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Sona Build Guide by summonerzurc720



Updated on September 29, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author summonerzurc720 Build Guide By summonerzurc720 14,059 Views 0 Comments
14,059 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author summonerzurc720 Sona Build Guide By summonerzurc720 Updated on September 29, 2011
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You be support'n


I cant really go into my ideas about champion select here, but you should modify you're build based on the enemy jungle especially, and also to take out you're lane's support. You're main goal is to avoid their ap carry, given the fact that you have neutralized their carries.
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Playing Sona is hard.

I have a very unconventional build for a reason--because I have my own take on how to support a team.

You should already be very good at mechanics... knowing how to last hit and how to manage creeps, in other words, you should know how to speed or slow experience gain for enemy champs to maximise the gold and exp for your carry. At the same time, you should know your carry's style in order to help them manage their speed. Carrys often get ahead of themselves-you are the tactician which makes sure they make the best choices.

You should know basic knowledge about every champion so that you can make the best support decisions. You should know how to focus on and manage the enemy team, deciphering enemy jungle and ward locations, deciding on your own wards, and innovating your play style to support your team the best as the game is happening.

Now, the idea I have is something beyond these mechanical and knowledge based skills; and that is the idea of a support character which understands the enemy team at a basic level. A level of the instinct and "muscle memory" which is grown by this game, a set of criteria which can be taken advantage of. AYou must become the enemy team and understand their dynamics to make the best decisions for yourself and your carry.

You must be a support whose psychological understanding of the game and its goals must out-do everyone, including your carrys, and doing this while managing Sona's passive is especially hard.
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I use all mana regen runes to help at level one. The first stages of the game, the lane and counter jungle stages, need to be won for your team. You will not need a blue buff, because you will enter the game with 13m/5, and with items and masteries 24m/5. This will keep you alive, and help you outplay and dominate your lane. Being able to spam your abilities will charge your passive and take apart the enemy carry.

This brings us to masteries.
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Get gold per 10, because you'll need the change.
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You must choose items based on your lane partner. Most often i grab manip bc of support and build capabilities. Otherwise, I grab health.

You have nine build options. They are based on the bottom three items, but can be hurt by your lack of gold as a support.

Shyrulie's first: used for mobility-if your team is tied, get this.
Soulstealer: If your lane got first blood, b and buy this now.
Soul shroud: If your lane is going good, but can't get that edge it needs, use this in team fights as well

Sometimes i grab the health+5g/10, but rarely, because Shroud and Shyrulie's are more important. by the time you get both plus your tier three boots, you're either losing cause you lost your lane or you are dominating because you made the right choices.

Shroud first, then Shyrulie's is for one of these three game types:
:Dominating lane with high mana, weird cool-down carry
:there are alot of teamfights at dragon
:You're ap carry needs a lot of help

Shyrulie's first, then Shroud followed by as much ap as possible
:close game
:need to be mobile for early team fights
:aggressive enemy jungle

Soulstealer+Shyrulie's/shroud, stack ap
:completely winning, grab the soulstealer and build shyrulie's if you need to rush or shroud if you want to keep your team solid
:Only get soulstealer if you are with a team you know very well, otherwise its a waste of gold
:stack ap at the end to troll with your w stacked passive
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Skill Sequence

Grab your e first. level one ganks rely on mobility, and when stacked with your passive, you can either run or chase very well. dont be afraid to flash for position.

stack your passive as you fight, or charge it before you enter if you need to targe some one out of position

next, get your heal. spam that and hit the enemy carry. stack e to chase down. stack q to annoy carry if your jungler is near by to get ready to gank. stack q to annoy enemy support and e and w to mess up last hits.

use ultimate when ever you need a kill. use it for only one person if you have to. Do not save it for team fights, if you win early, you wont need it as much.

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Summoner Spells

grab cv and i assume you know how to use it. you can trail both jungle and lane mates. time it well!!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author summonerzurc720
summonerzurc720 Sona Guide
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