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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Skarner Build Guide by Construct

Skarner the Laning Champion (AS)

Skarner the Laning Champion (AS)

Updated on August 11, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Construct Build Guide By Construct 3,858 Views 2 Comments
3,858 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Construct Skarner Build Guide By Construct Updated on August 11, 2011
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Hello this is my build to a Laning Skarner, this is my very first build so I'm always welcome to suggestions and ideas to make the build stronger.

Skarner is a very decent lane champion with his shield, ult and smash, With these if used correctly the target can't escape Skarner and end up dieing.

I am against a Jungle Skarner to the fact there are better Junglers in the game than him meaning i started to make this build for him as a lane champion because of how effective he is against champions like kassadin and Miss Fortune.

Below are some points I wish to point out about Skarner.
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Pros / Cons

Here are the Pros and Cons to Skarner.

Pros -
Hard for others to escape from late game
Decent damage
Fast movement speed
Has a suppression Ult

Cons -
Focus'ed if not careful
Squishy without shield
Ult has small range
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I'm going to quickly say why I believe these runes to work best with Skarner, Is because of his Passive Energize that reduces cooldowns on your skills every time you hit, meaning the more you hit the faster your skills come back to beat down your target.

So instead of your moves doing loads of damage you spam your moves more.
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The items I've choosen for Skarner allow him to get good amount of movement speed and mana early game and works on AS mid game, finally allowing health and final AS item late game.

This helps give Skarner a good mana pool to use his skills, and enough Attack Speed to be very useful in team fights.

I will edit in items to use for different problems later, since im still testing out the full range of items that are there.
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Team Work

Teamfights - While in team fights try and bring the weak squishy carries and mages out front to allow your team to focus them down making the team fight easier. Another use for Skarner in Teamfights is to suppress the strongest enemy to give your team the advantage of focusing them down as well this can be from tanks to other types of enemy champions.

Laning - While laning try to lane with either someone who can deal loads of damage or a tank character this will allow you to easily hit the enemy champions and hopefully get first blood with the slow from ur Slash or using exhaust and ur ally doing most of the damage.

Another useful tip is when the enemy has forced you to a turret try and grab the squishy enemy towards you, your ally and the turret and have them all focus it down, it can change the chances of the turret falling.
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Champions - Allies and Enemies

Champions can effect how skarner plays, the champion you lane with and the champions on the other side of your lane.

Champion Allies


Cho'Gath has very many useful skils that helps Skarner early game during the laning phase, with his silence and aoe spell he can help you get those champions that try to run away early game.

Mid game once he has gotten some stacks with feast Cho becomes your best friend tanking the champions while you come in and attack allowing you to do the most of your damage, amd of course pull your enemies back into cho'gath's range to be devoured by Feast.


Singed is a very useful champion early game for Skarner to lane with, Singed has moves that flips enemies behind him this allows you to finish him off with your moves and get your team the kill. Singed also has posion and slow moves that allow you to catch up to the enemy and while your damaging they are poison'ed dealing more damage securing the kill.

Singed is a very nice champion to lane with because of how useful he is into blocking the enemy champions in.

Champion Enemies


Morgana with her roots and ult can mean trouble for Skarner due to how weak he is without his shield and other skills, Morgana once close enough will break your shield and cast her ultimate meaning death for skarner, so if your in a lane against her or a team fight try and stay away from morgana or pull her into your allies knowing they will focus her.


Lux like morgana has a root skill that stops Skarner from moving, this effects skarner a lot along with her slow and ultimate she is a deadly enemy to face if you get hit by her root, because you will most likely receive her ultimate without your shield up, meaning death.

If Lux decides to lane in a lane other than mid try to keep a bit of a distance from her because of the many skills she has to sotp you in your track and end your combo.


Ashe with her slows can be deadly early game because of the slows and stuns she is able to do, from her volley of arrows to her ultimate these skills will hurt you greatly and stop you from killing her. Late game this becomes different with you being able to move faster and slow her she doesn't pose much a threat late but poses a great threat early.

This will be updated the more games i play with skarner and the more champions i face and play with.
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Skill Sequence

When you begin start with Slash, then at level 2 get Shield and try to max this fast because its your gank skill, once you have shield maxed make sure u get slash maxed then fracture and ult.

When you are level 6 and have all your skills the basic combo is Shield, Smash, Fracture then Ult once your finish if your target is still alive use the combo again and recast the shield when it runs out.

the combo can be editted due to the battle but thats the normal combo I use, along with spells like flash and exhaust most of the time your target won't escape without the help of a ally with CC.
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Here ill post some of the scores I've gotten with Skarner. Please feel free to Message me your scores with this build and ill try my best to add them to the collection.
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This is my build at the moment, It's still being worked on and will be updated every 1-3 days once I find out more about Skarner and the different types of combonations that work with him.

Thank you for reading and any suggestions are welcome. as long as they are put in a nice way
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Skarner the Laning Champion (AS)

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