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Sona Build Guide by qwaseder

Sona 3v3, win guaranteed (almost)

By qwaseder | Updated on August 2, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello this is a Sona guide solely for 3v3's. It may not always give you amazing stats (however mostly will.... hopefully). This build is maximised for the ability to win games, even if being held back by unskilled players on your team.


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So the runes are pretty self explanatory i think except perhaps the magic resist glyphs, basically i take them becuases i used to get mowed down a lot by bursts early game. These help prevent this. I dont take any AP runes as it is a waste cosidering her .7 and .35 scaling, with a full AP page this would obviously give some extra damage on Q but sacraficing the mana regen and mpen just isnt worth it in my books.
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Masteries i go for 9/21/0, taking mpen in the offense try (for obviosu reasons). Reaching the bottom of the defensive tree is beneficial as it just reduces the squishy nature of sona and actually allows her to harras consistently (and then heal back up any dmg ;)) Strength of spirit combined with other mana regen pretty much means you can stay out FOREVER mid-late game just healing yourself back up.
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Items i hope make sense, obviously use your coconut and dont take mejais if the team is sucking. In these instances i bump the rylais up to before the lich bane. A good point which i know some peopel will miss is to spam your spells a bit to get your moneys worth on tear of the goddess. you will be glad you did later. If the game is running long use your 'nut and buy for what you need, mana=archangels stacking MR=abysll scepter etc etc
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Skill Sequence

Sona's skills are just ridiculous, Q=damage to two nearest enemies and it targets champions over minions.... no targetting.... so good. W=heal, nuff said and again targets two nearest friends on lowest health and yourself, nice?? E=Speed boost and again auto targets friendlies. R=only skill tht needs targetting, skill shot, easy to land, just beware that it takes time to travel. Now one thing that makes sona so great is her auras, before moving in make sure the right auras up!! Her passive is also great and is what gives her her dmg, make sure last move was Q when power chord is ready then bam! combined with lich bane this is a lotta dmg (like plus of 800) and if you've just hit them with Q aswell then they're gonna be hurtin badddd. Notice that powerchord also applies on hit effects when othe auras last, with W there is a dmg debuff and E a slow. The situational need basically mean you're likely to use the right one without even checking :)

Note on ability auras, Q is basically rally giving a AP an AD boost to nearby allies. W is a armour and MR buff. E is a speed buff (i always cast E when in base)
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Summoner Spells

Flash and Exhaust are the best i feel.... maybe switch flash for ghost if you want but i wouldnt....
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Well yeah, play it and love it, you'll win 9/10 matches easy.... or at leats i'd hope, if not then your probs just bad :P

jokes practice practice practice
League of Legends Build Guide Author qwaseder
qwaseder Sona Guide

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Sona 3v3, win guaranteed (almost)
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