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League of Legends Build Guide Author volhaka

So, I heard you wanted damage?

volhaka Last updated on December 29, 2012
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Introduction to Taric!

What's Taric all about?

Taric is a support champion, and he is most useful for a kill lane. He is a very helpful support with the fact of his Shatter giving him and his ADC some nice armour. Although Taric is a great kill lane support, he can also become a great bruiser. With a few tweaks Taric, the weird male gem enthusiast can become a weird male gem enthusiast that melts the socks off of enemies.

This build is going to be a hybrid build incase you are wondering haha

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Marks(reds)=For your marks you may want some Attack Damage. This helps with early game damage.

Glyphs(blues)=Magic Resist per level blues help with the fights at bottom lane. Supports are generally AP based so these glyphs will definitely come in handy.

Seals(yellows)=Then comes the Seals which in my opinion you want Armour. These will really be of use early game especially when you get your Shatter.

Quintessences=Attack Damage, because these combined with the AD marks really start you off with all the AD you'll need.

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For masteries I like to take 26/4/0. Your text to link here... Taking the Attack Speed and Damage along with Armour penetration makes sure your auto attacks punish your enemy. Then the Cooldown Reduction and the Ability Power helps with your Imbue(heal)/Shatter/Radiance.

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...For spawn you want boots and 3 health potions.

Later you want to upgrade those boots into Ionian boots for the Cooldown Reduction for your Dazzle.
You also want to build a Bilgewater Cutlass and then a Hextech Revolver to build a Hextech Gunblade. This gunblade gives you good sustain with your skills and attacks as well as making sure you deal some good mixed damage. Then comes a Guinsoo's Rageblade which also adds to your sustain. This item gives you extra attack speed as you attack, this attack speed reduces your Imbue's cooldown which gives you even more sustain during a duel or any fight. Then building a Tiamat and upgrading to a Ravenous Hydra is useful. This item helps you with pushing and also adds damage in teamfights when your enemies decide to bunch up. Now for a few defensive items such as Warden's Mail into a Randuin's Omen for the health/amour and etc. Then to top it off could be a Bulwark or a Mercurial Scimitar for the nice passive and the damage/magic resist to help you stay alive.

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Skill Order

I like to start off with a point in Dazzle. This gives you good level 1 kill potential. Level 2 would be a good time to get a point in Shatter to help in the battles. Level 3 would be another Shatter point and then comes level 4 with a point in Imbue to keep you and your friend alive. Level 5 is another Shatter point. Level 6 is a Radiance point. Level 7 is a point in Imbue. Level 8 is another Shatter point. Level 9 would be an Imbue point. Level 10 would be your last shatter point. Level 11 is another Radiance. Level 12 is Imbue. Level 13 is Imbue. Then it's just Radiance at 16 and the rest into Dazzle since Dazzle does not really grow useful in later levels so it's good to keep at 1 just for the stun.

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For your early engagements try to of course lead in with a stun and shatter combo then attack them. Your early damage should shave off health easily leading up to an easy kill or at least some great harass. In battles you should lead with E on the high priority target and a Radiance, Shatter combo for the extra AP into shatter damage. Then just auto attack and heal when needed.

Also during the start you should do some warding. Ward dragon at 8 minutes and at 4 minutes you should put a ward near the bend of dragon/tri bush for blue team. to help get vision. As time progresses wards should be placed in high traffic areas, and wards at baron/dragon/enemy jungle.

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End Notes

This is my first build guide thing..I am new to this..I am very bad at it as you can tell haha. Constructive criticism would be very great to get, because I'm really into doing more guides later on maybe...I have no idea haha. But thanks for reading it if you did.


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