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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Skarner Build Guide by Kimimaro49

Skarner the tanky Scorpion

Skarner the tanky Scorpion

Updated on August 12, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kimimaro49 Build Guide By Kimimaro49 2,495 Views 0 Comments
2,495 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kimimaro49 Skarner Build Guide By Kimimaro49 Updated on August 12, 2011
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I see many Skarner players that play Hybrid or full AP, I honestly tried everything with him, but he doesn't have enough HP/Armor/Mres to survive infight even with his shield on and if you go for tank/AD or tank/AP hybrid you won't deal enough damage, cause his scalings and base damage sucks. So I decided to play him as a tank, so that I can deal constant damage with his Q and Autoattacks.
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About his skills

What is important about Skarners skillset is the following:

-His Q is castable in Movement
-His E doesn't work if it procs on multiple targets at once, it will only heal for one Mark
-His W is great for catching up and has a rather low CD when used correctly with his Innate so
it can eat a lot damage in a fight, if not destroyed you can have it active all the time.
-His Ultimate isn't stopped by disables.
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I prefer to use Skarners passive for constant Q spamming so I take Attack Speed Marks. I want to get tanky so there are Armor Seals and Magic Resist per Level Glyphs. Skarner is all about Movementspeed for his Ulti so I take MS Quints.
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I take standart Tank Masteries, allthough I prefer to take Ardor for AS on Skarner, again for his Innate. I also take reduced Minion Damage for harrasing on lane.
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Summoner Spells

I prefer taking Ghost and Exhaust.

Ghost for quickly getting in the enemies Group, catch one with my Ultimate and Drag him to my team and completley disable the escapeability with Exhaust.
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Start off with a solid Dorans Shield. Then get lvl 1 Boots, afterwards the Chain west for Sunfire. Keep that in your inventory till you have Lvl 3 Boots. Then get Sunfire for damaging the enemies for extra damage while harrasing with your Q. Afterwards you might want to get sheen to deal more damage with your Basic attacks after your Q. The good thing about Skarner is that he has low CD on Q+ Natural high AS to use Sheen to its full extend. Next get Banshees Veil to make sure you get through the Crossfire to catch someone out. Then get FoN for More Movementspeed and high regeneration, this way when chasing an opponent after the fight you will have a huge HP advantage when reaching him. Next you finish Sheen into Triforce. Last you build Atmas Impaler for a little bit more damage.
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Skill Sequence

Skilling Q only on the first level is enough for Harrasing, it doesn't scale a lot by leveling up anyway and if you harras more than twice with it you are gonna push way too much. So I decided to take something for more Lane sustanability, which are his heal and Shield.
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What is really important in Lane is, as i said before, to not nuke too much with your Q. Shield nukes with W and regenerate from too much damage with the Marks from your E. If the enemy should be dumb enough to towerdive you, use your ulti and pull him in the samll gap between Turret and Wall. Then follow him with Ghost or W and QQ him.


With this Build you will have a very fast Skarner, so you can run in to gank without one of your teammates CCing the enemy, then use your ultimate and spam Q while using it and let your partner handle the rest.


You are the tank. Engage with your Speed and pull out the carry, if you can't get through spam your Q. Try to pull dangerous enemies away from your squishies so that they have time for repositioning.
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If your Build is finished it will look like this:

Health: 3291
Mana: 1800
Health Per 5: 74 + 57 from FoN
Armor: 241
Magic Resist: 209
Damage: 225 (65 Damage from Atma's) + Triforce= 420
Attack Speed:1.256 + W= 1.885
Critical Chance: 33
Ability Power: 31
Movement Speed: 504 + Ghost= 589 + W= 669 (With dimishing effect)

These Stats mean the following:

-Your CDs will be reduced by 3 each second you are attacking, 2 from the Innate 1 regular.
-This means your Q will have 0.5, W will have 4.6, E will have 3.3 and R will have 30 secs CD
-In 1 second you have the chance to crit twice with a 33% chance each.
-The chance to crit overall in 1 second is 56.44%.
-You will crit for 450 or 645 with Triforce active.
-Your Mres reduces Magic damage by 69 or 57%(With Tenacity) when the enemy has Void Staff.
-Your Armor reduces Phyiscal damage by 72 or 60%(With Tenacity) if the enemy has Last Whisper
-Madred's Bloodrazor deals 37 damage per proc, if you are hit by it.
-Vayne's Silver Arrows will deal 323.28 Damage to you
-In theory you will deal 645(2AAs)+145(Q)+225(2nd Q)+40(Sunfire)=1055 Damage in a second, if
you hammer Q fast enough and don't crit, with 1 Crit its 1310, with 2 Crits its 1565.
Assuming that the enemy has at least 40% Armor/Mres unless he's a tank, it will be 633/786/939.
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Why so much Movementspeed?

Skarner is a Champ that is strongly depending on Movementspeed. It is his only way to catch up, but if he does the enemy will be in your team very quickly.

Why no Jungle?

I Jungled a lot with Skarner and came to the conclusion that this is definetly not his turf. He needs a lot of help with the blue buff already and can't even go 1 streak through to the Red buff like most other Jungler can. He is almost always low on Health and can not counter-jungle.

Why no Flash?

I admit that skarner could easily engage with Flash to pick someone out, however with Ghost you won't be blocked which is very important because your Ultimate doesn't last that long. Flash can't be used during his Ultimate as well.
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I hope you try the guide and go out to SKA-SKA-SKARNER the enemy down. I myself belive that Skarner right now is a little bit too weak btw, so I'm expexcting a small buff on his ratios.

Anyway CnC and Vote please.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kimimaro49
Kimimaro49 Skarner Guide
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Skarner the tanky Scorpion

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