can see I build my Skarner as a AP/AD/AS hybrid that way I do tons of damage over a short period of time because his abilities are so spammable. This also allows Skarner to get into a fight quickly, while taking a massive load of damage, and stay in the fight until either the opposing team decides to run, or their all dead. First let's take a look at his runes and masteries.

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Runes and Masteries and Junk

So for the rune portion of my build I use attack speed marks, this is because of Skarner's passive. With every physical attack that Skarner does it reduces his cooldowns by .5 seconds, with a lot of attacks that means a lot of spamming. From there I use flat armor seals and flat magic resist glyphs. This gives Skarner the defensive boost that he needs to get in the fight and tear stuff apart. On top of that there are two flat health quints to add to the defense boost and a movement speed quint so he can skitter around the map with no problem. After all this build will make it impossible for the enemy team to run from you. For masteries I put 21 points in the defensive branch focusing more on giving Skarner extra starting health and movement speed and 9 in the utility branch to round out the buffs that Skarner needs to get back and stay in the fight. Now let's take a look at the items.

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I start my build off by purchasing a ruby crystal because it gives me an advantage over the opposing team with my high starting hp. After a few kills or some farming I proceed to buy the sapphire crystal as Skarner's kind of a mana *****, and the boots so you can keep up with the enemy team. Eventually after your farming/killing you should have enough to start buying the bigger items starting with a phage. I like to use phage first because it gives Skarner more hp and it adds on to the slowing effect that his Q gives. After buying the phage your going to want to buy a tear of the goddess to start building up that mana pool, like I said he's a mana ***** and you don't want to be constantly heading back to the summoning pool to refill. From there you should be able to buy a Manamune to continue with this mana building and a Sheen to give you a boost to that AP damage. After a few more kills or some more farming, go ahead and complete those boots, varying upon the situation, and try and finish up that Trinity Force. This completes the core build, from here you can do pretty much whatever you want, you can give Skarner more attack speed, maybe you feel like upping the ability power some more. Personally, I buy a rage blade, because it does a little bit of everything. The damage boost is great, but the best part is the attack speed boost. This DEVASTATES the other teams health and anything that their trying to protect. With every attack you're upping your attack speed, which in turn lowers your cooldowns. After that I like to build a gunblade so I can get some more ap/ad plus some life-steal. Finally, I buy any sort of ap/ attack speed item, it depends on your preference. I personally go with Nashor's Tooth soo I can get the mana regen at the same time.

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That does it.

Well I hope you can pick up this guide and destroy other people's dreams with my Skarner. If not, I don't know what you're doing, try being more aggressive if you have to. I would appreciate any sort of refinements or suggestions that anyone has. Thanks for your time and good luck.