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League of Legends Build Guide Author Havvoc

So, You wana Morde their Kaiser aye? (Tank..updated!))

Havvoc Last updated on September 24, 2010
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Hello everyone! This is my first build i am posting on here, so constructive criticism would be nice. So lets get started. I have been playing morde for a while now and i have tried a variety of different things from ap to attack dmg to rolling my face on the keyboard. Now before i go any further, you might be asking yourself "WTF is with those runes?!?!!?" make a long story short, when i first started playing, i bought shaco then got all the runes, then picked up morde and just said **** it and tried him with these runes and it actually works! (had crit runes but changed them). I would like to apologize ahead of time for any typos, also i know this isnt TOO in depth but i figured some of you already know some of this stuff from reading other builds, so its kinda short sweet and to the point.

Playing Morde/Skill Sequence

OK so, its all about Siphon Siphon Siphon, cant stress that enough. Max that asap, then Mace of Spades, then Creeping death (sometimes ill put points into all 3 within the first 3 levels, this way i have everything just incase, pends on how the other team is playing). Playing as Mord is fun. If you like a Hunk of Metal surrounded by Electric that can withstand severe punishment, while smashing craniums in with a Big *** Mace and eating your opponents souls for breakfast then Mordekaiser is for you.


-You don't HAVE to follow this order you can grab a piece of armor first pending on the team then phage if you want then the another piece of armor.-

First your going to pick up and a . Now we start working on (i always get them because 90 percent of the time im facing CC) You can get if the other team is lacking CC. Now start working on your OR pending if the team has melee/casters. If your going for Randuin's Omen first then get ( the 5 gold every 10 sec is nice, so thats a no brainer) then . If your getting Force of Nature then get those 's. Now after having those 2 items you shouldn't have to go back to town for a while because this combo is AMAZING, you have health regen coming out of your ***, an AoE slow and movement speed. Finally, and most likely your last piece, . This gives you some more health and most importantly, SLOW and SHIELD!. Now if the game has a little bit left to go but not enough for you to build another item, well then common sense says ELIXIRS! one of each.

As for the and , those are late late game if you haven't won alrdy (i know hes not a TRUE TANK becuase he has ZERO CC but that dosn't mean he cant be a meatshield!) but you will very RARELY die and can just soak some serious dmg and dish out a decent amount.

Summoner Spell's

    I get Ignite because obviously it goes EXTREMELY well with Mord's ultimate. (this is a MUST imo).
    And I grab Sprint to chase/escape, to be everywhere.


    All of these were choices i made when i first started (as i stated in the first paragraph). Looking at this makes me laugh, of course i can tweak it and make it better, but imo, dont fix what ain't broken. Oddly enough this works (at least for me, idk bout you guys because you havn't tried it yet xD)
Greater Seal of Vitalityx9


If with a partner
So start pushing your lane with lots of siphoning, your shield should be up most of the time. If your doing well you should be keeping your enemy at the tower not letting them get last hits. If not then just chill back keep your shield up and stay in lane until lvl 6 or 1200g then grab your merc treds. Now EVERYTIME, (unless another lane needs covering or your lane tower is in danger, or some1 needs help, wutever the reason as long as it important enough) on your way back from base go to the river bush in your lane for possible ganks, this works quite often for me unless they'r smart and grab a ward (wich you will notice if they start running away)

If Mid Lane
Ok, so if you got mid, thats great news!, you can now lvl a ****load faster and with sprint can be anywhere. Same steps as before, KEEP YOUR SHIELD UP!!!. Im not really sure what else to type about mid, i guess keep an eye out in the side lanes, and occasionally check the bushes, and help your team gank if you see some1 at low hp.

2v1 Lane
If you got the 2v1 lane thats also good, just play defensively and pick at their health as much as you can. Now if one of them has half health or less, ask your jungler to help you, when hes in position, get SIPHON for shields then run in, and smack him with mace>ignite>ulti and BAM you got a soul! then just use that to push the lane or kill the other guy. What if instead its a DCer/Leaver/Afker? then only go in if you are 100 percent sure your guna get a kill, and if you do and the other enemy stays because you have low hp sick your soul on him and kite him (if your rly low he will bite hard) then you should have gotten yourself a double kill!


Early Game
Ok so grab your goods and go mid if no1 else can, maybe a 2v1 lane if possible?, if not then find a good lane partner (anyone with a snare/stun, i like ryze or xin). Mord is amazing at pushing as we all know. Also no matter what lane you take, b4 going in for a kill, ALWAYS hit tab and look at the enemy's summoner spells to make sure they arn't going to bait you with heal or whatever, its always good to know what summoner spells your dealing with.

Mid Game
Ok so by now you should have pieces of randuins or the whole thing/ force of nature wich ever u got first, maybe a little of both. Now same thing as before, help your team push and gank, if your traveling through the forests, smack the wolves and ghouls for extra cash and xp,(since all you have to do is siphon>mace>all dead). I usually don't get the monster buffs cuz theres ppl on my team who need it more.

Late Game
So its late game, by now you should have your core build (Merc Treds/Randuins/Force of Nature/Rylai's Scepter). Now it comes down to team fights. First things first, before you go in make sure you got your Creeping Death Up, and SHIELD!!! (while your running in don't forget to pop randuins and try to get as many ppl with it as you can)go right for their carry and throw ignite>ulti on them when below half or at half. BAM! then its a 6v4 if none of you died, if 1 or 2 of you did then keep smashing, you wont die, your survivability is through the roof!

If you have read this far i really appreciate it, Again I would love some constructive Criticism! Thank You All and Have a Great Day!