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Graves Build Guide by Richton Ransack

Smell my shotgun!

Smell my shotgun!

Updated on October 25, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Richton Ransack Build Guide By Richton Ransack 3,216 Views 4 Comments
3,216 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Richton Ransack Graves Build Guide By Richton Ransack Updated on October 25, 2011
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Having 20 armor pen runes will give you an upper hand even when facing a tank and extra resists will be useful when going for a kill and generally moving around. Later on, your Armor per runes will stack nicely with Brutalizer, giving a total of 41 penetration...add some fresh cooldown to it and you get a superb item...that's the power of the shotgun...
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Proper AD set of masteries that will utilize Graves strenghts. Extra exp will let you win that clash on the lane when your opponent will still be below lvl 6 while you pierce his face through with your ulti.
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Doran's Shield: Will give you some extra armor to compliment the runes set. Health regen on itself so you dont need to rely on getting it from hitting minions (if you use Doran's Blade) case you get a harder time on the lane. Extra armor and HP is also useful , making you quite resiliant considering youur passive that adds to resists.

Boots, Sword/s and pots: Essential to advance with the build...obviously useful

Brutalizer: Giving you now 41 Armor Penetration plus 10% cooldown reduction. If you play correctly from this point on...Graves will transform into a beast...

Zeal: Atk speed + Mov speed + Crit a cherry on the cake

Ninja Tabi: You need some earlier defense...thats a great point to doesnt hurt either

Bloodthirster: More damage comes in + life you should seriously burn their ***es

Phantom: another cherry...

Frozen Mallet: another round of defense in terms of HP plus extra slow and some damage

Impaler: More armor + damage from your HP + putting critical chance on 50 %

Yamumu: Havent got the chance to buy it myself finished before I managed (more or less 75% win ratio)
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Buckshot: Proper shotgun blow that will tear your enemies' amazed faces apart. Combine it with quickdraw to swiftly move in the direction of opponent and stick all 3 bullets in his forehead. Also great tool for farming minions.

Smoke Screen: Decent magical damage , nice slow and vision reduction that if used correctly will make the enemy wonder where the killing shot came from...

Quickdraw: Adds some needed mobility, allows to go through thin walls and speed up your attacks. Good to catch up, surprise , escape and push turrets.

Collateral Damage: : Very useful ulti that deals a solid area of effect damage. Combined with your other skills in a combo melts the enemy.
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Time to play

Graves is great at harrassing from the very beggining. His buckshot is seriously powerful and combined with quickdraw allows you to quickly send a round of bullets to the enemy's face. Be wary of your mana though as it will quickly evaporate if you overdo this move. Last hit minions and harrass...if you got a good lane partner, kill should follow shortly.

Get a blue when you can...get the dragon with your mates...push..push...last hit...and push.

Use your /t ...use your /j ....use your /d and win.
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Pros :

* decently mobile
* great damage output
* some crowd control
* fun to play
* proper badass


* ummmm...
* hmmmm...
* O_O
* addictive ?
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Some results

If you find this build useful then please leave a vote...if you dont, let me know why in the comments section. All opinions are appreciated!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Richton Ransack
Richton Ransack Graves Guide
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Smell my shotgun!

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