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Sona Build Guide by Sylune

Sona AP bulid!

Sona AP bulid!

Updated on March 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylune Build Guide By Sylune 4,590 Views 1 Comments
4,590 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylune Sona Build Guide By Sylune Updated on March 19, 2012
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Hi its my first bulid here. This bulid is full AP for me it makes no different that i have 300 hp more or less because at the 30 min + game AD character take 400 dmg so i prefer make more dmg than stay alive for 1 secound more. Sona is my favourite character cuz i play on touchpad and i can't play witch character like anivia witch sona i must aim only witch ulti. Sona is good healer but she have very good dmg too. I recomended to don't play so agresive till you don't have soulstealer and i recomended(if there is no jungler in team) to take blue at lvl 8 so you can heal as many times as you want.
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So i think i need tell something about runes. I play with that runes because at begining sona really need mana so mana regeneration is very helpfull all other runes is for doing more dmg and heal more hp.
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Summoner Spells

Why flash and heal? So i really prefer flash and ignite but its hard to aim ignite witch touchpad ; P. Flash are really helpfull to run if you use heal skill+ heal+ flash enemy have really low chance to kill you.
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sona have 5 skill

Power chord- lots of people say its useless but its helpfull! After 3 speel cast you next basic attack deal bonus damage and have bonus effect depending of what song are you playing

hymn of valor- deal double dmg

aria of perseverance - decerased enemy armor and magic resist

song of celerity- slows target

Hymn of valor- our attack spell at begining you can say it suck but at level 3 or more it deal good dmg shot bolt to 2 nearby enemis(prefering champions) and incerased allied ability power and damage

aria of prevensence - its a heal spell when use heal sona and one allied with lowest health and incerased allied magic ressist and armor

Song of celerity - gives sona and nearby allied movement speed

crescendo ( ultimate skill) - Our ultimate skill after use it you deal huge dmg and make enemy dance (good to use if enemies attack you near turret or when enemies run behind you and you want escape)
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I sure you saw that all items is for ability power

why tear of goddess? At begining you need mana so its helpfull because it give mana regeneration and every spell cast it add you some mana permamently (cap its 1000 mana bonus)

why that boots? it give coldown reduction you can change it for bots of switches or that boots which give magic penetration

why soulstealer? Maybe after buy it give low ability but after kill it gives you 3 stack ( 1 stack-8 ability power) and 1 stack for assist ( cap at 20 stack [ after collect 20 stack you get some coldown reduction too]) if you die some stack its lost

why 2 x rabbadon hat? that item gives lots of ability power so its best item for heal and kill

why lich bane? After casting spell you next basic attack deal 100% more dmg perfect item for power chord
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In masteries i focus on magic penetration coldown reduction some speed mana and mana regeneration its really helpfull.
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Something for end

I hope my bulid its good ( i had stats 14/0/13 yesterday witch that bulid) i don't have all runes yet but i going to buy them ;P. As i said its not tank bulid its not support bulid its not AD bulid its just full AP bulid i can have 800+ ability with 20 stack of soulstealer and almost all items witch this bulid you don't have much hp but you have pro dmg and pro heal ( about 300 heal+ every 6 sec at end of game) if you have touchpad like me its perfect character for you! Ty for read sorry for lots of mistake witch language im not from UK or something if you have any question post in comments. Please don't eat me Q.Q
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sylune
Sylune Sona Guide
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Sona AP bulid!

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