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Udyr Build Guide by xxGreenmanx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xxGreenmanx

so uhh...lane anyone?(in depth lane ad)

xxGreenmanx Last updated on November 5, 2011
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Dat intro

Hey sup?

alright guys i am here today to teach you the ins and outs of our favorite martial arts specialist with split personality's, UDYR. He was one of the first champs i ever bought and i like to think that i know what i am doing when I eat your face off with him.

so with out further bad jokes(okay maybe a few) i give you my build/thoughts of how he should or should not be played.

for one....NEVER i repeat NEVER jungle..i don't like it and i will tell you why later on.
two... this is a ad tiger heavy and high mobile build. if u want ap then go somewhere else.
and three... as with anything in any build feel free to change what ever you want. it is a GUIDE after all not a end all end all on how to play someone.

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pros / cons

-suspiciously good burst
-some pretty nice CC with the stuns.
-when he runs in Phoenix Stance he looks pretty bad ***

-early game kinda sucks but if you have a good lane partner you should be fine
-will get focused... alot
-you hardly get to see that beast looking run because you will never be in Phoenix Stance

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summoner spells/masteries

pretty easy here. ghost and exhaust.

ignite would be pretty sweet too but i like exhaust a little more. it helps with those ganks and makes those pesky trynds a thing of the past.


just get what i got there. it gives you some nice offence with enough defense to make early game pretty nice.

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dat rune page

to me runes don't really matter much. yes they are good and do add to how well you will do but i find that i don't want to spend my hard earned IP on some runes for one guy when i play so many different guys. i normally just buy general util that will work on almost anyone i play.

okay now past that. i did put down what i would see as one of the best sets of runes i can think of. its got what you need in the daily life of an udyr.

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pretty sweet passive. you can get 9% dodge and 30% attack speed if you get 3 stacks. so lets see..3 stacks of this is 30%...30%+ the 75% you get from tiger at max level... that's an extra 105% attack speed. pretty nifty right?
udyrs bread and butter damage skill. with this you will be able to do amazing damage. *note only the first hit does the extra damage and only after 5 secs of activating the skill. same goes for the attack speed boost. max as soon as you can
what makes him such a good lane champ. it gives him so much survival its crazy. u just get outa almost dieing? well go smack some minions, with a vamp scepter you have 22% life steal. plus MANA VAMP. yep if you are low on mana you can get it back very very fast with this skill. you think all that makes this sound nice? well on top of all that when activated you get a pretty nice smelling shield. max after bear
this is what makes udyr one of the most mobile champs. if built right you will be able to just spam this down a lane and have a constant 500+ movement speed. you will feel like a living motorcycle. its pretty great. also on top of the nice movement increase your hits stun people now! but only every few secs. so a stun and being able to run like a stole it...pretty sweet. max after tiger
i have one word to say about this

alright now on to the fun stuff

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....the fun stuff..

WHATR YA BUYIN?????????!!!?!11!!??
that. or aat level one. i get the vamp but if you don't feel comfortable with the low life then go ahead and grab that doran blade don't worry no one will judge you!

after you have sat in your lane for a little maybe picking up first blood or at least enough gold to get anthen go back and pick up that glowing ball of awesomeness. i love this item, it gives you armor, life steal and some exra AD? sign me up buddy! oh did i mention that you will be able to eat minions like a fat kid does to the candy isle in a store...

after u run back to your lane and own some more go back and buy you some boots. not just any boots butalright i will go in to why those boots ina little bit. be patient young grass hopper.

alright now once you have these you should be in business. just gank mid, go through the river and gank your own lane and just go nuts.

as soon as you have enough go back and grab that ever so awesomethen once again go back and rape...
sooner or later you will have enough for theand u need that as soon as you can because by this time you are probably team fightin up a storm so u need some defense and need it bad.

alright as for the rest of the build just get it when you can. also don't be afraid of throwing in something you feel you need. need some more defense? get a banshees veil or a spirit visage. need some more damage? get a pick ax after the zeal. high health/high armor guys? get a last whisper/blood razors in stead of that bloody *** sword. basically what ever u feel you need go ahead and get. this guide is mostly for the WAY you play not so much how you build.

okay wasn't that fun?? that's right i thought so!

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why mobile boots not swift or mercury treads?

well because in short you are going to be running around.... ALLOT.. so the plus 5 is amazing for the ganks when pared with bear's speed boost. that's pretty much the reason lol. swift are nice for chasing but with bear's speed you will be fine there and why not mercury? because...just no..sure the tenacity is nice and the magic resist sounds great but the whole thing that makes this build work so well imo is the mobile boots. that's what makes it what it is.

alright now past that

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How you will be playing BRO(early to mid game.)

So this is where the meat of the guide will be. as i said above, this is a HOW TO PLAY guide not so much a how to build guide.

okay so level one. u run to top/bot with your vamp/doran blade, the first thing you should do is get your bear. but DO NOT use it till u need to. so sit at your turret and wait for your buddy. now if you are playing with a friend you can trust run through the bushes till u get to there side of there bush, and wait....wait for it.... soon enough some one will run right in to you, right when they get close hit that bear and stun there ***. your bud should do some nice damage. plus with exhaust and or ignite its almost a first blood every time.

alright now that you are in lane and last hitting those minions like a boss make sure to stay back so you don't get poked down. when u get level 3 and have your 3 moves that you will be using run to those bushes and try ur best to work behind them, once u feel you can get to them fast enough to cut off there escape, go. hopefully your bud will see you running and come help, well anyway hit that bear to get that tasty movement speed increase and slap that hoe. right when ur slap hits switch to tiger. timing is kea here. if you did it right you should see a pretty nice amount of damage done. maybe even a kill depending on who your helper is.

so now that you have a pretty nice amount of gold go back and get what ever item you need(look up at my item list to see.)

on your way back to your lane if they are pushing your tower or are halfway, go through the river and wait in that warm warm bush and reflect on the amount of *** you are about to kick. when you feel the time is right jump outa that bush and go RAWR with your bear and slap that *****. as soon as you hit with the stun press the tiger and spam that ****. when they are trying to run(hehe don't you love when they do that?) put the bear back on and chase that hoe down. stun her again and repeat. good times right? if his bud is trying to help turn around and give him a taste of your fist. i bet he will like it.

once you get around level 11 or 12 or if you kill your lanes tower (what ever comes first) go straight to mid and help them out. only if your lane is safe though. never EVER leave your lane unattended EVER. if your tower is getting pushed don't go try to gank mid... you will look like a dumb. instead run around and get in to your river and go behind them. the good old "counter turret killing submarine move" every time..

anyway now that your lanes tower is broke your teams tower in your lane has your buddy guarding and you are around lvl 11 or 12 go gank that mid or dat top depending on who needs it. help them push and break there turret. good times will be had and you will be looked at as a hero by your team.

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so how about those team fights?

well your role here is to be a shock trouper pretty much go in fast hit em hard and get out. after your tank runs in or if you are the "tank" of the team then get in there. your job will the killing the dps squishy champs that will be hitting your ranged/squishy guys. if you are given the choice between a kill or protecting one of ur buds, always go for helping your bud. never leave a team fight to get a kill. stay in there and move with your team. if you are lucky one of your ranged guys will pick up that guy who runs. but if you are sure your team has the fight in the bag and you are about to win and they are running off feel free to chase them. with your speed you will get them no prob.

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what to do and when to do it.

alright so its scenario time, imagine are running down mid alone u see on your map that some one is trying to be sneaky and get the front top turret. hit your bear and sprint your hairy *** on up there. run through the river and try to get behind the unlucky soul. when u got the position right bear it up and run at the dude. do the good old stun/tiger combo until u kill him..but wait he has a friend! his bud is almost too you. lets say that the guy you are killing is a kat and her friend is a garen. well this is where you take action. since kats first instinct will be to blink to you and ulta(i hate that-_-) just wait for the stun and stun her outa that ulta. alright so now that she has no damage output through that exhaust on her and beat her down with the tried and true combo. u see garen coming but you have her down to 1/4 life. so hit her 3 or 4 more times get the kill and then cheese it... hit bear and ghost and get behind that tower u got there.

see that's where udyr is so strong. getting in, getting the kill and getting out. never. ever ever try to stay in a 2v1 unless u got fed or are fighting the worst two on the team. you may be able to win but odds are you wont. so do like a drunk driver and hit and run like a boss.

it will take a few matches but eventually u will learn when and when you wont win. its all about feel, instincts, and experiences.

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why i don't jungle......

okay i know for a fact that i am going to get so many "oh your a noob" comments about this but here it goes... i don't jungle because most of the time it really seems like haveing a jungle hurts the team. why u ask? well ill tell you why.

so unless you have some one who is prepared to solo top and wants to, you will loose because they will be so aggressive with that dude its not even funny. he will be pushed back and turret dove so many times that its just silly. and unless you are near top to help than he is for lack of a better word..boned. he will not last and will not get the "major" exp advantage that you would hope.

the one and only time you should jungle is if you know who you are playing with. so if you have a premade team then it MIGHT be a good idea.

i say might because of this, i know i would rather have a udyr in lane with me to help than have him in the jungle who might come out and help every now and again. mostly because if u play like i said above it will be just like having a jungler, you will be ganking your lane like its no ones business and you wont be hurting for levels like i see most junglers doing.

alright i'm done ranting. as always if u like to jungle then go ahead i am just simply saying my opinion on the matter and that's all it is, my opinion. i'm not saying its fact its just what me, a very experienced player, has noticed.

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well here we are, my seems like just 2 mins ago that u clicked this link and skiped all my writing to just get the items copied down... to those of you who actually read the guide thank you and come again. leave me some comments and rate what ever you please.

if you have any pointers or wanna give your two cents go ahead below in them comments.

see ya later.