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Sona Build Guide by Spongebobzz

Sona - Epic Stringy Music

By Spongebobzz | Updated on August 2, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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About Mistress Sona

Maven of Strings

Sona has no memory of her true parents. As an infant, she was found abandoned on the doorstep of an Ionian adoption house, nestled atop an ancient instrument in an exquisite case of unknown origins. She was an unusually well-behaved child, always quiet and content. Her caretakers were sure she would find a home quickly, but it soon became apparent that what they mistook for uncommon geniality was actually an inability to speak or to produce any sound whatsoever. Sona remained at the adoption house until her teens, watching in hopeless silence as prospective adopters passed her by. During this time, the caretakers sold her unusual instrument to anxious collectors, hoping to build her a trust. For a myriad of bizarre and unexpected reasons, however, it would be returned, or simply appear again outside the house.

When a wealthy Demacian woman named Lestara Buvelle learned of the instrument, she immediately embarked to Ionia. When the caretakers showcased the instrument for her, she rose wordlessly and explored the house, stopping outside Sona’s room. Without hesitation, Lestara adopted her and left a generous donation for the instrument. With Lestara’s guidance, Sona discovered a deep connection with the instrument which Lestara called an “etwahl.” In her hands, it played tones which stilled or quivered the hearts of those around her. Within months, she was headlining with the mysterious etwahl for sold-out audiences. She played as though plucking heartstrings, effortlessly manipulating the emotions of her listeners - all without a single written note. In secret, she discovered a potent and deadly use for her etwahl, using its vibrations to slice objects from a distance. She honed this discipline in private, mastering her gift. When she felt prepared, she went to the only place which could offer her a fitting recital: the League of Legends.

“Her melody moves the soul, her silence sunders the body.” -Jericho Swain, after attending her concert.
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First Words from me.

You may think from the first look, that OMFG look ! GLASS CANNON ! NO ADDITIONAL AURAS !
In my opinion , Sona should be built like that. She can do tons of damage, especially with Lich Bane. Just take a little look at it with me ;)

Kudos to Halipupu and his build !
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Pros / Cons

Pros. - Damage (ofc)
Heal , DMG , and Movement speed auras.
I liek her phantom dancer.
Badass joke and taunt ^^

Cons. - Squishy
Yea, that's all.
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Rune choices are simple.

Greater Mark of Insight

Magic penetration for more damage. More damage = more POWNING ofc. !

Greater Seal of Replenishment

You will need mana regeneration in early game. Sona is really mana dependable. Try to get blue buff as much as you can.

Greater Glyph of Focus

CDR for spamming W .

Greater Quintessensce of Insight

You should know that by now -_- ^^

Greater Quintessence of Potency

A bit of power in early game.

Nuff said. Let's go onto masteries, shall we ?
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Masteries and Spells

Standard caster masteries.

Definately get Archaic Knowlidge for some moar powning.
Improved Clarity is nice for team support.

I like to use :

Clarity is important in early and a bit in mid game. We won't really need it much in late game because of our MP5 from runes and items ^^

Flash has many uses, but it's awesome for escaping "not so much succesful team-fights" and so on and forth.

You can use these too :

Mobility, duh.

Perfect for map awareness.

Mobility , yeah again.


Leave it to Pantheon :|

Why ? You can spam heal all the time baby ^^

Umm, no. Didn't try jungle Sona, when I will , I'll post result.
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Skill Sequence + Skills

As you saw above. Nothing changed. Just more detailed.

Amazing passive. Various effects depending on last ability you used.

Active : Your bread and butter, focuses 2 nearby champs or minions, spam it on champs as much as you can. That's the main reason I think it should be on 1-3-5-7-9.
Passive : Bonus attack damage and ability power.

Active : Imba heal. Low CD, what else could you want ?
Passive : Nice cut of magic resistance and armor.

Active : RUN FOREST RUN ! Nice movement boots, good for escaping.
Passive : +Movement speed without wasting mana ? Yes, please !

Stuns trolls in front of you, and makes them dance for 1.5s.
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Stuff I'll add :

Stay tuned for moar Sona epicness.
I'll add screens. Her early, mid and late game with this build.
And moar moar moar :)

Thanks for reading, vote and comment :)

League of Legends Build Guide Author Spongebobzz
Spongebobzz Sona Guide

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Sona - Epic Stringy Music
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