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Skarner Build Guide by Fangraven

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fangraven

Skarner The Extreme Tank?!

Fangraven Last updated on August 27, 2011
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One i just realized that this is going backwards and also make sure that you farm. That should be stuck in your head farm farm farm farm farm farm farm. This is a huge con for skarner but you should be able to get lots of gold once you get to level 6 and gank lots of people. This is my guide of skarner to you. (this is a ganking / tanking guide so uh have fun dont downvote till you try it :O

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Working With Other Teamates

Since Skarner is a huge ganker is a way you should gather up with 1 person or 2 people depending on which match it is. ganking is a huge deal with skarner Imapling and taking your opponent back like a ninja is not only awesome but is amazing for ganks. Hide in brush go in impale pull back into teamates and free kills :). Your opponent shouldn't be able to get away unless its akali or something. Garen could possibly damage you all so make sure that you can silence him if you have any silences. Otherwise happy champion-napping.

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Do not and i mean NOT put yourself in danger at beginning of the game. You want to farm your way to victory. If your coming back from a team fight you should get in a one or two last hits. On your way to a teamfight or to get dragon or Nashor get in a last hit or two. Just always make sure you farm in anyway you can. Even if your going to mid farm a creep or two in the jungle. Buffs are nice from anyone. When you dont see three people on the map on 5v5 or if you dont see 2 people in 3v3 i wouldn't farm unless your fed. you should be able to gain some major gold by farming. Make sure in 3v3 you get the dragon as much as possible. Im pretty sure he spawns every two mintues. You should spend 1 minute 30seconds farming and 30 seconds buying and trying to kill someone. Getting the dragon buff all the time is a huge advantage and should give you the gold of a normal amount kill. Skarner should be able to solo him put get a teamate if they try to gank you. just farm farm farm harras with facture only since its your only ranged shot neccarily. Exoskeletion should allow you to take a few more hits so have this up before you go into minon wave its also nice because of the attack speed bonus so spam the ability ALOT.

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Summoner Spells

List: (that should be good for Skarner anyways :P)

Ignite (Great for everyone)

Exhaust(More slows on top of slows anybody :) )

Ghost (This should definetly be used to initate ganks or catch people trying to run away)

Cleanse (pesky little stuns and etc)

Flash (all around good summoner spell)

Heal (cheap way to survive to ...)

Other reccomended but not highly

Rally (more damage woot?)

No No No NO!

Teleport (would be nice but no >.>)

Revive (you should take advantage of your death and think over your plans and what to do next :O)

others are just bad and etc etc

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Health Regrowth Pendeant + Health Potion: This should be amazing for early game when low on hp make sure you sit by the tower and wait. The health potion should only be used to survive and still stay in the lane so you can get in that bit of exp and gold.

Boots Of Swiftness: This item should be a great chaser item. being able to initate fast is a good thing and walk out of fights escaping your opponent

Frozen Mallet: This item is perfect for ganks. Slowing down your opponent and also with a Crystal Slash is a major slow and your opponent shouldn't be able to get away from you espically if you have atleast one teamate you should just be dpsing them down while also slowing them.

Warmog's Armor: Great hp which is essetainl for skarner this should be a great game changer and you shouldn't die so quick

Trinity Force: has everything that you should need for everyone.

Infinity Edge: This is your good game item. This should kill your opponent or aleast make them heal and that takes awhile.

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Mark Of Insight: I only use this to initate without taking so much damage from heavy AP caster and also too impale and ethier get assist or kill.

Mark Of Desolation: This should definetly go well with a Crystal Slash slowing down opponents and being able to dps them down while ignoring a good amount of armor.

Seal of Foritude: Health is a very needy thing for skarner so this should definetly help you stay alive in those tough times

Seal of Resilence: Tank + more armor = epic tanks nuff said

Glyph of Focus: Even with the cooldowns at first from the passive this allows extreme spam to dps your opponent down and also allowing your impale to pop up faster.

Glyph of Shielding: More resist aganist heavy AP champions

Glyph of Intellect: Since skarner yet has low mana you dont need that much but the mana from this should really help skarner cast more abilitys without oom.

Quitessence of Swiftness: The only reason i chose this one is so you can catch up to your opponent when they have been Crystal slashed.

Quitessence of Desolation: More armor pentration

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Hello I am Freakraven. This is my fifth guide of which I would like to call my third. My first two were horrible am i am trying to make my guides better then my last. This one is for the newest champion Skarner. A Definetly Strong character if used correctly. I am building him for a extreme tank that should be neccarily hard to kill. Skarner however is very special. Using Impale at the right time should definetly increase your chances of ganks and other destruction. If you are near a turret you should impale bring them back. Crystal Slash. And then hopefully the turret will be attacking that target. This however is NOT a jungle guide this is a laning guide. You want to get top in 3v3. and top also in 5v5. also the reason i get Crystal slash first is too deal AoE and get last hits. A very good move and can be spammed exetremely easily. I get Fracture last because i have yet not seen its full potenial. Other wise Enjoy!