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Skarner Build Guide by Gizzox

Skarner - Scorpion in the Jungle

Skarner - Scorpion in the Jungle

Updated on August 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gizzox Build Guide By Gizzox 2,807 Views 1 Comments
2,807 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Gizzox Skarner Build Guide By Gizzox Updated on August 12, 2011
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A scoprion made of crystal? Yeah, it's Skarner. I made this guide because most people underrate Skarner and I think it's bad. Skarner is a very good champ in the right hands.

I bought Skarner as soon as I could, and I played quite a few matches with him (normal ofc, I dont like ranked games). I am always trying different builds / skill orders, but I do think this is the ebst one for him.
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Pros / Cons

- Nobody can escape you in melee range.
- Fast jungling.
- Very good sustained damage
- FUN to play! :P

- Not so durable.
- Bad ganking until level 6.
- Mana starving without blue.
- Can't do much on range.
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I use Flat Attack Damage Marks for more early game jungling damage (you are melee, right?), Flat Armour Seals to reduce incoming damage, Flat Magic Resist Glyphs for the same and Flat Health Quints to be more durable early levels.

I found this is the best rune composition.
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Masteries are 1/19/10.

Taking Smite in offense for obvious reasons, taking all the physical damage reduction in defense and improved buff durations in utility.

I think this is the best Mastery Page for a jungler Skarner as it provides enough survivability which Skarner lacks.
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For items I always start with a Cloth Armour and 5 Health Potions. After reaching level 4 I get a Boots of Speed and 2 Health Potions to be ready to gank. From here I gank/farm/jungle (anything to get gold) until I can buy Madred's Razors ---- this usually happens after 1-2 successful ganks, which I always manage to do ----. With the razors I clear the jungle once more (always looking for gank possibilites ofc) and decide whether I buy Wriggle's Lantern, Mercury Threads or Berserker Boots.

Buy Wriggle's if your team is pushing all the lanes and/or you are doing very well.

Buy Mercury Threads if the enemy team has any kind of CC that can target you.

Buy Berserker Boots if you are doing very well and/or fed.

Next item is Sheen. Sheen is an item MADE FOR SKARNER! You CANNOT play Skarner without a Sheen. It boosts your awesome damage to heaven. Upgrade this to the Trinity Force (Sheen -> Phage -> Zeal order) and you will be very ---VERY--- annoying with your slow + damage + movement speed!

Wanna escape a Skarner?

Now this is your CORE! From here you must rush for Hextech Gunblade (starting with the Revolver) then get some kinda defense item like Sunfire Cape or Rylai's for the extra AP and slow. ---- I usually get these, but you can also get the Bloodthirstier or Black Cleaver if you are pleased with your survivability ----
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Skill Sequence

Max Crystal Slash (Q) first. It is your main skill.
Second skill to max is Crystalline Exoskeleton (W) for the speed boost to get to enemies (as you are heavily melee).
I take one point at Fracture (E) at level 4 to get some healing and max it last.
Take Implae (R) whenever you can, it's a very useful, annoying, and rewarding skill.
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Summoner Spells

Smite - Must have for junglers! Nuff said.

Flash - I use this, it gives my ganking a boost. Also useful for escapes.
Ghost - Same as the above with the exception it can also help you chase better than Flash.
Exhaust - I don't like it if I jungle, if you want you can take this too.
Ignite - I don't like this neither. Can give you a little more help at ganking but take Flash instead.
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Creeping / Jungling / Ganking

Now you know how to build, what skill to take and what spells to use.

Time to get to work.

Start at the Ancient Golem (Blue Buff). Get a teamie who can pull it for you. Use a health potion at the start and spam your Crystal Slash (Q). Kill the Golem, his mates will die to your Q. Use Smite at about 500-600-700 health.

Next is Wolves. Pop Exoskeleton (W) and attack them spamming Crystal Slash (Q) and using W whenever you can. Pop a health potion at start too. ALWAYS KILL THE BIG ONE FIRST!

Next is Wraith camp. Wait til you have 80-100 mana then pop W and go. Kill the big one first and spam your Q. Use Health Potion at start. ALWAYS KILL THE BIG ONE FIRST!

Next is your Red Buff Lizard. wait til 80-100 mana then go with W and spam your Q! KILL THE LIZARD, LITTLE ONES WILL DIE TO YOUR Q! Use Smite at about 500-600-700. Pop ONE health potion at the start!!!

Next are golems. Pop W, spam Q and use a health potion at start. You will be very low on health here, so recall.

Now, get that Boots of Speed and 2 health potions! GO GANK 'EM ENEMIES! When you get your Madred's Razors you can easily clear the jungle so from that just do what you must. :P
When you gank open up with W, hit enemy with E from range then spam Q at their feet so they wont be able to escape. Don't forget your passive!!!

Also, Skarner is very mana starving!! The blue buff IS YOURS! If you're doing so badly, however, you should pass it to a mage/support. :D
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Summary and Ending

Skarner is a very good jungler with PERMANENT slow! Use this to your advantage!
I love this little scorpion and I think he is well balanced.

Thanks for reading this guide!!! This is my first guide, I hope I helped you! :)

See ya on the Fields of Justice!!!
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