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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ðeathwish

Snowball Vlad!

Ðeathwish Last updated on March 15, 2011
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Hi, Deathwish here! Let me start off by saying thank you for checking out my Vlad guide and to secondly apologize for any typos and so forth. (Barely slept the past few days, cold and all that loveliness.)

So, you're here and your probably wondering... "What the hell?! TWO snowball items?!!!

Yes gents and for good reason, I promise.

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So, your snowballing TWO items..

This means 2 things can happen, you can get mad fed and become a wrecking ball of damage and see their team flee every time you show your face (unless all 5 are present, then they get ballzy dont they..)

Or, you die, more than once, which is one too many times, and you just wasted your gold on 2 items that do you no good. Lets be the first eh!

This build is built around doing well early game, mostly!

Early game you have additional hp and a **** ton of AP out the gate! You do mad damage and if you play well enough you'll eat they're team =] Which means gold and stacks for you =]

However, not everyone has a great game everytime. So what do you do if you havent gotten 3 kills in under 5 mins.. or you were on a solo lane (1v2) and you died more than once! Don't give up hope

Vlad is great in teamfights, and u'll get fed at least 3 assists every team fight! I know it doesn sound fun that way but it only takes a few stacks before you feed yourself, and then your giving people assists rather than getting them yourself.

Vlad's ulti does a mass aoe damage buff for your entire team. So, hide behind all those meat shields and spam your tides of blood / transfusion the squishies. You will get fed!

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Potency Pro!
So I know this rune page looks rather elementary and kind of boring... not that much variety either eh!

Well Vlads passive converts AP into extra health! So what this means for your early game....
You hit like a Semi truck rolling down the freeway at 120mph AND, have the survivability of steve irwan...before stingrays that is, ha!

At lvl 1 u can 2 shot annie and squishies alike with your transfusion. AT LVL 1!
All others, such as tanks are rather squishy, nothing like 3 transfusions and an ignite to end tanks early game.

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As with most other Vlad builds you'll want to take 9-21-0

You dont really want to waste your points in the utility tree, sure the cooldown reduction is nice but id rather have more ap and survivability =]

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Heres where it gets interesting!

The item build listed above along with all your AP runes work amazingly together! Now i'd only recommend this build for 5's, given that snowball items take time to cook, so 3's isn't really fitting for this build. Moving on...

At lvl one you'll have 57 AP, which is why your transfusion hits SO HARD!.... thats what she said... anyway

That 57 AP gives him an additional 102.6 hp at lvl one as well.Vlad's passive gives 1.8 hp per ap point.

so more survivability and a TON of damage out the gate equals what.... Kills. So, snowballers get fed and everyone is scared of Vlad with 730 AP end game, everyone

With this build you'll have 18% reduced damage TOTAL with full stacks from leviathon and your masteries! As well as some other nice things..
-15% cooldown reduction and additional AP from soulstealer
-40% spell pen from void staff (meaning that your E/Q combo will knock out a third of a well fed chogath... just sayin tanks mean nothing when you hit like a boss and malz ulti barely takes a 5th of your total hp.. awesome.
-Tons of HP and AP from this item AND 15% damage reduction. By far the best item for a fed vlad, gives hp, ap, and MORE survivability! seriously OP
-The merc treads are kind of a no brainer, staying alive to get more stacks is more important than the spell pen, or the cooldown reduction. I've heard of people getting the ninja tabies for the dodge but you don't really have to dodge when you pop ghost and sanguine pool....
-More survivability! spell vamp and additional AP, plus it stacks with other team mates! (if you lane with someone, swain's my personal favorite, it's 40% spell vamp and 140 AP) kinda awesome!
-AP, tons of AP

Now the build shows that you only have 2k hp 329 AP, its lying! With full 20 stacks at lvl 18 you'll have 4.5k hp AND 730 AP just from your items. pretty epic

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Skill Sequence

kinda self explanatory..
Transfusion does mad damage and you want to get the cooldown on that as low as possible first.

Tides of blood makes your spells heal you for more, and does some good damage. Another great thing about TOB that people over look is its stacking effect! does more damage of up to 4 stacks AND causes your healing to increase by 8% each stack. So, Dont be stingy, if you've got the hp spam that E!

Sanguine pool is mostly a defensive spell, altho it can be used in team fights as a slowing cc AND is great for tower diving still! ya they nerfed it in a previous patch, but its still boss! (You never initiate with this spell, ever, or your bad)

Finally, your ulti increases all damage done to a target and has a burst damage tick at its end!
great to finish off characters that are running away.... and a fantastic thing to drop on ALL teamfights.

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Pros / Cons - Closing

Great thing about this build is it's ability to do damage, unfortunately if you aren't there for fights or you die alot.... kinda useless. SO dont die!

it's actually rather easy to stay alive as vlad, especially with all that early game hp and AP!

Again, this build is for 5's! unless your simply beyond great at 3's and think you can cook 2 snowball items in under 15 mins...

Thanks for checkin out the guide, i use this build for my vlad very frequently and it is by far my favorite out of all my toon builds. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to comment or ask for any pointers.

thnx again, cheers mates! - Deathwish