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Leona Build Guide by Bluetapeboy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bluetapeboy

Solotop Leona - The Late Game Carry

Bluetapeboy Last updated on April 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey, Bluetapeboy here. This is my 2nd real guide (not including my pr0 anivia guide) on Mobafire. Leona is one of my favorite champions, and in my opinion is EXTREMELY fun to play. Leona in lane is VERY similar to Poppy, Jarven, Renekton, and Nautilus. their skill combos for harass/going in for the kill are almost identical and will seem very familiar if you like to play those champions.

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Why Solo-Top Offtank Leona? Isn't She A Support?

In the current meta, people look at leona as a support. yea, tank leona works, but where would you throw her - she jungles VERY slowly, and ganks are ruined if you miss your E, just like Lee-Sin. Solo-Top as a tank? leona would deal no damage. As a support, she is similar to blitzcrank, taric, and Alistar - very aggressive, kill supports, not babysitters. This works for leona, but late game she really sucks. you are gimped b/c of wards on items, deal no damage, and really dont have any range except for your ultimate.

This is why as leona we want to go as an Offtank. going offtank of leona, you will be VERY tanky all game long, have decent burst, but late game is where you shine. thats why solo-top leona wants solo-top. To sit and farm, all day. farm farm farm. and more farm. Once you have your insane farm and gold from objectives, etc, you will not only be extremely tanky late game, but you will deal tons of damage, and be able to carry like a boss.

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movement speed quints: leona is VERY slow

Magic Pen marks - all of leonas skills deal magic damage, and late game 15 armor pen will not help that much at all

5 Mana regen/lvl seals and 4 flat mana regen seals: i find this to be the best combination for mana regen, as it gives decent regen earlier on but also good mana regen once you get to ~8/9, where the manaregen/lvl seals take over the flats. Leona uses ALL of her skills for her harass combo, but with these, mana will not be much of an issue

MR/lvl glyphs: always nice :D

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i like to go 14-16-0 on Leona.

This lets me get CDR from the offense and defense tree, be pretty tanky, and have both armor and magic pen from the offensive tree, which will both help out, since she deals magic and physical damage.

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Summoner Spells

Main choices:

Flash - can pull off some pretty amazing stunts with this skill, being able to flash - E to initate a fight or catch someone is invaluable

teleport - leona is VERY slow - i repeat, VERY slow early game, so you need teleport in order to not loose as much EXP and gold, can also be used to contest dragon or gank another lane, which leona is VERY good at.

other viable spells:

Ghost: Yes leona is slow early game, but late game she has decent speed. Use this over flash.

ignite: want to kill your solo-top enemy? go right ahead, leona deals really nice burst damage. take this over teleport if you want to be very aggressive

exhaust - very strong skill, can also be used over teleport. Can be useful vs a high dmg burst character like talon or AD nidalee, or riven. also useful if no one else takes it.

heal - like to healbait? take over teleport.

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Skill Sequence


Shield of daybreak is taken first, as you can use it to stop a level 2 gank, to harass, last it, or what i call, "triple hitting". your Q is maxed last, as the other skills have a higher priority for farming.

triple hitting is very similar to what shyvana does with her twin bite. Basically, you auto attack, use Q, then auto attack again. this proivides 3 hits in quick succession - the fun part is, is that the third hit also has a reduced delay, because of your base attack speed.

next you get your E - this always you to E->AA->Q->AA to harass, similar to renekton.This skill is maxed second over your Q to help farming

then you get your W, and max this first. This will allow you to be very tanky when needed, and allows you to farm well. use W+E to take out all the caster minions, and pick off the melee ones.

your final burst combo is W (wait a second), E -> AA -> Q -> AA.
This should be able to take out atleast 1/2 of any champions max HP.

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As said before, you will need to FARM FARM FARM for this build. it comes to a total whipping of 22900 - including Dorans, boots, and brutalizer. Super late game though, you will be able to carry, and have full tank stats. Ouch.

Starting items:

Boots+3 pots - best general starting item
Dorans Blade - strong starting item, gives damage and lots of health. I take this over boots when i know i'm stronger than the opponent
cloth+5 pots - against someone like tryndamere, riven, renekton, or garen
null magic mantle+2 pots - against someone like Rumble or Galio who hit hard
Long Sword+1 pot - if you want to rush brutalizer against someone with lots of armor

boots: if you havent already grabbed one

2 doran's blades: gived AD and health, great for early game

brutalizer: gives everything leona wants: CDR, AD, and armor pen.

Sheen: gives leona a larger mana pool, small bit of damage from AP, but the real kicker is the sheen proc, it adds lots of damage to your burst.

Phage: makes you tankier :D

Trinity Force: This badboy will let you deal tons of damage. most games end around this point. also provides a much needed speed boost

Giants belt: grab one of these if you feel you need the HP. If not, Skip and go to Glacial shroud for CDR

Glacial Shroud: armor, mana, CDR.

Warmogs: HP is OP, warmogs gives you the best.

negatron cloak: lacking MR? get this early.

Frozen Heart: super tankiness, and allows for max CDR with a blue elixer.

Force of Nature: You need MR around now, and what better when it's combined with movespeed?

Infinity edge: you will start doing epic damage with this. Sell your brutalizer, and make sure you always have a blue elixer on for max CDR

Phantom Dance: Sell you boots for this guy, dont't worry, you'll still be fast, around 430 MS. this+IE+Trinity is what will allow you to carry.

Your full build should look like this: Warmogs, Frozen Heart, Force of Nature, Trinity force, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer.

With this item setup, you will be SUPER tanky, and will deal LOTS of damage.

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Just wanted to write a quick guide on how i think Leona should be played, share how OP she is super late game - if you get that far.

I know someone will comment on this in chat, but i don't want to use all the BBCode and whatnot to make the guide fancy. too lazy.

just wanted to share my thoughts :D

thanks for reading!