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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vaith

Sneak Sneak Stab Stab

Vaith Last updated on June 8, 2010
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Just To Start Off This Build Is Geared More For 3V3, Also Note That "Lich Blade" Is "Hexteched Gun-blade" Sadly Mobafire have not added the item to there datebase. This Build Focus Mainly On Resistance & Cooldown Reduction.

Anyway lets get started:



This can be used of 1 of 2 things:

1) Droping A Twlight Shroud + Flashing Out Of It
2) Chasing

I also use flash for moving through the map terrain this can sometimes with Shadow Dance get you that last kill or that very near ace.


Maybe one of the best spells in League Of Legends with its 100% miss chance and movement and speed reduction its pretty much a no brainier but out of the both its the 100%miss chance that we want the most i use this spell in the following ways:

1) In 2V1 fights pop this on the heavy player e.g Tank then drop Twilight Shroud and burn down the squidgy once done if you think you can take the other player do it dont be to scared of sticking about with less HP Aklis dps is unreal, if things get messy flash out.

2) 1v1 Early game if you have been working on a player they have 50% and you have 30% i like to try and force them to try and take a kill (works best with melee)once they strike i send a "Mark Of The Assassin" Then Pop Exhaust, Melee to consume the mark, Drop "Twilight Shroud" for extra slow, pop another "Mark Of Assassin" And end it with a Melee.

3) Basic slow for players running off after a team battle - try not to use it if you can help it i see it as a waste of an exhaust you should have "Shadow Dance" to chase down players with.


Before you cry about not completing a tree this is out of personal choice this build is geared very much towards high resistances & cooldown reduction.

Skill Rank Order

Mark Of Assassin - Early game use this to harass heros and get last shots on minions

Twilight Shroud - I like to use this for more of a deterrent moving forward and dropping one of these on a heros head will 100% of the time make the hero run back this is very important for 2 reasons:

1) Stops them for getting xp
2) Puts You In Control Of The Lane - Fear Is The Best Weapon

While they are running back you can sometimes get off a "Mark Of The Assassin" or better get off a melee strike to consume the mark and dealing huge damage.

Crescent Slash - Pretty basic aoe damage its nice for farming mobs and befits hugely from the cooldown reduction, using this just after a "Shadow Dance" while chasing a player works nice.

Shadow Dance - ;) CRY MORE.

Rune Build

As i have said this build is geared more towards cooldown reduction and resistances so this is the reason for the use of runes its both with the masteries a very important key part to this build.

Item Build

& - First to just get them blades glowing once both have proced its about stacking them.

- Moving about a little faster is always helpful

- Again to move towards "Hextech Revolver"

- To move towards "Bilgewater Cutlass"

I would like to note here that i get the mixture of both items to even out the balance on both blades i like to work this way but there is not anything stopping you from buying "Hextech Recolver" first then "Bilgewater Cutlass" or vice versa i just think that balance works a little better.



At this point you should well be on your way to having a number of hero kills under your belt, so gold should increase pretty rapidly

- These badboys are gems in 3v3, as you tend to get CC (Crowed Control) heroes or will have a type of stun, slows, taunt, fear, snare, sleep, or immobilizes this will cut them by 40% in my eyes not picking these boots would be a very stupid thing to do as they can turn the tide while in a 1v1 with many heros Jacs is one that comes to mind quickly;).


The extra HP is nice and the added Ability Power at this point is more useful


Now at this point in a 3v3 its pretty much going to be your winning or your losing and the game should be close to an end this is the reason for the next items, they give you that quick fix that might just be needed to end the game.

If the game seems in the half way mark then move towards maybe

Tatics When It Comes To Battle

Akali is very fun to play and also is not just the standard Q,W,E,R spam hero if you use your head while playing her you can find yourself wining 2v1 and pretty much being able to win any 1v1, im just going to go into some tactics here for fighting a number of different types of hero:


In group battles these should always be last on the pecking order its as simple as that, in 3v3 the main reason for losing is due to dps and cooldowns being burnt on the tanks allowing the heavy dpsers to burn a team to bits. If you find yourself in a 1v1 with a tank you will find once you drop a "Mark Of Assassin" melee & "Crescent Slash" they will tend to run back this will alert the rest of the team so the lesson here is if you can see the other red hero icons on the map keep chasing him down with a combo of "Shadow Dance", "Crescent Slash" "Mark Of Assasin" the reason i drop "Mark Of Assasin" last is due to its range and once you start rotation again it will be "Shadow Dance", melee to consume the mark, "Crescent Slash" and "Mark Of Assasin". There are Tanks like Shen that if you get the jump on them in a 1v1 they will stick about in the case of Tanks like this things change slightly, open with "Shadow Dacne", "Mark Of Assasin" melee to consume "Crecent Slash" drop a "Twilight Shroud" " Mark Of Assasin" melee to consume, at this point slip back into the shadows of "Twilight Shorud" and pop your active cooldown on "Hextech Gunblade" with "Rylai's Crystal Scepter" this will slow the hero and hopefully put the player into panic mode so they start there retreat and you will need to chase down the hero using the combo of "Shadow Dance", "Crescent Slash" "Mark Of Assassin" "Shadow Dance" melee to consume the mark and repeat. Dont use your exhaust if you dont need to "Shadow Dance" & Flash if you need to this should get the job done.

Magic DPS

Also known as cloths due to the fact they will most the time have lower HP, the trick here is to stay as close to the hero as you can, for some reason when you are close to range caster all they seem to want to do is get some range on and even more so when they see a "Twilight Shroud" dropped. Magic DPSers have to be the easiest thing to burn and are pretty much 100% kill chance once engaged. I always open with "Shadow Dance" "Mark Of Assasin" and melee to consume, because if you drop a "Twilight Shroud" to early you can find they just run off with panic with 70-80% HP and it makes more work for you as you chase them this way they get off a spell or too and will take you down to 70% in some cases 60-50% if they get there ulti off but this is only a good thing because they will stick around drop "Twilight Shroud" and "Mark Of Assassin" consume with melee this will then start the chase phase so use the combo of "Shadow Dance", "Crescent Slash" "Mark Of Assasin" "Shadow Dance" melee to consume" repeat.

Melee DPS

These heros again come in a squishy and more durable types but the tactic remains the same. The main thing i find with Melee dps is that once "Twilight Shroud" is droped they tend to stick around so its a good idea to change your combo to "Shadow Dance" "Twlight Shroud" "Mark Of The Assassin" consume with melee "Crescent Slash" because they sometimes tend to stick around you might wanna burn your 2 "Shadow Dances" on a fight like this just so the chase phase starts faster this is here you might need to use Exhaust but keep in mind that "Rylai's Crystal Scepter" will slow for you and your "Hextech Gunblade" does have a ranged instant cast also. The chase phase is the same "Shadow Dance", "Crescent Slash" "Mark Of Assasin" "Shadow Dance" melee to consume, if you dont have that extra "Shadow Dance" use a flash and if on cooldown use your exhaust its worth it to secure the kill.

Double Kills

I get my most fun out of engaging in multi targets and in most cases put myself into this position as in general i find it more fun and ultimately more challenging doing this, what i do wanna say is that i will give you combo guides here but to be honest you will need to work out a way that fits you the most because with double kills you need to sometimes combine skills in hedge dipping and kiting to be successful. With double kills the main skill you need to have is knowing a hero and what skills they posses and when you think they will trigger them and what there threat level is, knowing what target to burn down first is vital. An example of this would be if you have 2 dps one melee one magic, before you engage take a quick scan of there HP and items to a trained eye this will take moments to do once you have engaged you are going to need to use your Exhaust on one target i tend to pick melee dps by the time the exhaust wares off your 2ed target you should be about 10% on the first target chasing and finishing with a "Shadow Dance" once you have the first kill your HP is going to around the 55% mark and the hero you used exhaust on is going to be pissed you just killed his team mate, in this case he is going to be over run with a want to kill you (making the player sloppy) so its time to kite him into a woodland area to let cooldowns reset before you engage as your running off try to get off a "Mark Of Assassin" once you run past a hedge and your cooldowns have reset and you hopefully have gained more stacks of "Shadow Dance" Drop a Twilight Shroud" right away after you leave the exit side of a hedge and run back into it this will confuse your target and you will find that he will keep running forward ([pretty much like a classic cartoon) once there is a little distance "Shadow Dance" "Mark Of Assassin" melee to consume "Crescent Slash". At this point you might find the player will use his ulti and depending on the hero type and your skill will determine if you live or die, on the other hand the hero might start to run away in this case start to use your chase phase combo on him. If the player sticks around its time for you to kite a little more and drop "Twilight Shroud" and start to mark him up and melee to consume "Mark Of Assassin" and dont be scared at this point to just burn all your stacks of "Shadow Dance" as the aim here is to burn him as fast of you can. If anytime the 3ed hero shows up its time to bolt try to save your flash for this, there are times that i have also taken 3v1 using the same tactics of kiting but it takes alot of skill and is something fun to work towards. In cases with tanks and a dps you want to use the same tactic but drop your Exhaust on the tank the reason for this is that the player you burn will naturally panic and in most cases mess his skills up giving you a good chance to burn.

I hope you enjoy this guide and reading the tactics below im sure will work for other builds as there are a couple of general tips in.

-Vaith EU/US