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League of Legends Build Guide Author HEjZmoT

So I heard you like the shadows?

HEjZmoT Last updated on March 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my third build on MOBAFire, this time it isn't on Mordekaiser, but on the latest champion in the League, Nocturne, he's an amazing assassin and an amazing chaser. This is how I play him but I'm not telling you how you have to play him.

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I have taken Armor Penetration Marks and Quintessences because as he's a Physical DPS Champion I feel that he needs the Armor Penetration like any other Physical DPS Champion needs them.

I have taken Attack Speed Seals and Glyphs because they will help you majorly when in the jungle to get your passive back up as soon as possible.

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I have taken 21/0/9 Masteries, taking the Normal Physical DPS Masteries but taking the points out of attack speed(Runes will cover this) and the magic penetration(doesn't really use magic damage) and adding those points into the masteries for the extra damage to minions and Plentiful Bounty, I have taken these masteries because they give maximum damage to both Minions(for jungling) and champions, Also you gain the Neutral buff duration from the mastery and 4% EXTRA xp and Improved Ghost, which makes jungling even faster.

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First of all I take Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potions, I do this as this is the standard jungle starting items.

I generally will head back to base when I'm at around 700 Gold, to buy Madred's Razors, this makes jungling a hell of a lot faster with that beautiful proc chance.

Next of all I buy Boots of Speed and as much of Wriggle's Lantern as I can afford, This will allow you to run around jungle faster and gank faster.

When I go back to base I buy the rest of my Wriggle's Lantern, I buy this because it allows you to 1v1 better, jungle better and still allow you that amazing proc chance.

Next on my Shopping list is The Black Cleaver, So say the opponent has 70 armor or less, 25 Armor Penetration from Runes, 45 from The Black Cleaver, So I heard you like 0 or Less armor... Oops, that means you hit FULL Damage or MORE than you even have, how awesome is that?!

*Checks shopping list* I see a Guardian's Angel, How about reviving after you've died, so you CAN catch that pesky little bugger that was lucky enough to kill you before you could kill him, What a relief, I also chose this item as it's got a nice balance of Armor and Magic Resistance and seeing as Nocturne is SO squishy, this'll help you out ALOT.

So I heard you're a little low on Magic Resistance, how about a Force of Nature to sort out all of your issues? 76 should be suffice to fill your needs!

Last item I'd pick up is an Infinity Edge, I do this to maximize your damage, You get the 250% Critical Strike Damage, Why the hell not crit for 600+ on squishys? :D.

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Situational Items

If you feel that they don't have any major magic damage on their team and think that Guardian's Angel will suffice, but think that they have too much melee DPS, I'd suggest taking Thornmail, in my opinion a must have against a melee heavy team.

Madred's Bloodrazor is a very good item for Nocturne if against a very bulky enemy team, ripping through all of that hp each hit is sooo nice :D

You could also change the Force of Nature in for a Banshee's Veil as it gives a nice amount of HP and Mana, and also works incredibly well with your W activate and also gives a hefty amount of Magic Resistance.

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Skill Sequence

I choose to max Duskbringer first because it seems like the best damage increase compared to the 4 other spells.

I max Shroud of Darkness second for the beautiful Attack Speed increase that you get from it, + the free Banshee's Veil(on active) is a HUGE bonus.

I choose to max out Unspeakable Horror last because it's nowhere near as much of a damage increase as the others(In my opinion) but the fear is always nice to have when 1v1'ing a really tricky champion.

I put points into Paranoia when I can, This is just one of the BEST ulti's in-game(my opinion yet again) obscuring your enemy's vision, them not being able to see you coming to rape them? Man... even the huge *** slide to the target doing AMAZING amounts of damage to the target. Also, putting more and more points into this will decrease the cooldown to about 70-75 seconds with blue buff.

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Summoner Spells

I use Smite as it is a standard summoner spell for a jungler.

I use Ghost as it pairs extremely well with the Q effect.

In my opinion there's only 1 decent different possibility that you could use, Flash, this is a great escape mechanism seeing at Nocturne doesn't have a very good one(my opinion) and it also allows you to jump to your target, but your ulti should suffice that ;)

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First camp I generally go to is the Twin Golems, I kill these by Smiting one of the golems pop a Health Pot when you start taking damage and using Duskbringer and Melee hits to finish off the original target and nuke down the second Golem.

Second camp I go to is the 4 Wraiths, these are really easy to kill with your passive, just use Duskbringer and Melee hits to kill them all off. If you really feel the need to use a health pot, I would advise that you do.

Third = Wolves, these are really easy, just use Duskbringer and melee hits for the Big Wolf kill and just casually poke the Small Wolves with your melee hits, you shouldn't need a pot for this, but if you feel you do, then do so.

Fourth is the lovely Giant Golem(Blue Buff), This is reasonably easy to kill, just nuke down the big golem with your spells and melee hits and smite to finish it off.

After Blue Buff I advise either going back to base, heal up and buy some items, or you can go around and kill off all of the respawns and wait for your smite so you can go kill the Elder Lizard, this is straight forward too, just use Duskbringer, Unspeakable Horror and Melee hits to nuke down the Big Lizard, When you think you need to, use smite and then base(if you didn't after Blue Buff)

Gank when you want, Rinse and repeat the process, In my opinion Nocturne is one of the Fastest and Easiest junglers out there.

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To sum up, Nocturne is a fantastic Ganker, Jungler and a fantastic DPS, like I said in the intro, this is how I play him, I'm not trying to tell you how you should play him at all!