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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gbonus4


Gbonus4 Last updated on June 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, this guide to urgot is mainly an offensive Urgot build, so if you are looking for more of a support or tankgot build this guide is not for you. With that being said this guide will give a brief but hopefully informative look into the offensive capabilities of this often under rated champion.

*NOTE* TLDR people just read the build above assuming you understand the basic mechanics of Urgot.

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Runes I go for Armor Aenetration Marks, Attack Speed Seals, and CDR Glyphs.
Also Quintessence of Desolation for some more flat Armor Penetration.

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I go into the offensive tree right to the bottom in order to maximize my CDR, my AD, and my AS.
Then with the remaining point i go into utility getting some mana/health regeneration as well as some EXP gain.

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Okay now for your build you should start with a Meki pendent because early game if your hoping to harass and control your lane as urgot whether your mid or sides you will burn through your mana quite quickly until you get your Manamune. Of course for all good extended laning periods i recommend health potions to prevent unnecessary trips back and forth (urgots not too quick on his .. feet).

Basically from then get your basic boots then rush Manamune as quick as you can, because the earlier you get it the sooner you can begin building your mana stack and ad, and really dealing some mean damage to those pesky enemy champions.

After i get my Manamune i typically get my Last Whisper in order to ignore like a crudload of enemy armor, Infinity Edge to increase my damage output further, and Phantom Dancer because at this point your auto attack is gonna be hitting mean, so mind as well speed it up a bit and get some more crit chance to work with your infinity edge.

At this point in the game (late game assuming you havent made the enemies ragequit yet) your manamune should have piled up the ad as well as your infinity edge contributing to your power, the last few items are really up to you, the hextech gunblade is a viable option although the spell vamp is not going to be of much use, because it powers up your Terror Capacitor, and also gives you 20% lifesteal which can come in handy, if you want a cheaper alternative and dont care about your shield Bloodthirster is a handy tool to get too.

If you rather have some survivability however, you can easily swap out an offensive item of your choice for a Guardian Angel, as Urgot is highly focused when in teamfights. If the enemies are high in AD characters then Thornmail is great, or if they are high in AP champions then get a Force of Nature.

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Skill Sequence

On Urgot your main damaging spell is Acid Hunter, so maxing it out first is going to be a main priority. And comboing it well with your Noxious Corrosive Charge will seperate the good Urgots from the bad Urgots.

At level 4 i put a single point in Terror Capacitor for the slowing effect, as the shield is negligible in an ad build it is not much use leveling it early game.

Noxious Corrosive Charge is your combo move in order to have insane sniping ability, luckily at this day and age fewer and fewer LoL players are aware of all the abilities of some of the lesser used champions like Urgot (some people seem to think hes under powered..? :P) which can be advantageous on landing this grenade and then quickly landing two Acid Hunter's on the enemies face as they also eat the DoT.

Of course always put a point in your ultimate (Hyper Kinetic Position Reverse) at level's 6, 11, and 16, as it becomes very invaluable, whether your initiating a team fight by pulling an opponent into your fellow teammates, or simply slowing down the enemy enough for you to get those last few hits for the kill this skill cannot be overlooked.

Priority: Acid Hunter -> Noxious Corrosive Charge -> HKPR (Ult) -> Terror Capacitor

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Summoner Spells

As for summoner spells:

1. Flash - Great for teleporting over a wall to escape a gank or death, great for getting out of the way after using your HKPR (Ult) to switch your enemy into your teammates for a kill.

2. Exhaust - Great disabler for enemy AD champions, as well as a very useful preventative tool for people trying to escape their inevitable annihilation.

3. Ghost - Great for chasing down enemy champions and getting the slow on them with your Terror Capacitor, also great escape tool


1. Teleport - Can be fantastic for quick lane re-entrance when soloing, becomes negligible late game however.

2. Ignite - I see very few Urgot's using this because he already has a DoT spell, but it can be useful for early game or for throwing on a Tryndamere.

Not Useful:

Every other spell is basically not needed for Urgot, atleast when using this build.

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As a final note I would highly recommend against playing Urgot in a 3v3 game as he requires teammates in many instances, especially 2v1 or against AP characters.

Besides that I would like to thank you for reading this guide and I hope you will leave your comments below on your personal experiences playing Urgot or any tips or tricks you would like to add to anything I have said.

~ Gbonus4