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League of Legends Build Guide Author cashhunter11

some tips to get out of the "elo hell"

cashhunter11 Last updated on August 2, 2014
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Hi everybody, my in-game name is KillerSpine and I am currently a gold 5 player on eune server. It's my very first guide so i will make some mistakes probably and I know that my coding is Very poor, but I didn't want to make a perfect guide(because I can't:D), I just wanted to tell you some tips which helped me to get out of the "elo hell".
I decided to write this guide because I was stuck in bronze like a lot of players around the world. I know I am not a high elo player but I could make out of bronze/silver so I think I can tell you some advices which help you to get out too.

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prepare for the game

First of all you have to prepare for your games. Before you start a ranked game you have to make sure you can concentrate on the game. To be well prepared, you have to:
-sleep well
-be not hungry
-be not frustrated, nervous, upset etc.
If you are ready to play you can start with a normal game to warm up and see if you are playing well at the moment or not, but i think it's not necessary, you can start playing ranked immediately.

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choosing your champions

After you are prepared and can start a game you have to choose your champion which you will play in the game. You also have to choose some champions which you will master to be better with them.
I think mastering a lot of champions is a bad idea because you just can't learn too much champions well enough, usually learning 1-2 really-really well is better.
You have to notice that there are some diamond 1/challenger players who plays only with 1 or 2 champions. So that means you can do the same if you can find a champions which you like to play with and which is good enough to play in solo queue effectively.

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counter picks

I think counter picks in low elo are not too important. I mean sometimes it's really good to play against someone who are countered by you, but you shouldn't pick a champion who you never played with, just because he/she is a good counter.

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flaming/handle the flamers

You should never flame!!!

It's never a good idea because when you flame, your teammates will play worse cause they will be upset or frustrated cause of your flame and even will flame back which makes them less concentrated (and then you flame back too and you both not concentrating on the game which ends up in a quite sure loss).
OK, so you should never flame but what's then if your teammates flame you? Then the best you can do is ignoring them and not flaming back.

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when to surrender?

You should never surrender!!!

That's right, you should never surrender because you can always win the game. Yes, there are always situations when you are sure you have no chance to win, but the truth is that you can win in those situations too. Maybe you will only win the 1% of these games but that means you win more games than you used to, and that's what you want to get out of "elo hell":

win more games than you used to win!

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cooperating with the team

It is really important to communicate with the team, of course if they are flamers and you ignored them, then you can't do it. Then just try to carry by yourself and win the game. But otherwise you have to communicate with them.
you have to believe that you are the best in the team and you have to make the calls to do dragon, baron ,destroy objectives and do team fights.

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When you are team fighting you always have to do your job which depends on your role. I know it's not a real tip to get out of "elo hell" and also there are players who already know this, but I'm sure there are people in bronze/silver who don't know their job in team fights on the different roles so I want to clear this up.


As an ad carry you always have to maximize your dps in team fights, that means you shouldn't focus on the carries because they are usually behind the front line so you will probably die when you try to kill them. So you always have to stay behind your tank(s) and attack the closest person to deal the most damage without dieing.


You always have to focus on the carries(ap and ad carry). You have to cc and try to kill them.


As a tank you have to stay in the front line and cc the enemies and protect your back line by not dieing fast and not letting the enemies to reach your back line.


Try to stay in a safe position and use you spells on the carries and try to kill them. But here you are not tanky and don't have spells to survive like bruisers and assassins do, so you have to be careful and live as long as you can.


Your role is to defense your adc at all cost. However, there are some aggressive supports who should go in the fight and cc the enemies, like Leona or Thresh.

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To sum up: I think "elo hell" is just an excuse for low elo players who think they are better than the others in their league while it's usually not true. So in my opinion, if you are a better player than the players in your league, then finally you will get out of "elo hell". And I'm sure if you do all those things i wrote here, then you will get out even faster.


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