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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ruko

Sona for Beginners: Heavy Support

Ruko Last updated on October 4, 2010
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Hi folks,

first of all, I am not a pro or any like near to that. That is a very good reason to LOVE Sona. Rank in behind your teammates and do what a supporting bard is supposed to: sing sing sing!

Mastery doesn't care much how far you go in support and defense, but if you choose summoner spells like me:

clarity for mana in early and mid game,
flash for escaping dangerous situations or beaming for a killing last blow,

it's wise to support these or any others you have chosen.

Although I have seen other builds successfully played, if you are not pro, don't try Sona as damage dealer. Just let us look at her skills:

  • damage on 2 unchosen Heros or other targets in range, but it's not sky rocking damage, especially at the end, and an AURA
  • heal spell on an unchosen allied hero preferable with lowest HP and not yourself, although the range is quite high, and an AURA
  • speed spell on an unchosen allied hero preferable not yourself, and an AURA
  • very short mass stun wave with low damage
  • passive, every third used spell gives your next attack extra damage (nice at the start, still nice later), and your AURAs work parallel for short time

Did I already mention the buzzword AURA? If you like giving Aura giving healing Support, then Sona is your ***** of choice.

Did I already mention you have only one skill where you target yourself? If you loved the Warcraft 3 Mod BattleTanks (or BattleShips if you like), you ll find yourself pretty close to that with Sona: move around all the time, keep them in your range, but yourself out of yours, and stick behind your group spamming spells and auras.

The most important success factor now is the rest of your team. What you need on items for this is enough money, provided by the Tear of the Goddess, because you will spam spells, giving you more money, making you able to spam more. Sona doesn't really have problems with CD especially at the start.

EARLY Game: Survive! Help your lane mate to survive! Go help out with healing on other lanes if appropriate.

Of course you need boots to escape attacks on you, once your opponents got out how much you help your lane mate and later your team. And to be honest: even those boots won't help you that much. You are an easy and favorable target from start on. So be careful not to feed. Just stay behind someone and support him as good as you can. Shouldn't be that big problem, especially because you are ranged.

MID Game: help your teammates ganking and survive gankings. Never get ganked since that makes you very dead. Be careful!

Once you got the Tear and your boots of choice (Boots of Mobility, won't work with your spells, and since you have a speedup spell ...), go for Innervating Locket. Did I already mention you will spamming spells? To be honest, sometimes I go for Soul Shroud first if I notice I am feeding for lack of life, and it's aura is especially nice.

LATE Game: stay behind the wall of your teammates and spam support like hell. Use your passive skill to add some decent damage in between, but never giveup spamming.

For any further items, feel free and look whats needed. I find Aegie of the Legion nice to help avoiding damage on your team, and Abyssal Scepter helps your team to deal more magical damage.
Mejai's Soulstealer or Leviathan can be nice if you manage to survive, since thanks to your 2 damage spells (the stun also damages), you will get a lot of assists.
Will fo the Ancients or Stark's Fevor can add to your team nicely if nobody else takes it.
Find it hard to survive, then take Guardian Angel or Banshee's Veil.

At the beginning, I prefer to take Q for getting some last kills on creeps, but after that prefer picking healing W after the first E. Most help from you will always be your auras and your healing. Your are not the ***** for damage or stuns, though it won't hurt if you do in the moments between your spell spamming.

Stay behind your team mates, heal them, give them auras, never go alone, and you will be very well with this build as non-pro.