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Skarner Build Guide by DrDoMeaLittle

Skarner, the Hybrid Mage

Skarner, the Hybrid Mage

Updated on August 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrDoMeaLittle Build Guide By DrDoMeaLittle 2,315 Views 0 Comments
2,315 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author DrDoMeaLittle Skarner Build Guide By DrDoMeaLittle Updated on August 18, 2011
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So this is my first build, the way I play Skarner is as a close range mage/chaser who lanes with a partner. Also the use of his auto-attack is necessary because of his amazing passive, which grants cd reduction per auto attack. Skarner has useful through out the game because of his ult and decent damage out put, he is in NO WAY a carry

There are no pictures because i was too lazy to figure that stuff out, dont hate on me for this, and read the whole guide before you up/down vote
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Summoner spells

Ghost and flash are great chasing tools as well as running away tools, and skarner is a chaser.

another good option might be exhaust instead of ghost to slow and for a 1v1 against a melee carry, I'll have to test it and update.
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-Skarner is very mana hungry early game, so to try to help this you start with the crystal saphire a health pot and a mana pot

-to try and maximize your auto attack damage you get a sheen and berserkers greeves, the sheen will give you some ability power and a pretty good passive while the berserkers greeves will give you more auto attacks. The hextech revolver gives you a little bit more ability power as well as spellvamp

-The Lichbane will give you more ability power as well as a very good passive that once coupled with a Madreds is devastating.

-Hextech Gunblade supplies a good amount of ability power and attack damage, plus lifesteal and spellvamp, and a ability that will make chasing say a fleeing ashe down much easier because of its slow

-Madreds coupled with Lichbane enough said

-the rylais is to give survivability and aome more ability power as well as a great passive that makes chasing or fleeing a walk in the park

-Rabadon kills on any Ap focused build
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lets go about this in order of qwer

Q:Crystal Slash: 1st hit does physical damage second one does magic as well as a slow, we max this last because its damage output really isnt that great and neither is its range, and by the time you can ge tthe second hit on someone for the slow they are usually out of range

W:Crystaline Exosceleton: Gives you a shield, movement speed, and attack speed, attack speed=more hits from Madreds/Lichbane, Movement Speed=easier chasing, Shield= more survivability

E:Fracture: this skill is your bread and butter, it has pretty good damage throughout the game, markets minions and champs to heal you and has the best range of all of skarners abilities, it can also clear creep waves.

R:Impale: Damage from this is pretty good, but the suppress is the best part, you can effectively neutralize a carry with it,drag an enemy who extended too far into a turret or grab and enemy whos chasing your carry to let them get away. This skill is intense.
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Thanks for reading my sSarner build hopefully you don't think its too bad, or at least decent enough to give it a try, you don't have to follow the build exactly but this is what I like to use. Most of the time the build will not be completed and you should be able to do pretty well with it.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author DrDoMeaLittle
DrDoMeaLittle Skarner Guide
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Skarner, the Hybrid Mage

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