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Skarner Build Guide by Dylan Bob

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dylan Bob

Skarner (jungle) Hope it's Good

Dylan Bob Last updated on January 13, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Alternatve Runes:

As an alternative for he runes that i use, you can use runes of armor and dodge, because they both give u survival at jungle and that's what you're foucosed in, i recomend the health rune page because it's the most secure one, i mean, dodge is all by lucky so if u have 10% dodge chance, you can make all the jungle, or you can fail without making half of it, and the armor, well it will works well too, but in my opinion health is the most secure rune build.

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Summoner Spells:

As summoner spells i strongly recomend flash and smite, smite is the spell thta you NEED to have flash is optional, i like flash because you ca combo with your ult, i mean you can't flash while ulting but, you can use flash to go after the enemy and slow, to make the surprise element and get him on ganks. But just like every other thing u can switch flash for Ghost/Teleport/exhaust (the ones i recomend)

Ghost: It will make you run even faster than the normal and allow you to push farther your enemy's with ult if you combo.

Teleport: It's a good summoner since it makes you more able to defend/push depending on your minions and how advanced they are

Exhaust: It's a good summoner because it can save a teammate in the fight or your onwself blinding a trong enemy, and you can use as chase skil to, it has a high slow that will give you enougth time land other spells

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Starting jungle:

As you are going to start with a ruby crystal u are going to need a pretty good leash at gollem, then u go the wolfs, ghosts, lizard, double gollems, at the double gollems u may get very low health but remember keep spawning the Q spell and always use the shield and u will be fine. After this you should back base if you're to low, but if you think you can try to make the ghosts/wolfs again. anyway after back base you should be with boots and almost sheen, so it's time to start ganking, at level 4 your best advantage is your slow + high speed compared to the others, and u gotta make good use of that, one good way is flashing infront of the target and slowing him with Q so your teammates can get to the enemy and help you to kill, after the gank, you should have a good amount of money and you should be close to lvl 5 so u gotta get lvl 5 and back base, when u get back from base, try making the gollem, after the first spawn he's going to apear again around 7:10 in the game, atention gollem is almost NEEDED because u use alot of mana on your Q spell, and u gotta do gank after gank

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Well, in te items u can change sunfire for an thornmail depending on the match, but it will lower your damage considering u have atma's so more life is the same as more damage... and if the other team doesn't have too many magic damage, u can change banshe's for an phantom dancer, that will give u awesome move speed when combinated with your shield, what will make you the best hero to initiate because i go very fast and ult the enemy and then push him back as your team kill him

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When to Gank:

As jungle you gotta help your teammates the most as possible, u should be able to gank since level 4, when u get level 4 check for any lanes that have low health heores/pushed heroes or difficult to hold it, if all lanes are alright gank the one with more probality of kill, just to feed yourself and teammates, u should gank at level 4/5/6 and 8 level 7 u should spend at jungle again to reset your ult cool down, because your passive lowers it too, and then you're free to do what ever your team needs or u want

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Ways to play:

This build get you a lot of offensive power when you combo Q slow + it's low cool down with trinity force unique passive and slow, and it will also make you an awesome tanker and one of the best heroes to initiate a fight of the game, as u have lots of movement speed u can easily drag one enemy with your ult so it will allow your teammates to finish him you shoudl always try to get someone that does some good damage. With this build there are some cool tricks you might like to know, if you're going to gank/defend a lane and the guy is hiting the tower, try waiting a little bit more(if the tower wont get destroyed) and ult the guy dragging him back to the tower so it can helps you to kill your enemy. In the late game with your shield you should get to 503 movement speed, it makes you one of the fastest heroes in game, so if u gotta chase or stay to save someone, remember you're not the main carry so sometimes you gotta die for someone else.

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What heroes to initiate a fight on?

I suggest their ap, because normally the teams have 1 or 2 ap, if they have 2 it will probabily b, 1 main like brand/lux/ahri that gives high damage and have potential to carry.
The other will be a support like soraka/sona/zilean that may go ap to help late game, that kinda of ap will have a modarate damage (not enougth to kill someone on 1x1 normally).
So i recomend you to always try initiating on their ap because they already don't have many ap damage heroes, and if you take their ap damage down it may ruin their "system".
Any ways if you don't see a good chance of ulting the enemy ap hero, or if he's not giving trouble, you should aim for their ranged ad, because heir ranged ad will probabily be the carry and the most powerful sorce of damage, because being ranged will make him get out of the area disables so he will be free to run and hit howhever he fells like, and he will probabily be squishier than the rest of his team.

Ap heroes i recomend you to initiate a fight in and why:
Brand:Killing him fast and taking he's ult and high damage out of the team fight may win it for your team.
Morganna: Her ult can do a 5 man stun and if she hes zonhya's hourglass you gotta take her down fast, before her use it.
Lux: Her ult had very low cool down and high damage, good lux(es?) can take the cool down to 24 seconds, and her ult and take 800 damage from your hole team, you wanna avoid that ki8lling her fast!
Fiddle: This hero you should ALWAYS initiate on, he's ult can win a team battle easily he don't even have to be good, he's fear can disable an aly for 3 secs, and when dying he can drain, so fiddle is a hero you wanna start killing and taking out of the team fight before than the others.
Well i wont say all the mage's because it would get to big and tiring for everyone so these are the ones that i most recommend.

For a ranged Ad to foucos i recommend:
Vayne: If you don't kill her fast she can get away easily with ult/throw back/mini jump and you don't want that because she does tons of damage!
Caitlyn: Her ult can finish anyone that get's able to leave the the team fight plus her first skill can do a high area damage on your team, and when running she can jump back or when chasing jump foward, it's a good idea to get her the fastest as possible.
Graves: This hero is pretty annoying, because of it's smoke bomb and high dmg, when you're trying to leave smoke bomb, he have a time large enougth to take some of your helth, and if you are still scaping/chasing (from) him, he still have a mini jump ult and buck shot what bakes him a good chaser runner.
Ashe: not a big deal with spells, you only have to take care with her ult that cna get you a large stun what would compromise the hole team fight, but there are probabily going to be better opitions to initiate.

BUT REMEMBER THIS NIS IMPORTANT: Don't follow these heroes listed up if they are strong or doing to much damage, these are SUGGESTIONS, but you gotta initiate on the ones that are stronger(no tanks) but the ones that do too much dmg, maybe you dont kill if it's a trynd but you will take him out of battle because he will be too low health to continue.