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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zlockbag1869


Zlockbag1869 Last updated on September 24, 2010
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If you are reading this it is either because you really liked my lame build name.... or your curious if this build will actually PWN!!! Trust me if you listen to what I say and play it smart it will!! But on that same note, this is not the end all be all of builds and its not the only way or even the right way to play Sona; BUT!! it is my way of playing Sona and I have found that it works awesome!!!! If you keep it smart and play with a decent team you will PWN 90-95% of the time!!! My last game was 18/2/12. Thanks to the great teamwork of some buddies that are pretty darn good (Thanks Roflkopterz and Dragnon88). So if you havent already given up and moved on then I suggest you read my build and try it out! ;)

Lets start of with.....dun dun dun....... the beginning!

Beginning play:

Well for starters I like to gank and lucky for me so do my friends. So I will start off with Hymn of Valor at level 1. (From there I will put 1 point in the healing ability and then one point into my speed ability. After this I max out Hymn of Valor only deviating to put points into my ult. From there I max out the healing ability and then the speed ability.) My first items are always the Boots of Speed.And a Health potion and Mana potion.Then I high tail it down to the bottom center for the gank. If you are lucky and have a good team, we usually get atleast one maybe two off the bat with no deaths. Then if I feel confident I will wait it out and grab a Mejai's Soulstealer right off the bat.If I am getting held up and can only get an amplifying Tomb and am low on health or mana for some reason then I will go and grab that then the Mejai's.thenThis is jsut my preference and can be switched up with Boots of Swiftness if need be.However I find with the speed boost aura I rarely am caught. I wait until I grab Mejais which is usually before level 5 and KEY!!! I cannot stress enough how important early on getting Mejai's Soulstealer for the stacks is. After I grab Mejai's I go with Boots of Swiftness.. Then I go back and lane and hope to get some kills/assists for some early stacks. Usually if my team is doing well, around lv 7 or 8 I will have my Archangel staff done.. If for some reason we are not then I will build it up piece by piece starting with the Mekai Pendant, then the Sapphire Crystal and then the Tear of the Goddess and the Blasting Wand followed by Archangel.If we are just doing ok then I will be about level 10 before Archangels is done. And once I have that completed....that is where Sona SHINES!! Which brings us to......


For me I notice that with a few stacks and an Archangel Staff Sona does some serious damage! At this point Hymn of Valor should be maxed and hitting for anywhere between 200-400 Magic Damage. I find this is awesome especially when the other team chases and thinks they are gunna gank me ;)...... i just run while launching Hymns of Valor and then hitting my speed up aura when available. After this I can usually get in atleast three hymns of they are dumb and continue to chase. Then I will turn around and launch my ult which does nice damage and best of all it's time to DANCE!!! lol this is so funny watching the other guy chasing you dance and then die. So while they are Ulted I am attacking and doing Hymn of Valor and with any luck they are under half health before my ult and not to mention the passive which can hit for around 100-200 at this point ;) So I find for me I get most of my stacks during this time. I continue to play it smart and keep helping my teamates while getting stacks. I then proceed to build a Rylai's Crystal Scepter focusing on the AP before the Giants belt.I find if I play it smart and dont get greedy I rarely have to worry about health. By the time I am done with Rylai's it is usually around 15 or 16 and 17 at the most. Which means.........


End game if you follow this build... you are a ridiculous ranged nuker of death, squishy but still a NUKER!!!! I can easily take down one to two champs on my own, I get them to chase, pop two Hymns of Valors, turn ult and pop another Hymn and at this point they should be dead. If you dont get greedy, and continue to play smart you will rarely die. There have only been two games where I have actually gotten Soul Shroud before we win.But I find if it goes that far I get the Mana Manipulator and then the Giants Belt and then the Soul Shroud.....and at this point if you dont win, GG you got unlucky and other team is either better, or your team sucks and cant work well together.

This is my first build, and it isnt the customary caster build, so I know it will be knocked I am expecting this. However I just ask that you try it for a few games before you knock me! ;) After you have tried it and it sucks, then smash away lol!! If it works good for you then let me!! Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to read this! :)