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Poppy Build Guide by jaminow

SMACK THAT (Poppy's Build)

SMACK THAT (Poppy's Build)

Updated on December 18, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jaminow Build Guide By jaminow 1,870 Views 0 Comments
1,870 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jaminow Poppy Build Guide By jaminow Updated on December 18, 2011
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Hello, This is my first build on how to play AD poppy.

Poppy is the most less played champion, because she ain't got a farm ability. She doesn't farm minions. She farms champions. well lets get to the build
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Early game

on early i get. most poppies get mana crystal, it is wrong. why ? boots of speed help you on early wall charging with your E. After gank on early you should have mana crystal, then turn into a sheen :D then turn your boots of speed into beserker ones . (mercury treads if they have hard cc like alistar) TIP: u have top. enemy might think your weak and useless. hide bush and stun em to top wall,punch and run(ONLY ON MELEE CHAMPS) another TIP= TRYN,(any other melee champ that isnt range, ( IS CHASING U OMFG ON LVL 1 U TO LVL 1 . WHAT CAN I DO ? U HIDE ON JUNGLE
3. BOOM JUKE PWNED!this is my trick with poppy agaisnt all melee champs i laugh so hard after they get pwned by this juke
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Mid game

FUN starts here. on lvl 9-13 you buy a phage to increase health and damage, most will buy zeal because of att speed and crit , but i prefer damage and health to keep on lane.Then make the TRINITY FORCE.
some tips i see of every tryn, when they dissapear at lvl 7-8 look on jungle or IF you see them on jungle, they will be in your buff side or in the other. tips from early : tryn chases you on top bushes there are few minions yours and his. what do we do: all tryn will have spin
after u have walled him he will try to attack you and spin
there goes part. do a few hits. switch bushes everytime till your E is not on cooldown . go to the top part of the bush(can be lured to bush and E if a minion is on the bush to see him) and walled.
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late game

you have gotten phant dancer. the bloodthirster ,black cleaver and inf edge ( that's the way to build poppy, sorry for top i just forgot to add serk boots and cleave, messed it up) so right now you can 1v1 every champ (kite ones will hit and run you, what can i do to get that douche bag ?(cait, ashe , vayne, graves, ezreal, etc ) run back so that they will come to you, when they have come almost closer to you USE GHOST (exhaust too in case they can run fast or flash), do not go directly to them, go in a way where you can charge wall. after that they are dead.

OMFG U GETTING GANKED ON TOP 3V1, U GOT UR CHARGE WITH E AND GHOST ? YES WHAT CAN WE DO ( enemy ur lanning will come at you if he full health, not low ) YOU SEE THEM COMING, OMFG WHAT CAN I DO ?
there are minions, maybe i go right bush and CHARGE AT THEM! JUKE! (use ghost too in case you feel in danger or will not make it. OMFG NO MINION? use ghost then wait till enemy comes at bush
look for the last one coming, i recommend you use the ZIG ZAG RUN ! (lux Q that can snare you, morgs Q, AMUMU Q, other things that can snare,slow,stun ( stun when brand has burned you and uses Q on u) success! u made it u survived the 3v1.
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hope this helped you.

its my first build. i cannot explain how to do the rest. there is much a lot to explain but i gave my tricks to the poppy beginners. Sorry for all the bad spelling or errors i made. im 14 so kinda... i dont know how to make a build look good.

some good music btw
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Summoner Spells

Flash- umm ? just 1 push wont save you at all
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Summoner Spells

EXHAUST ? WHY ? exhaust helps you a lot. poppy has no skill that slows and sure-kills ur enemies, u should take it, plus to survive as well on ganks and fights.
U could take ignite, but 90% of the kills on AD poppy will succeed with exhaust than ignite

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