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Skarner Build Guide by LethalThreat05

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LethalThreat05

Skarner, The jungle terror from middle earth.

LethalThreat05 Last updated on July 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys =D tiz I LethalThreat05....yea you probaly dont know =) my skarner jungle build. To be honest, i really find skarner to do nothing better then jungle, people like to solo top, do some weird bot **** with him that usually ends up with them feeding as skarner...yeah..but really he is quite a bad *** at jungling, sometimes your pre 6 ganks do tend to fail, since hes kinda like Warwick, but he does have crystal slash (Q) which if you can time it right, slows the enemy down your trying to gank, and well red buff also helps with this ;). I find it quite useful to sometimes even hit a minion or 2..3..w/e with his Q if you cant quite reach the enemy, just so you proc your Q so the next Q will slow if you make contact with it. I have had great success with this build jungling skarner, and i have had great losses..and by great i mean like me (12/5/7),(9/5/13) ect" just remember your not a 1 man/woman army, no matter how well you are doing you have to also rely on your team to do well, if you have people just playing very non smart like, ie. focusing the tanks.....feeding there ***es off or just the typical giving the jungle a hard time after you really cant gank for them (omg skarner wtf are you doing gank bot, mid, top, bot, mid, left, right, down, mid!) how is a jungler sopposed to do it all? especially when your lanes wont listen even if your being nice saying "plz dont push the lane up on can i gank?. Stop feeding bot plz...the ad carry is 5/0 and 2 leves higher then me and 3 then you...=\ wtf guys?" Truth of the matter is, it all depends on the communication of the team, THAT ALONE, well and not feeding, is key to a win. Anyway enough ranting for now....lets continue on with this guide, nuff said here, so tell me what you all think in the comments if you like =).

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The runes I go with and why I go with them, are the Marks of Destruction ( 1 armor pen, .57 magic pen) there just quite nice on him since well you do auto as him and the armor pen helps with your damage output, especially in the jungle early on, as well as the magic pen since all of your abliltys are Ap based damage, so they do quite the nice damage even scaling into late game very nicely if you havent tried them I suggest you give them a go, quite expensive on the ip tho -.- since they only are decent on some champs "warwick, eve," ehh cant think of any others atm but yeah you get the idea. I use the Destruction Quints also, more armor pen, more magic pen, just nice, of course armor seals, and im sure you know why. Seals of course are Seals of flat Armor, less damage from minions and well there just really good all around seals. Last but not least, the Glyphs of flat Ability Power, why? well because you want more damage with his abilitys right? and more damage = better killing power ;) which also helps scale well with some of the masteries which i will go onto next.

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I go with a basic 21/9/0 mastery page with skarner, not taking the full AD side of the page but stopping at weapon expertise, then moving on to sorcery and so on down the right side of the page, with the runes you got, and the masteries like they are, you just get the most damage output from the "hybrid" skarner as he is, i find this quite to my liking i do very well, actually right before i made this guide, I played a game and went 11/2/11 and figured WTH! lets make a guide already since this works amazingly well, just have to know when to engage, get out, and playing smart is Key always on any champ. I go 9 into the defense side because it makes him just that every so slightly more tanky, the 6 extra armor 108 extra life at level 18 and the +6 hp per level is also just nice, then the extra 30 on top of that to just start with and im sure you all know why i take summoners resolve? Jungle? Smite? ...the 10 extra smite gold duh xD.

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This set of items looks like its going to cost you alot, and sometimes you wont even finish it all the way, i mean the early Madreds Bloodrazors, the early Trinity, 2 of the most expensive items in the game, and why? well because skarner is such a bad *** he deserves them =). The damage output of just those 2 early items is insane on skarner, slightly squishy though for a bit so be careful. The way i purchase the order of the items build maximizes the potential of the build itself. Rod of ages? well its a great item, im sure alof of you will disagree with me on this item for skarner but trust me just try it? what could it hurt beside getting you a possible win? It gives you great life, more life every minute, great mana, more mana every minute, and all that nice ability power which makes all your abilitys just that much more intense ;) Ky intense...*cough* but yeah its just a really nice item on skarner trust me on this. The warmogs well all that life...ALL that life i mean damn...with your W's shield and the ROA's life you just look like someone they dont wanna focus to much, which lets you get up in that crazyness and slaughter face. The hextech gunblade, just a nice item all around for any hybrid champ tbh, and well skarner is a hybrid champ, gives you that AMAZING active "dont forget about actives, they make or break the item your using" if you dont use the active well...the item isnt being used to its full potential is it? for 1 it gives you a fat burst of damage to either, finish off a fleeing enemy thats close but you just cant quite reach, 2 slows them down immensly! so you can get up on them, and 3! its a great tool to escape a crazy champ who is chasing you down the lane trying to murder you O.O saved me quite a few times, the item itself without the active is also nice, Lifesteal which is mmmmm since well your an auto attacking melee champ, the damage...well again your a melee champ... so more damage wont hurt at all, just hurt the enemy =), that fat spell vamp, makes you Q's in middle of minions just heal you right up nicely or any of your spells for that matter, and that nice fat 70 extra ability power to make those spells of yours hurt even more, your just by now a deadly force of tankyness to be reckoned with.

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Smite well that basically explains the "jungler" side of the story, but ghost...its quite amazing on skarner when you have your W off cooldown and you need that extra boost to catch a valuable target that you WANT or NEED dead thats trying to flee, just W, Ghost!, Q....Q....R =D and well thats pretty much it if you drag them back into your team, dont go all headstrong, balls deep into the enemy team tho...might look stupid and just plain noobish of you to do so...soo...yeah =) also makes those early ganks alot smoother, W, Ghost, Q...Q, ect if you fail well not a big deal you blew a summoner, and im sure the enemy did aswell, SO successful gank, getting rid of that pesky flash for your teammate on the enemy might give your teammate just that much more advantage to get that kill =).

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Cons : Skarner is SOOOO MANA HUNGERY its ****** at some points, thats why i take the early 2 extra mana pots to start off with, u wont need them till after blue wears off, but trust me they do come in handy, and have saved my life or gotten me that gank i so needed to help my build along / help my teammates. As said before pre gank 6 are sometimes slightly hard but not entirely if you time it right and have well placed Crystal Slashes on the target, and a red would help alot aswell, slightly squishy with the build i use, "madreds blood razor, trinity" those items off the start like i have, make his damage output just INSANE! plus the extra mana from the trinity really helps also, so just try to be careful but not all like "omg omg omg i might die if i do this im super scared and feeling nubish Dx" be well...Smart on your decisions.
Pros: High damage output, Scales well into late game, has great success and gank potential at level 6 and after, pushes lanes like mad if you need that extra farm, rapes peoples face in team fights by Q'ing all over there face ;), then all you might here is "PLAY A CHAMP WITH SKILL SKARNER YOU NOOB!!!" comming from the jungle malphite...yeah...ok mr ill place my R here and blow everything up...lets go bowling shall we, sooo skillful that is.

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Thee Farewell

Well I hope you guys/girls enjoy my guide, I am still slightly rusty at just making these guides as in putting in the chapters/ links/ pics ect. w/e blah. but yeah dont judge to harshly, i also even made a hecarim guide a lil ways back, my 1st guide actually =D so this is my 2nd. If you like this, or feel the need to comment just leave some please, id like to hear your remarks on this, questions, or just some advise. Thank you all for checkin out my guide i hope it serves you well in your quest to poo on faces on the fields of justice.

Your friend, LethalThreat05.