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League of Legends Build Guide Author Binary

Sona - Power to the Team!!

Binary Last updated on October 30, 2010
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Hello everyone!

This is my first guide for League of Legends. This is how I have currently been playing my Sona. After buying her on October 28th, I looked up the build Sona- Harpsichord from Hell build. So... I can't remember his name who made the build... but it's a good build so I suggest you go see that first.

-- Sona --

This build I have is derived from the previous build earlier mentioned, but I have added some items that add AP instead of passive buffs that the other build has. My reasoning for this is that I have noticed currently that as soon as Sona has over 150-200 AP, she can consistently heal the team and spam her Aria of Perserverance, and Song Of Celerity. Keeping these two skills spammed during a team fight can keep your teams HP up (as well as Mres and Def) and movement speed to chase down enemies who are low HP, as well as Hymn of Valor, dealing damage and increasing your teams AP and AD. If the lane sequence is done correctly without being aggressive, you should have no problem getting the easy assists and kills, as well as supporting your team.

(Reasoning for Summoner Skills)
- Clairvoyance is for detecting a gank. If you feel someone his hiding in the bushes above the lane.... use your skill to check it. Simple as that. Sona is a easy target.
-Flash is for an escape, considering she really doesnt have that great of an escape. Her speed skill is useful for out running chasing champs, but usually its not enough.

-- Runes --

Glyph of Celerity - x9 : Cool down Reduction
Seal of Vitality - x9 : Health per Level
Mark of Magic Penetration - x9: Magic Pen
Quintessence of Fortitude -x9: Flat Health Increase

-- Item Build --
-To start off you would like to buy a Mana Manipulator for the MP Regen

-Then after getting a decent amount of gold (around 900-1000) go back to base to purchase Boots of Speed, and a Mana Stone

-After returning to your lane and farming or assisting your lane mate, finish your Innervating locket. This item is important because it adds mana and HP back every time you cast a spell... and you will be casting... a lot!

-After the Locket is made, create a Tear of the Goddess, and then spam the **** out of your skills once you get it to maximize your mana capacity for the Archangels 3% AP Increase based on Max Mana.

-Finish the Archangel Staff, which should bring you to around 130-140 AP and 2.6k Mana.

-Once the Archangel Staff is complete, finish your Sorcerer's Boots.

-Start building into your Death Fire Grasp for the AP, CD Reductions, and Active ability.

-Once the Death Fire is finished, create your Rylai's Scepter for more Health and the ability to slow on skill contact.

-Then end your build with Zhonya's Ring.

**Usually when your build is done, you will have around 350-400 AP, thus making your heals super effective healing for more then 350+ HP per 3-5 seconds, considering your spamming your other 2 skills to keep the songs playing for your team**

With these items, Sona will have what almost appears to be an infinite mana supply. After team battles, I usually have plenty of more mana to continue the push and heal my teammates who were beaten up quite bad from it. She will also have the ability to keep her teammates in battle for the longest time, making it frustrating for the other team to keep the DPS going.

-- Lane Process --
Sona can easily last hit, harass, and do a lot of damage to your enemy champions. At low levels you would obviously attack the squishy character in your lane. Considering Sona's Power Chord does a lot of damage to low level squishies, you would like to save that for enemies who come to close to you. So Q skill and then auto attack to deal that massive damage. Using your q skill to last hit minions is important because the items in this build are quite expensive. So timing is essential.

At around level 5, if you have been patient and gotten 1 or 2 kills, or farmed your butt off, you should be able to get golem buff. If you cannot do it yourself, ask your lane mate to help you kill it. Take the time to get this buff if your enemies are busy handling your minions because the mana buff will offer Sona an unlimited mana supply. Then level 6 should come around and you should have you Ultimate by then. You can either:

A) Gank a lane with a nice precision ult
B) Continue the lane phase with your partner

If you can successfully gank a lane and get the assist points or kill(s), that is extra gold for you. Assists can lead to a large amount of gold so dont be ashamed to get the assist.

**Remember that you are a really squishy character.... Don't be stupid, stay back and use your range to your advantage**

-- Mid and Late Game --

It is now your job to keep your team alive, and buffed. Think of yourself as a Priest from an MMORPG, that is your job. Sona is an incredible source of reliability.

All you have to do is:

-Keep your songs active

-Keep your skills flowing (ex: Keep W casting at all times, and Q for damage, and then E for chasing or escaping)

-Remain as close, yet safest away from wounded allies, for you can only heal the 2 most injured teammates in battle.

-Placing your ult in cluster of enemy champs is perfect for your team to easily pick out those annoying champs like Warwick, Ashe, Twisted Fate, Lux etc. etc.

-- Game History --

After reading up on the build Sona: Harpsichord from Hell, and tweaking it to my playing style, I rarely have lost games, simply because I am doing my job as a support class character.

After looking at my recent stats in my match history, after 20 games of playing as Sona, I have only lost 3. These losses were cause by, leavers, feeders, or terrible team mates.

League of Legends is a team game. Your as good as your worst player. The only thing that matters in the end is who wins, and who loses. You can have the worst score in the game, but as long as you do your job, and your team does theirs, you will win. Simple as that.

-- Conclusion --

In conclusion to this build, I hope you guys like it. I am proud to play League of Legends and happy to know that I am now able to contribute to the community Mobafire has to offer to players of all skill.

Thanks and leave your comments below to tell me how my build is, and ways to make it better :)