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Sona Build Guide by xweeziiix

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xweeziiix

Sona Easymode Support

xweeziiix Last updated on December 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Okay, Here is my guide to playing Sona as a good support. I've seen way to many Sona players out there that make me want to cry at how bad they are. In this guide I will cover how to play her in lane with you ad carry.

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For runes your going to want to build as a traditional ap carry but a little more defensive. With magic pen marks, magic resist blues and yellow and ap quints. Your sure to actually do damage whilst giving your ad carry those heals he or she needs.

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Just like any other support your going to want your all your points to mostly be in utility but as you can see i do put some points into defense to give me that little bit of defense since I play sona aggressivly

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Okay this is where most players go horribly wrong. I'm going to outline the basic build here you may change this suited to the lane / team your going to be vsing.

-When you start buy 1 faerie charm, 4 wards and 1 health pot.

-Then during the lane you want to place wards in the tri-brush at dragon and at the river entrance. You may want to use a ward in the brush if your enemy lane has brush control.

- After you get up enough gold go and get your philosopher's Stone and some more wards

- Next time you recall get a heart of gold

- Next Kindel Gem and more wards

- Next you buy your boots. In the items i've listed I said to get CD boots. But depending on their team you might want to get merc treds.

- Now you buy your shurelya's. This combined with your "e" skill will make for a good chase or a easy get away for you and your ad carry.

- Now start to build up your randuins as this is going to be your main team fighting item.

- Now you have both of those and team fights have broken out your going to have to decide to either build ap/tank by getting a slow septer (rylai's crystal scepter) or tankier by getting items to counter their team. Warmogs or thornmail.

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Okay this is where alot of sona players go wrong.

MAX YOUR Q!!!!!!!!!

at level one get your q its the best level 1 skill for her. Her aura gives your ad carry that bonus AD that he/she needs to go crazy damage.

after you max q max your heal then speed up.

the domanice should look like this


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Summoner Spells

Okay the main summoners your need are FLASH and CLAIRVOYANCE

but if your under level 30 maybe CLAIRYOYANCE and HEAL / IGNITE

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Play style

Since your a support you get 0 farm. but this allows you to poke crazy amounts with your q when the enemy comes to take your minions / creeps.

Let your tank initate in team fights but follow close as your going to want to use your ult and the entire team fight so that your team can kill off the squishies and make a break for the carries. when your chasing someone build up your power chord then with your "e" aura up use the power chord to slow your enemy.

When laning always use your power chord on an enemy champ as it does "tons of damage"

In team fights use your randiuns after your stun wears off to slow them all even more. continue to press q as often as you can.

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Over all sona is an extremely effective borderline broken champ. She can change team fights with her ult and early game her q skill will "chunk" your enemies health bar. She is actually quite easy its just that your build can make her excellent or average.

This is the build I use in ranked.

The best lane combos for sona are:

- Sona & Graves
- Sona & Sivir

You need an aggresive AD carry to play sona well.