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Yorick Build Guide by snipingsnipe

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League of Legends Build Guide Author snipingsnipe

Solo Top Yorick- Carrying your way through ELO Hell

snipingsnipe Last updated on November 22, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, Snipingsnipe here and welcome to my Yorick Guide. Here I will discuss how I came across this highly underrated solo top carry and why he is so fantastic. This is my first guide, so I'll try and be as informative as possible. Hopefully with a little help and playing for yourself you'll learn why this character is insane.

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Yorick is a very defensive farmer. He has the potential to outlane characters like Garen, Singed, and other various bricks in the lane. The reason I describe him as a defensive farmer, if because the only way your going to get good harass is by waiting for the enemy to engage on you. You have no gap closer, no stun, and snare. You wait for the enemy to get over confident, and thats where yorick truly shines. Ive bursted down several characters down to 20% just because they wanted to get in an auto attack or two.


-With his E he has ridiculous sustain, almost seeming unkillable.
-His early game burst is by far one of the best, with Q being maxed out he could easily finish of a champion at 60% or lower with proper positioning.
-His passive makes him naturally tanky
-His W is fantastic at kiting as it is a persistent slow.
-Late game he is nearly unkillable
-His ult is gamechanging if used correctly
-Really high damage through the entire game


-Has no true CC outside an AOE slow
-Has no gapcloser
-Has trouble against a good trundle and nasus, as nasus can Q his ghouls, and trundles passive works on the ghouls when they die.
-His ult is usually used best on you, because lets face it in solo queues the last thing you want is to waste your ult on your terrible AD carry.

IMO his pros greatly outweigh his cons, with. All of his abilities are fantastic as they are, and with any buffing would make him completely game breaking.

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Skill Sequence

Why should you max this as quickly as possible?
The reason behind maxing this is that without it, you would lose all trades against aggressive palyers. Through early and mid game this ability is his highest damage, with a 1.2 AD ratio, combined with a movement speed boost gained during it allowing one or two auto attacks after hitting with it.

Why should I start with this ability?
You should never EVER select an ability when the match starts. For all you know a teamfight could break out at your blue buff before the minions even spawn. You guys come in and stun the enemy warwick with taric, but nobody has a slow to keep follow up the stun and he walks off scottfree because you wanted your sustain over first blood. His W solves two problems

1) When spawning the ghoul in a bush it gives sight of all enemies allowing for bush control without facechecking.

2) In the case of that warwick incident, you would want your persistent slow to help deal with an offensive or even a defensive engage.

Why should you max this ability second?
This ability is why yorick is insane in the laning phase. If he goes down to about a quarter health, all he has to do is pop this on a minion or two and he'll be back at full in no time. Not only this, but in team fights it gives him insanely high life steal, making him seem much more tankier then he actually is. Late game this ability makes him the equivalent of Olaf. Hes practically unkillable with this on, and hes a dangerous threat to your carries as he can easily just walk through the team to focus down squishies.

This should be pretty obvious. Get this at all levels possible.
Have you ever been the ranged AD carry or AP carry who got focused down or was missplaced giving the enemy a free ace. That's when Yorick's gamechanging ult comes into play. While its arguably not as use full as Zilean's, it can decide a winning or losing teamfight.