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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stormer007

Smart casting (become a pro)

Stormer007 Last updated on May 19, 2012
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What is Smart cast

Hi everybody
Today i want to learn you what is smart casting. By default in league of legends, for casting spell you must click q, w, e, r and then click if you want to cast spell = normal casting. But with smart cast you will just click q, w, e, r and the spell will be automatically casted in direction of your cursor.
What does it mean to me?
With smart casting you can cast spells a lot faster than with normal cast. I think, that with smart casting you can cast spells twice faster, than with normal casting.
Does it has any disadvantages?
Yes u can t see max range of your spells.

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Smart casting in game

I think that video can show you the difference better than words. So i made a video that compares the smart casting with normal casting.

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How to set smart casting

Just go to options - keybindings - and then just bind for example q to Smart Cast spell 1 instead of cast spell 1. you can see how i have smart casted in this video. You can smart cast:
1) Spells
2) Summoner spells
3) Items

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I hope this guide gave you some usefull informations about smart casting. If you find it usefull pls like, so more people can learn what is smart casting.
If you want to know something more or you find some mistake pls let me know in comments i will try to reply as soon as posible.
Thank you for reading.


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