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Nasus Build Guide by btcCrille

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author btcCrille

Solo top Schakal

btcCrille Last updated on January 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi mates, that's my Nasus guide for you. I at least win about 90% of my games with him. So try it before using it please because I think it would not be ok to down rate it without even trying. ^^
So if you like a solo top character which deals a large amount of damage and still cannot be beaten, then play this guide and you will come at your costs. Due to the fact that he will not be getting a lot of kills in early game, it is maybe a bit boring at first, but you will have to watch your last hits so, there will always be a task you have to focus on.
In mid- and late game you will be very strong and it will not be a problem to kill your enemies ... even two of them are no problem if there is no supporter or a counter to Nasus.

So enjoy playing him. I hope you will like this guide; it is my first one for Nasus.

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You use the tank-tree with 21 so you will not get that much problems with your last hitting at the beginning due to your resistances and your extra life.
To use 'Siege Commander' is important if you go on a tower because your 'q' damages it if you use it. So with your armor penetration and the lesser defense of the tower you will deal huge damage and it will be history very fast.

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Skill Sequence

This skill sequence is not hard to explain. ^^

First you max your 'q' cause it will be your best skill in late game and it will deal more damage than every other skill in game (except Ultimate) if you did right it in early game.
What you have to do in early game is to last hit with your 'q' cause you will get another +3 damage for every last hit you get with it. So do not use it on the enemy champion cause you will not get extra damage for doing this. (Except you kill him with it! XD) and do not worry about him getting you down. Due to your passive and the huge damage of your 'q' you will heal yourself more than enough. If this is not enough play more deff and last hit with another skill waiting for your chance to last hit with your 'q' again. And whatever you do, do not push until you are level 6 so you can use your ultimate for escaping from jungler and sololaner. With you ultimate start pushing; it is really strong so you can even kill the jungler if he comes from behind.

Another important fact of your 'q' is, that it damages towers with all its power so do not be shy using it to destroy one. It will be history much faster then it works with other off tanks (except Garen, because he got an skill which damage towers himself)

Next thing is to level your 'e' to max cause it deals some damage e and reduce the armor of the enemies. So if you use it, you will easily kill minions with your 'q'. And by the way, if you feel like you cannot last hit with 'q' cause your enemy is dealing to much damage, you are able to last hit with your 'e' cause of its damage and range.

At the end, level the 'w' to max to slow your enemies down in late game so they cannot escape you and your teammates. This will give you assists even if you do not damage the enemy yourself.

Your ultimate will give you some life which is really nice if you are an fight with low life to turn the fight around, cause :
more life --> live longer --> time for another 'q' --> more damage --> another heal
And your ultimate harm your enemies with 3%-5% of their life every seconds and lasts at least 15 seconds so the enemies will get a huge amount of damage if you can live that long.

AS I GOT INTERN PROBLEMS WITH UPLOADING MY SCREENSHOTS PLZ WATCH THAT VIDEO TO SEE HOW HIS SKILLS WORK AND WHICH RANGE THEY GOT. (don't worry about the masteries, runes usw. this video wasn't made of me so it doesn't got my game play advice)

Here it is : Spotlight of Nasus

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So here are some advises how to play Nasus correctly

- First of all last hitting with 'q' is needed mist in game for getting op-damage
- Never use 'q' on the enemy champion at level 1-5 cause you will get lesser damage with q if you don't use it for last hitting (you will deal enough damage with 'e'
- Use your 'e' to reduce enemy's armor so you will deal maximal damage (good for last hitting or doing damage)

Using your Ultimate:
- 1. Way: Use it at the very beginning of the fight to deal huge damage over time (in fight) and slow your enemy with 'w' so he can't escape

- 2.Way: Use it at the very end of the fight so your enemy won't run away earlier and underestimate you cause you will get life . With more life you get some more time --> with more time you can use 'q' again --> deal another huge damage + heal yourself due to passive

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You need armor penetration runes dealing more damage with our 'q', cause it will help you last hitting and getting more damage . And you will heal yourself more due to your passive, if u does more damage. So to get maximal armor penetration use quintessence’s and marks for that.

Take 'seal' armor runes so your enemy will not deal that much damage to you at the beginning and do not interfere with your last hitting.

Take 'glyph' magic resistance per level cause you will need it if you get an ap champion on your lane of in late game for the mage who played mid before. You take them per level cause that will give you some more magic resistance at the end and you do not need that much at the beginning cause you will not get a ap champion on solo lane who play at full ap first or you will get a ap champion that took ap per level, cause that will give him more ap in the end. So there is no need to get that much magic resistance at the beginning.

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You have to but health regeneration at first, cause it will help you restore yourself, if you are getting to much damage during last hitting and your passive life steal is not enough to help against this.

And this item is needed so you can buy a gold item fast at the beginning, which is necessary so it gives you enough gold .

The second item is an gold item , too, so you have to choose if you go back with 365 gold or with 1190 gold. If you go with 365 gold you will get your first gold item much faster and so get more gold but you have to use your teleport to come back to your lane fast so your enemy will not get a level up and you not.
But then you have to go back with 825 gold again and then you will not have your teleport ready and have to go to lane without boots which takes a while. But your enemies will deal more damage with a higher level even if it’s just 3 or 4 level.
So you have to choose if you go back once or twice ... analyze the situation before doing something wrong. (you can ask your jungler to hold the lane for you some seconds but tell him not to push and just last hit so you will not be an easy target for the enemy jungler cause you have to go to enemy tower to last hit minions)

Next item will be boots so you are faster which helps you coming back to your lane faster, last hit, cause you will be faster next to enemy minions and for chasing your enemies of you have to. 'Ninja Tabi' are good, because you get a dodge chance of 12%. And that is not low because you will evade many times. Believe me, you will dodge often! ^^
Your next two Items are 'sheen' and 'manamune' so your 'q' will get more damage (due to both) and you always have enough mana to use your skills. (Use them often to load manamune with will further increase your damage) One thing to think about: There are many people who say manamune is a waste or there are better items. But you will get mana problems so you have to get mana, much mana and manamune gives 1000 mana at least so do not underestimate it. + It will give much damage so take it!
Next is 'Randuin's Omen' for getting more armor and life which is needed in team fights cause you will take the roll of an off tank (the lane phase will have ended by the time you got 'Randuin's' ready so you will be in team fights often)
* If you use it in team fights it will decrease enemies attack speed so they will do lesser damage (at least the ad carries) + it decrease enemies movement speed so they will not escape you and your teammates.

Next is 'Warmogs Armor' for getting a huge amount if life and a better life regeneration. That will help you over life team fights or at least got more skills on you so your teammates are not dying due to that skills. And with your passive life steal it helps you regenerate you life fast so you do not have to go back after every team fight.

Take 'Force of Nature' as your fifth item to reduce damage taken by the mage/s in game so you can over live more of that AP skills. And it will give you more life regeneration which helps you like 'Warmogs Armor' do.
Take 'Trinity Force' as your last item cause of its multi effect. It will give you more damage, make you faster, make you able go crit (you can crit with 'q') and so on, so it is really nice as a last item. + You 'q' will deal its damage + your basic attack. (Effect of this item)


If you need some more magic resistances cause the main damage dealers are ap you could use 'banshees-veil' which will give you the needed magic resistance + you will block a spell of the enemy champion

If you want to have some more damage and an increased life steal you could use 'bloodthirster' so you will have more damage --> 'q' will deal more damage --> heal due to passive and this item

Use this if you don't want to have 'manamune' cause it will give you mana + armor and it will reduce cool down of your skills and enemies’ attack speed

Use this if you want to get more damage and heal yourself with every skill that do damage so to heal with 'q' ; with 'e' and with ultimate.

There are even more Items you could use if you WANT to but these where the most important I think. Others would for example be crit Items, cause your 'q' can crit (which is nice to know ^^)

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Summoner Spells

Take teleport to come back to your lane at the beginning or to defend your tower later or to support your team in defending their tower.

Use exhaust to reduce the damage taken from an enemy ad carry so you can kill him of use it for chasing an enemy with it. (+ reduce movement speed

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Due to the fact that nobody is reading Nasus history normally here it is again.

The enigmatic creature known as Nasus came from a distant world where he served as part of a vast empire and learned, to the league. There he was a respected and enlightened person who was the Keeper of the Great Library. He also comes from an animal-like people who acted as ruler and protector of the normal population. Unfortunately, there were others of his kind who believed they were more than just keepers. They had fallen victim to the selfish notion that they had elevated to godhood. In Nasus' world of war lurked behind every corner, as these deluded others sought to enslave the common people and to establish totalitarian rule. In the midst of a heated battle, as Nasus just wanted to kill his treacherous brother Renekton, he was called to Runeterra.

Initially angry about the fact that he was carried away, as he was about to put the enemies of his people a sharp rebound, prevailed Nasus' sophisticated intellect, when he heard the petitions of the summoner. He learned that it also had its own Runeterra kind of injustice. This danger was no less threatening than those he had fought at home, and you needed champions to protect the people of this world. Following the call Nasus decided to take his place in the league of legends, knowing that his brothers and sisters of the struggle would continue in his homeland. Today he is the keeper of the Sands, who is comfortable with the crumbling ruins of the desert Shurima most comfortable. But recently disturbing news reached the ears of the keeper - rumors that his brother would not have been left behind. If this were the case, the destruction would Renektons quickly became the main focus Nasus', even before this world is exposed to the dangers of split tongue of his brother and his insatiable quest for power.

"The Keeper of the sand may be a brooding contemporary, but with him not to joke about."