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League of Legends Build Guide Author Smiff

Smiff's Blitzcrank

Smiff Last updated on April 11, 2011
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DISCLAIMER: I do not consider myself a good player in any facet. Please do not bombard me with comments about how i am a noob or whatever because i am the first to admit that i am a noob.
Alright, the goal of this build is to make a blitz that can hold his own in combat. whenever i play blitz i always feel that i am a great teammate but not so good solo. Also i see blitz as a fantastic initiator and if you can get him to do some damage he can be deadly. Also i would like to state that i play mostly 3v3's right now but i have recently started doing 5v5's. i will update when i decide what im building in 5s.

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Like i said, i am a noob and am not yet high enough level to use runes so use whatever you like here. i would recommend cool down reduction because blitz is a demon with short cool downs. also AP is good but i do not know a whole lot about runes so I will refrain from talking too mcuh about something I know little about.

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Like pictured above I set it up as 9/0/21. the reason for this is mostly that i get a good deal of cool down reduction without having to use items for it. Blitz's ultimate is only a 30 second cool down and with enough reduction you can use it 2 or 3 times if you are in a teamfight.

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O.K, the items I have chosen for this build are a little sketchy. the first few i am pretty sure about but after that i am not so sure. If anyone reading this has an opinion or some constructive criticism I would love to hear from you. Also the boots are your choice. i like the boots of mobility because they go great with blitz's w move because it pretty much cancels out the speed debuff.

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Spell Sequence

The spell sequence that i use in this build if get all three of your abilities off the bat and then max out q and e. get r when you can and then get w last. the reason for this is because i think that q and e are really important. I have seen that some people get q done first or get e done and then get the others. this is not something that i have tried and will edit this if i have success with it.

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Summoner Spells

I like to use flash and ghost for this build. I have used many other combinations and this combo is far from the only one i would recommend. i think that summoner spells is something that is really preference and if you do not like the ones that i have recommended here please fell free to use your own.

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Other stuff

I think that blitz is really great as a team player. if you like to solo i would not recommend using this build for blitz. blitz is one of the best characters to use for ganking situations and for team fights. one thing that makes blitz very annoying is when you grab a guy and bring him into turret range and use the turret to grab the kill. also blitz is great to balance a team fight. i have had situations where one of my teammates is in a 2-on-1 and myself and my other teammate are coming down. or up, through the jungle (i mostly do 3v3) and then i grab one of them bring the through the wall. Then my teammate and myself destroy him 2v1 and then help the first guy out with his 1v1. one of the most awesome parts of blitz is his ability to reposition the enemy team. if used correctly blitz can completely win a team fight for your team even if the fight looks to be going against you.