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Sona Build Guide by slipperyninja

Sona: Dominion Domination

By slipperyninja | Updated on October 15, 2011

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  • LoL Champion: Sona
  • LoL Champion: Sona
  • LoL Champion: Sona


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This is my first mobafire guide. Feel free to upvote or downvote as you like but please leave a comment on what i can or can't improve. This guide is not aimed at new players to sona, it presumes you're good with the positioning you need to do well with her. I presume you know enough that the build is not set in stone and that you understand that you may need other items in different situations.

Sona seems to be very underused in dominion. I've played around 80 games or so at this stage and i have seen one other sona in that whole time. In my opinion she is a bit of a sleeper in that people dont seem to realise her potential. Other guides i have seen tend towards a support type build, which is certainly fine in summoners rift but with the healing nerfs and -20% healing debuff, really doesn't make much sense in dominion. This guide is built towards a quite aggressive/passive AP sona build.
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I've tried a few different rune builds with her, I decided to go Mpen marks, ap seals, ap/lvl glyphs and MS quints.

Mpen marks: speaks for itself - easily the best caster marks to go for.
AP seals - I've tried ap/lvl, mregen and a number of other seals but i decided to go for flat Ap seals for that little bit of extra AP in the first windmill fight. mana never seems to be an issue in dominion, you will naturally regen very quickly so i definately don't encourage grabbing mp5/lvl seals. AP/lvl are quite decent and only takes a short time to equalise with flat AP runes so i will leave it up to you there.

AP/lvl glyphs - gives you an extra 28 AP at level 18 which is a decent amount.

Movement speed Quints - you could go AP or Mpen Quints if you want but Movement speed Quints let you kite enemy champs with ease, combine this with your E and ghost and you can run rings around most champs. Movement speed is one of Sona's main strengths in dominion and this allows you to play up to it as much as you can.
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typical 9/21. theres a couple things you could change here if you wanted to. for example i went 2 points in utility mastery as i wanted to keep buffs just that little bit longer, again moreso for the speed buff but i will leave that up to you.
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I typically go with prospector's ring and boots of speed to start with. It gives you a decent amount of survivability/movement/AP - just a great all round combo. if you wanted a bit more damage you could go sheen to start but really at level 3 or 4 i doubt it will help as much as having the survivability.

As soon as you have enough its wise to go back and grab sheen. at this point you will need to work out what boots will be more beneficial. depending on how fast the other team is, it may pay to grab boots of swiftness. Ionian boots of Lucidity (CDR) are another great choice. They are all fine but If you want to maximise your damage then Mpen boots are the way to go.

Rabadon's is an absolute must in this build and is one of your main core items. huge AP bonus for much needed damage. depending on how well you are going it may pay to grab this before lich bane. if you are against an akali or other stealth champ its quite a good idea to grab a hextech sweeper early on so you and your teamates can see them when stealthed during a fight, this is especially good for someone like akali or shaco when they try to use their stealth to get away. by the time you have this core build the game will be close to ending and you will be smashing squishies easily as long as you are map aware and careful.
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Skill Sequence

As i tend to play quite an aggressive game i tend to go with levelling R > Q > E > W.
the reason i do so seems rather obvious to me in that i want to do damage while being able to quickly move out of range when needed. Sona's heal is quite handy at times for building up your passive stacks so getting an early point in it is quite a good idea but i would never rely on heal keeping yourself or your teammates alive. Her recent heal nerfs and the overall - 20% healing debuff on the dominion map really dont help you survive too well, at least not until late game.
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Summoner Spells

I go with Ghost and Flash here as they both synergize really well with my playstyle. Ghost/Flash are great as a getaway tool and also awesome for closing the gap to grab that kill if needed. Another notable choice would be garrison for the damage reduction from turrets when getting that last kill on enemy turrets to get the capture or when defending.
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Pros / Cons

- people continually underestimate her damage potential so it is easy to catch them out.
- she is very very fast around the map
- you can easily burst squishy's down with just a Q/passive combo. combine that with her ult and you can burst them from full to 0 Quite easily when fed.

- The biggest con is that Sona is quite squishy when built this way so you really need to keep your distance as much as possible.
- champions like akali really hurt her badly so dont attempt to 1v1 her unless they are completely noob.
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Team Work

Early Game

I usually go straight to windmill unless we have a really slow champ going top - then i will grab mid then head straight up. when getting there i pass through the speed buff which will usually get me there just as or before the enemy team gets there. just be careful not to get attacked on the way. use you're Q to hit a couple of champs and get a passive proc in on one of the more squishy champs. try to keep your Q aura up as much as you can in this initial skirmish as adding 11ad/ap to each champ is a huge advantage to your team. Use your E if things are going badly and you need to make a quick getaway or to help a teamate to get away.
Its a good idea to be a little cautious in the early part of the game as it takes a little while for Sona's damage to ramp up.

Mid Game

By the time mid game comes around you will be getting around the map quite quickly. i usually play a roaming game. you definitely don't want to be caught defending a capture point on your own but if you do just back off and interrupt them by hitting with your Q and back off again keep doing this until help can arrive.
Sona should be the one coming to other peoples assistance rather than the other way around. she is still a support regardless of how much damage she is doing so help your teammates as much as possible. dont go chasing kills when your teammate is dieing.

Late Game

Keep moving around helping cap when needed but always be sure that you can get back and defend when needed. Not much else i can say here - if you're losing at this point capping turrets that are undefended is the best bet if you can get in there and cap it before they come. I'm by no means an expert in dominion so i would look elsewhere for gameplay tips.
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here is a screenshot of a crazy game i had as sona. It was 4 v 5 so we ended up losing but i had so much fun.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author slipperyninja
slipperyninja Sona Guide

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Sona: Dominion Domination
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