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Skarner Build Guide by MrRunAwayFive

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrRunAwayFive

Skarner - Jungle Flavoured Crystals

MrRunAwayFive Last updated on April 30, 2012
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Skarner has turned into one of my fav junglers for easy reasons, my name is RunAwayFive and in this guide im just throwing up my skarner build and etc, for my fans and anyone in general that finds this some how.

In this Guide -

Pros n Cons
Summoner Spells
Thank yous

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Here I will talk about my rune chosen and how they impact Skarner and the Game.

Marks-x 9 - Greater Mark of Insight

The reason I and most people who jungle Skar go with Greater Mark of Insights and its Magic Pen. is because alot of his moves, have a great deal of magic damage too them, and early on this is just nice, heck is good all the time, you'll notice these working well early game, and just bonus dmg getting through later on.

x 9 - Greater Seal of Resilience

Another popular pick on most tanks/junglers, the reason is it saves face early game from jungling when your heal is not very strong, and just makes u tankyier for ganks if people decent to attack you. The less damage taken in the jungle the more u can take in ganks.

Glyphs -
x 9 - Greater Glyph of Warding

These or the Shielding ones, are just there to help u again take dmg from ganks u do to mid or top, where ever there maybe magic dmg or pen, but mostly for the late game just to be tankyier, most people go with the scaling version of these for maximum resistance at lvl 18.

Quints -
x 3 - Greater Quint of Swiftness

Lots of people use these on Skarner, the reason is, the faster the Skarner the quicker u can get in, land your stringer and run them further in what direction u want, and hey 350 speed with no boots, and just getting away and around the map faster, just makes u jungle faster and position yourself faster (wins games)

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This is a nice tanky, jungle focused build, its popular because it works, and the speed in utility and the cd and dmg reduction in the defensive build is perfect for Skarner.

The 0-21-9 setup for Masteries is simple enough, i do somethings most people dont really like too,

Like taking Summoner's Resolve, I like to use almost all the time it is up, i like to save it every now and again to snipe drag,baron, tb, tr, ob, or, etc, but there are times where u can use it 3 times between all that stuff when its down or not spawned yet, extra gold is extra gold and i like the 1g per 10.

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Skarner's Base stats are goldly, and his moves work so well in the jungle and his speed make him about to jungle with out, cloth armor or life steal, or boots n pots.

- So I start Regrowth Pend, n pot to lightly heal in jungle, and build as fast as i can into philly stone n boots,

- Skarner can sit in the jungle and gank early with out returning to base for SO LONG you will find your self with 1k quick to get that early mana regen n gold per 10. bringing u to the very helpful heart of gold and boots, I love heart of gold, the early-mid game health and longer term gold per 10 stacked with get u even more gold, and those 2 items turn into great all round tanky and uility items for Skarner late game.

After the core early game build is done, I start to watch the flow of the game, and where most of the enemy teams damage is comming from, magic or phyiscal or both.

The build I have here is an ok all rounder. But depending on CS and Magic Dmg,
These 2 boots are your best bet, just see what dmg the other team is using and if they are Crowd Control heavy, and make your pick from there, and if you have no idea, Merc. Treads are Always a safe pick.

or 1st

These 2 items are really nice on Skarner because they build into exactly what he needs, now sometimes you will not do well, and may want to pick up a giants belt before a sheen, but most of the time, the health n your dmg resistance is good enough to get sheen and take u to the giants belt.

Then from this you can go anyway you like, I like the health/dmg with and combo followed by Trinity and The Tanky items.

But you can belt sunfire cape if you have too much phyical dmg on the field or something more magic resist orientated.

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Pros / Cons

Pros (:

- Godly Starting Stats
- Super Fast Jungle
- Good Ganks early
- Amazing Ganks Mid-Late Game
- Great Late Game Tank
- Awesome Passive has your Ulty up 30s

Cons ):

- Banned like all the time
- Short Range on Ult (Need to play Smart)
- Lower Dmg Late Game
- ....about it

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Unique Skills

- Basic attacks lower all ability cooldowns by 0.5 seconds. Double effect when attacking champions.

This bad boy passive is gunna have you outputting jungle on Player fast when ur skill are up, and is gunna make you clear jungle crazy fast, and is gunna have your Sting up every 30 seconds with masteries when your hitting stuff.

- Skarner lashes out with his claws, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies and charging himself with Crystal Energy for several seconds if a unit is struck. If he casts Crystal Slash again while powered by Crystal Energy, he deals bonus magic damage and slows all targets hit.
Skarner deals 25/40/55/70/85 (+ ) physical damage to all nearby enemies and charges himself with Crystal Energy for 5 seconds if a unit is struck.

While Skarner is charged, Crystal Slash deals 24/36/48/60/72 (+0.4) bonus magic damage and slows by 20/25/30/35/40% for 2 seconds.

This move is how your gunna clear jungle so quickly and gank early, its low costing so you can spam it, and is up all the time when your auto attacking, the slow is basically like having red buff slow, all the time, dont be afraid to gank before 6, you can pull it off with this.

- Skarner gains a shield, and while the shield persists his movement speed and attack speed are both increased.
Skarner is shielded for 70/115/160/205/250 (+0.6) damage for 6 seconds. While the shield persists, Skarner gains 30/35/40/45/50% Attack Speed and 15/17/19/21/23% increased Movement Speed.

This is a great gap closer to use your ult, chase, run away, avoid dmg from players and jungle, and deal more dmg and have better cool down reduction. Its just amazing.

- Skarner summons a blast of crystalline energy which deals damage to enemies struck and marks them. Striking enemies will consume the mark to heal Skarner. Killing targets outright will also activate the heal.
Skarner deals 80/120/160/200/240 (+0.7) magic damage to enemies in a line and marks them for 6 seconds.

Striking enemies will consume the mark to heal Skarner for 30/45/60/75/90 (+0.3). Killing targets outright will also activate the heal. (Each activation heals for 50% less.)

Time this with your Crystal Slash, and you can gank early, it is higher costing so, when your jungling early and dont have blue buff, use it sparingly.

- Skarner suppresses an enemy champion and deals magic damage to it. During this time, Skarner can move freely and will drag his helpless victim around with him. When the effect ends, Skarner's target will be dealt additional damage.
Skarner suppresses an enemy champion for 1.75 seconds and deals 100/150/200 (+0.5) magic damage. Skarner can move freely during this time, and will drag his helpless victim around with him. When the effect ends, Skarner's target will be dealt an additional 100/150/200 (+0.5) magic damage.

Haha this move is seriously one of the funniest in the game, it makes you so valuable you dont even know, AMAZING GANKS, use your speed to close gaps, heck you can just run in and get people with out depending on your team-mate to stun right away.

Also use this during team fights, and shut down the other teams damage dealer, ON TOP OF THAT it gets your team to focus who you caught, and ALSO make the enemy team go crazy on you AND YOUR A TANK, this move is just useful as hell and has a low cool down.

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Summoner Spells

Here I will explain the summoner spell chooses, this shouldn't take too long.

- Smite is a jungler's best friend early game, with the point in the masteries even makes money, use this to steal any monsters on the map as well......and if someone is using Promote, just smite the minion. That pretty much never happens, but whatever.

- Flash is always good, use it to escape n blah blah blah, but use it to tele-port and grab someone with stinger, noooooowwwww your talkin.

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And thats all folks.

So that is Skarner in a nutshell, I'd like to thank you for reading n please comment ANYTHING you think I should add (cuz I want too, just cant remember at the moment) and I will thank you for any information you give me.

Please comment and rate.

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Thanks you