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Sona Build Guide by GrOsBeN

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author GrOsBeN

Sona *goddess of kills*

GrOsBeN Last updated on July 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build and It will require adjustements, but for now it's the best I can do.

I often hear people say support heroes are useless like taric or soraka, and that we should pick an offensive champ instead.
Well, after a few victory with my build, you'll never think less of a support champ !

EDIT : Just made some major changes on this build, since I found more efficient to use Attack speed boost.

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Start every game with : Doran's Ring.
It gives you nice AP boost early and you'll be very efficient.

At first port back (1400 gold), pick Tear of goddess and boots, then go back to your lane.
Tear of goddess solves every mana issues you may have had, so from now on it's pure ownage !

At this point, you can spam your spells to push the ennemies behing their creeps and start farming. Sona is VERY item dependant so you need a LOT of gold ! that's why instead of magic pen boots I go for berserk boots. Combined with the runes, your auto attack become a threat to any champ. They can't just sit their and hit you because you'll hurt them fast.

You should farm enough gold to get the large rod. This is when the fun begin, your spells become very efficient and they will fear you. Also use your Q to farm creeps. Mana isn't an issue anymore so you can be greedy and harvest those minions !

Go fo Rabadon's cap : now you really boost your AP pool !

From here i often upgrade the tear of goddess to Archangel's staff. you get a LOT of AP which means you are as efficient as a support than as a range attacker.

Finally, by late game, you want to get Lichbane to inflict 100% of your AP to your next auto attack. It's like 700 dmg from Hymn then the same amount on your first hit. You get solo any champ like Ashes, MF, Morgana, Even Master Yi if you throw your ult before engaging.

Last item is your choice. you WILL be focused so if really gets in your nerves, go for Gardian Angel. If Banshee's veil is enough to avoir those deaths, then i believe it's better.

Or go fo some survability with frozen heart or zhonya's : armor, AP, CD reduction... what else ?

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In this guide you'll learn how to play Sona as an offensive champ, and gets kills.. LOTS OF 'EM !

I often end up with more kills than trynd or shaco... It's all about confidence and playstyle. The items gives you boosts, and there might be better items to build her, but what makes the difference if the way you play it, and how you install fear and caution into the ennemy's mind.

I give a detailed explanation on how to use spells and play Sona more than item explanations.

Hope you'll enjoy it as much as i do, because Sona is really an Op champ !

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Summoner Spells

Why flash and clarity ?

Flash will save your *** countless times to escape from ganks and solo ennemies full HP.
BUT it's also a very efficient way to get your kill : When in team fights, one of the ennemy is hit and low hp, he'll often try to outrun you. Even with your speed boost spell you may now catch him (who said Yi ?). So what you do is that you flash toward him and throw Hymn of Valor. If he's low hp enough, that's a kill.

Another good way of using flash, but that require more skills from your part, is to gank ennemy teams. if you spot them regrouping, and your team is ready to engage (Baron?) just pop next to them and use your ulti to stun them. The flash will give you the element of surprise, they wont have time to react and they'll be stuck there, dancing...
pull back a little, support the team and shoot hymn to squishiest ones.

Clarity is almost useless once you get the tear of goddess. True, but so not true !
It surely helps you early to keep your lane. ok. then what ?

Well, let me tell you something. The offensive Sona play the strings A LOT, so you will find yourself at half mana some times when team fights are quite long. if it really never ends, you'll be so happy to have it, because once you're back to base, your team will surely die...

Next option, and the most important in my opinion, is to GIVE mana to your teamates. Thanks to the mastery, you give 100% of the mana it grants. Do you start seeing what it means ? YES, you stay in lane longer because when your partner is about to back after a team fight, you heal him full in 3 times and replenish his mana pool almost at full. Now you can stay in lane and keep pushing further, you are almost full life and mana.

Teamfights often end when we can't shoot spells anymore because of mana issues : guess what, when it's over, it's not over : POUF, clarity, and your team is full mana !

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How to play offensive Sona ?

Playing aggressive with Sona is not an easy task since she's very squishy and well, she's a support hero, she's not made for battle... or is she ?

The main ingredient in maximum ownage is confidence. As long as you are confident in your skills, you'll win !

Get your doran's ring, pick Hymn spell and use it twice while still at base to keep your mana maxed, and head to your lane with your partner. I go very well with Amunu and Rammus, and Singed was really cool to play with, but you can go with anyone really. It just make it easyer to lane with a strong champ.

What you want to do is get first kill, or at least one kill early on the game to get golds faster. In order to do that, do not fear going to the bushes before the creeps spawned.

Whenever you find them in your bush, or go get them in theirs, you just get in range to use Hymn and attack the squishiest champ. Hymn of valor will take at least 1/4 of the ennemy's life, and your hit will deal more dammage thanks to your passive. If your partner if not lame, you should end up with first kill by hitting them until hymn get's back up. Use it, kill it.

Now the ennemy know that you are not to be taken lightly, and will be carefull.

Creeps are coming, you stay behind until lvl 2 when you pick your healing spell.
Now harass the ennemy with hymn when they come too close, but keep your mana as much as possible. The objective is to place yourself and your partner between their creeps and them, out of experience range, so that you get the advantage. In order to do that, be confident and do not hesitate to push them. You have an incredibly long range so it's very easy to push them away. Use your passive efficiently to hit them hard.

Dont forget to last hit creeps to get gold. You can use hymn to farm but I wouldn'n recommend it early game since you need your mana for the fight, and to heal your partner.

after first engagement, you'll probably be low health. heal you and your partner to the max and replenish your mana with clarity when your out or mana.

keep going until you have at least 1000gold and you're forced to back, otherwise just keep going. Sometimes i dont go back until lvl 10 or 11 and defend my lane with only doran's ring.

Once you're back, take tear of goddess : you'll never be out of mana again !
if you can, take your boots, or even your berserk shoes and go back to your lane.

If you died early and have 400 gold, take the gem instead of the tome to build tear of goddess. you need mana more than you need AP at this point since you have your runes.

now push and destroy tower if you can, use hymn to farm but keep an eye on your mana, it will regen fast, but it's not infinite either.

Start helping your team if needed, because the other lanes may have trouble while you stood yours easily.

when you have enough money get back to the large rod.
From now on, you deal a good dammage at once. try to focus squishy ennemies and throw them your enhanced normal attack + hymn of valor to take out 1/5 of their lief at least, and easily 1/3 to squishy ones. pull back to avoid being focused and heal your friends while they attack and slow him down. Throw a last hymn to finish the job.

In ganks, try to pop in a good alignement with the ennemy team and throw your ulti to stop them.

One thing I LOVE about sona is that she can interrupt. you see Fiddle charging his ulti ? stop him ! Kat just shunpo in the middle of the fight and start spinning ? stop her !
Yes, you just stopped the most damaging threat of the fight. what now ? heal / hymn / heal / hym / kill... just like that :)

Complete the remaining items, but from my experience, most games dont go long enough Lich Bane. Once you've got rabadon it's pretty much game over.

One thing to remember : people are not use to staying in lane after a fight because of low HP. they WILL try to recall. dont let them !
I often had to ping the map and shout "STAY" to keep them from backing up. Guess what ? i healed them, and we pushed to kill tower AND inhibitor before the other team even had the time to respawn or regoup mid.

Manage your team, show them you can support them really good and they should not be afraid of engaging the ennemy when you're nearby. Ask them not to suicide though, because you are good, but you can't save 1 champ against the whole ennemy team. They will follow a confident Sona.

Here are some scores i've came up with this build lately: