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Kog'Maw Build Guide by biscuit#65525

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author biscuit#65525

someones hungry!! kog maw carry build

biscuit#65525 Last updated on June 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hello welcome to my kog maw build, this is my first build on here so sorry if its not perfect. the purpose of the build is to get the maximum damage out of kog. kogs purpose is not to stand in the fight and battle it out the purpose of my kog build is to out range your opponents and drop them before they even get close to you. i use zero ap i dont feel his moves scale well enough to justify any ap

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for runes i go pure att speed, with kog ive found them to be the most effective and the runes you get the most use out of starting out with almost 1.000 att speed is absolutely dominate early game and help you get fed fast, with full runes you gain 38% att speed you may aswell start out with a recurve

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masteries standard set up needs no explination

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i start with a long sword because without some bonus damage your hitting almost nothing, i then pick up a health pot just so hopefully after the first fight you can stay in your lane. after that i pick up greaves kog is naturally slow and needs boots quick, then your gonna want a pick axe with my runes i dont need to go recurve first because i start out with one but if you dont have the runes i might recomend getting recurve first either way is fine though. Then after axe recurve then simply complete your madreds blood razor with this and your W bioarcane barage your dishing out sick amounts of bonues damage 10% life each hit after lvl 5 bioarcane this combined with madreds other bonus make you deadly at early game especially with your Q reducing armor and magic resist on your target, i normally solo and this allows me to devastate my single opponent, i then go for phantom dancer good att speed and crit chance go great with kog also the movement speed bonus is very helpful with kog being slow as dirt and having no escape besides void ooze. then go for infinity edge i pick up the cloak first so i can i get my crits up fast then simply move up the chain. after this your dealing lethal normal damage and crits and your bonus damage whipes em out plain and simple even at this point its hard to beat me solo, then i get the bloodthirster starting out with the vamp septer your crits should already be hitting very hard and even with little lifesteal you should be healing well. after that i go for either a frozen mallet or a warmogs depending on the situation at this point your dishing heavy damage the only problem is survivabilty, ive gotten good at staying back and nowing when its time to run so i sometimes go for a black cleaver but if your a new kog i recomend one of the for some extra a hp

tl;dr get the **** i said, it works

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Skill Sequence

skills max bioarcane first while picking up lvl 2 caustic spittle at lvl 7 for extra speed and armor/magic penatration then go back to maxing bioarcane then max caustic then last max void ooze

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Summoner Spells

i like flash for escspes, exhaust for 1v1's and i sometimes use ignite simply for a good finisher depends on your preferance

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if you follow my build and exucute it well there is no reason you can carry your team, at full build i 3 hit squishes and destroy tanks easily with around 2.223 att speed and heavy damage and bonus damage no one can stand infront of you

this is my first build on here so some feedback would be nice please dont down vote before you try it a few times