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Lulu Build Guide by dlowdan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dlowdan

solo top lulu AKA the lazer

dlowdan Last updated on March 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I have tried many different ways to play lulu (support, ap, on hit, to ad) as she is a great champ. What i have found is she does very well at all of them but she really excells at solo top ad and in this guide i will explain how and why

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9 att. spd. reds (because her auto attacks are nuts), 9 armor yellows (survivability vs most carrys), 9 mana/5 per lvl (the reason i went per lvls is because mid/late they outshine flats and trust me she will need them), 3 flat hp (more survivability as she has a low base hp)

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this build of 11/0/19 gives her the best imo of what she's strong at so lets explain

Summoners wrath - ignite + ap (for glitterlance) and ad (for auto attacks) when on cd
Brute force - were goin ad here so the extra dmg early will help with our pix
Alacrity - att. spd. same as Brute force
Sorcery - CDR well lets us start spaming our lance/whimsy combo lvl 2

nothing here for us

Summoners Insight - Lower cooldown on flash is important for chasing/escaping
Expanded Mind - Need that xtra mana for glitterlance poke/farm
Meditation - Same As Expanded mind
Swiftness - Move speed very important here as she has a low move base
Greed - apparent
Awareness - apparent

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This is where lulu gets really fun if you like seeing ALOT of high Red numbers appearing above your opponents head. for the 1st few lvls farming is key here (make sure to use glitter lance ALOT for poke/farm as it has a high base dmg output and is relativly cheap)

To start the game you go with Boots of Speed and 3 red pots (this wil give you the ability to dodge skill shots (if any) and escape/chase when needed. You will want to rush a wriggles as it will give you free wards and great lane sustain vs. most champs (try to get this and some more pots on your 1st visit) just remeber to zone when you get your advantage. on your second visit you will want to build your t2 boots and base it off the opponents composition high cc/magic = merc treads, farmed carry = ninja tabi, your team is rolling everywhere = berserkers.

Now this is where the numbers start flying out of nowhere above your opponents head Madreds bloodrazer this item rapes EVERYONE tanks melt, carrys cry, and mages disintegrate. Atack speed + dmg + armor are all nice but that passive + pix + lulu's dmg = omg rofl stomp after you get this you can duo baron b/c of double procing this and wriggles(i have with a shen that was 0/6 and very few tanky items).

Wits End for AS and survivability vs casters

ATMOGS for the survivabilty/retarted dmg output with all that att. spd.

if the game lasts long enough sell the wriggles for a triforce and enjoy your carnage

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Skill Sequence

making sure so max your glitterlance is key here as that + auto attacks make for a crazy dmg combo.

Whimsy + lance + auto attacks = a running opponent also whimsy is great for turning would be gankers into a harmless fuzzy that likes to take your glitterlance + auto combos

Help pix is very rarely used but when it is i use it as a shield unless i can last hit an enimie with it for the kill

Wild Growth ensures that when an opponent gets brave he/she wont escape (it also ensures that you get away from would be ganks when u conjunction it with your Whimsy + lance combo)

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Summoner Spells

ignite + flash nothing else matters here

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i have made many garen, shen, olaf, riven, gp, scion, ww, shiv, nasus, cho cry from being beaten badly by this cute champ that packs a Wild punch. i hope you enjoy my build and i look forward to your feedback