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Sona Build Guide by D34dr48817

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author D34dr48817

Sona- Skeletal boardwalk across the ocean

D34dr48817 Last updated on January 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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not much to say.........

basically you should be laning bot with a smart player. I have healed everything with this build(even owned while healing a soraka[AD]) and nothing has been too hard.

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Dmg sona?! yes but not so weak after the giants belt. If you find farming is hard(shouldn't be with your well positioned Q) the switch your quints for gold per 10 second and 4 of your clarity runes for Gold per 10. This will produce 4 gold per ten (guessing). anyways its straight forward, AP = BETTER HEALS = CARRY/SUPPORT = WIN

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focus Ap then mana regen... Its all about ap transforming into heals, CDR for faster heals, and some magic pen for a harder ult+ Q combo to feed your mejais.

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JOY! Okay so,

MEJAIS is your meal-ticket. getting this first and have your Q activated when your partner or ganker gets a kill that's some free stacks!

Ninja Tabi- for some early survivability, never lets me down. I'd like some feed back on shoes.

Tear- early tear is Great for any mana/ap character. most necessary

Giants belt- Now we are going some where, combined with clarity this item allows you to lane for weeks! you will most likely obtain this whe nteam goes all mid... if you have blue buff and flash(not on CD of course) you can heal and help team escape anything!

Will of the ancients- odd item? Not really this is where your support is, Giving AP, Spell VAmp to team/ extra survival while being chased for you. throw a Q spell when being chased for that much more life to run with.

Rylais- now giants belt makes sense! the slowing effect is perfect when you toss a Q (therefore slowing enemies 15% and healing self) flash to counter any flash they have, and finally ulting to stun for a second (of course spell vamp again) and allowing you to place a passive attack and Q again!

Archangels- The boost in ap is about 100 give or take and the resulting heals and spell vamps are supremely enhanced. Nuff said.

Morellos is just for the CDR and AP. a nice finish. can be replaced with banshees veil or frozen heart

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Skill Sequence

hymn of valor- I get this first for the buff to my partner and the extra dmg is always useful.
I recommend activating this at base and rushing the bushes for First blood.
The buff provides AD and AP

Aria of perseverance- Your heal! its CD is nice and short. providing Armor resist and magic resist(i believe)

Song of celerity- i dont claim to be great at sona, I only really use this spell for 3 three things
1- getting back to my lane
2- running away from enemies/ buffing my team to escape
3- spamming Q,W,E for tears ability (only do so with blue buff)

Crescendo- a cone stun! useful in many ways! early game its to save allys and to save your self! just point shoot and run! Late game its a trap for enemies! Like i said Q, FLash, ULT, Q. this stun changes the tide of battle. Useful when jarvan or nunu has the enemies it their ult! stun them and keep them in there!

Your passive- Every three spells is a bonus attack bonus. use 3 spells and deal extra dmg based on your lvl.

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Summoner Spells

FLASH is a must! escaping early game and chasing late game.

Clarity- super idea! lane for days! not much to say

my other option is ignite just to feed your mejais.

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Let your team know that you need the blue at lvl one(if they are okay to gank enemy jungle and have them kill blue for you) and at lvl 6 you can kill blue yourself(be sure to vision ward the river entrance to blue). If you are top try getting a blue monster respawn counter on your smart phone and having your partner help you kill enemy blue, Again be sure to ward.

when in team fight its all about spamming Q,W for dmg and heals! E to run away. R to escape or allow teammates to FINISH HIM!

THATS all please try this out before you downvote! and provide some proof that you failed due to me! I'm reasonable with reason! I promise this is not humor and is valuable build!