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Sona Build Guide by tumbalumba

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tumbalumba

Sona some basics and sth more

tumbalumba Last updated on June 12, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Power Chord makes Sona a good early game harasser.
Charging Power Chord twice at base at the start of the game can lead to an advantage fighting in the brush at level 1.
In a battle using Aria of Perseverance along with Power Chord to hit the enemy's carry can help turn the tides of the fight.
Use Aria of Perseverance when an ally is being focused in order to take advantage of the bonus armor and magic resistance.
Do not underestimate the movement speed buff of Song of Celerity. The passive aura combined with its AoE active can give a very large speed boost to Sona's team. This combined with its slow from Power Chord can make it very difficult to catch/run away from her and her team.
Sona's Hymn of Valor is very strong if leveled up quickly. However, because of her lack of escape mechanisms or survivability skills, she should still be played as a support champion.
Stay with the team. Sona makes an excellent healer, Crescendo is best used when the whole team can take advantage of it, and Song of Celerity lets the entire team kite. Without a teammate around, Sona is little more than an easy gank.
During laning, make sure to keep either her Hymn of Valor aura active if your lane mate wants to be aggressive and last hit with better ease, or her Aria of Perseverance if you are more defensive.

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Monster camps spawn and respawn time 3v3

Lizard, Young Lizard, and Golem or Wraith and three Lesser Wraiths; respawn in 75 seconds.
Grez, The Lizard Lord; respawn in 4 minutes.

Upper jungle:
Giant Wolf and two Wolves or two Golems ; respawn in 75 seconds.
Rabid Wolf and two Giant Wolves or Ghast and two Wraiths; respawn in 3 minutes.
Ebonmaw, the Terror of Zaun; respawns in 5 minutes.

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Monster camps spawn and respawn time 5v5

A Giant Wolf and two Wolves - Spawn at 1:40; respawn in 60 seconds.
Two Golems - Spawn at 1:40; respawn in 60 seconds.
A Wraith and three Lesser Wraiths - Spawn at 1:40; respawn in 60 seconds.
An Ancient Golem and two Young Lizards - Spawn at 1:55; respawn in 5 minutes.
A Lizard Elder[icon=Lizard Elder and two Young Lizards - Spawn at 1:55; respawn in 5 minutes.
Dragon - Spawns at 2:30; respawns in 6 minutes; on death grants 190 gold to all teammates(950 total team gold).
Baron Nashor - spawns at 15:00, respawns in 7 minutes; on death grants 300 gold to all teammates(1500 total team gold), and additionally grants a powerful buff to all living teammates.

Alert your team m8s abt this

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And sth more

Early Game (1-8)

Starting Item(s):
Sight Wardx2 x3

Playstyle / Laning:

Grab your items and group up with your team to protect your jungler. Use Clairvoyance (CV) to scout the enemy jungle (usually blue buff) and see what the enemy team is up to. If you are lower level / your team doesn't group just head bottom (you should always have 2 champs bottom to protect dragon) and use CV to see who is mid / top. Keep in mind to use CV as much as you can to either track the enemy jungle, watch out for ganks if enemies are MIA, or to scout the brush in top / bot (lowest priority). CV takes practice and for you to constantly think "where do I want to see?" so don't give up, keep practicing! I found it helpful to learn jungle routes for different junglers as it helps me track them with CV.

Now you are in your lane and the creeps are rolling out. The goal of early game is to babysit your lane partner, let them have all the creep kills (yes I mean ALL of them), and harass the enemy so they leave your lane partner alone.

Sona can put out some formidable deepz with her Q + and give quite a surprise to the enemy. I usually level my Q and W up equally, but depending on how you're doing in lane you might want to max one before the other. If you lane with a champ that has a good early game (stuns / high damage) you can probably net some kills, and you might want to max your Q first. If you are laning with a passive lane partner that just needs to farm, just focus on healing them up and harassing the enemy by yourself (this means you would level your W first).

Once you hit 6 you can almost always get a kill by harassing the enemy down, then coordinating with your lane partner / jungler that you are going to try to get a kill with your ult. When trying to get a kill keep in mind to have your Q + ready to burst them down. If you don't think you can get a kill with your ult just save it in case you need to save your lane partner from a gank.

If your lane partner wants to roam / gank another lane hold the lane for them. You have very good lanestay with your heal and mana regen. At this point you can kill creeps! ;D

If at the end of the phase neither you or your partner has died, you have 0 CS, and your partner has a ton, it's a GREAT SUCCESSS! (Just keep this in mind if you didn't manage to get any kills early game)

First Return:

Always always ALWAYS get Heart of Gold first. Since you are giving all the CS to your lane partner you will need the gold per 10 secs. If your team's not warding dragon try to buy 1 wardSight Ward for dragon, but you will be very low on money since you have no CS, so if you can't afford it that's ok.

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Mid Game (9-14)

Mid game you will start teamfighting. Make sure to be there when your team is getting ready to fight, or take a map objective (baron / dragon/ enemy red or blue buff). Keep in mind to keep those CV's strong in places that need them. For example if you are invading their jungle CV ahead of your team to make sure you don't run into a trap, or if you are pushing a tower CV in the nearby jungle to see if the enemy is trying to sneak up on you.

Sona's Role in Teamfights:

During teamfights focus first and foremost on healing on every CD, then on damage, then on using your ESong of Clerity for mobility. By this I mean W > Q > ESong of Clerity. However, you should be spamming all of these skills on CD if mana allows. If you run out of mana only use your W[icon=Aria of Perseverance[! You can get by with your passive mana regen and only using W when your mana comes back up. Stick by your carry and make sure they are safe. Save your R until you can hit 2 or 3 enemies, or if one of your teammates has a good aoe ult (such as Amumu , Nunu , or Vladimir ) try to time your ult to help facilitate their ult. If you have Amumu let him initiate and then ult them right after his ult is wearing off for twice the benefit. If you have a Nunu let him ult to slow them, then you can stun them to let him get off a nasty max duration Absolute ZeroAbo****e Zero. If you are with a Vladimir ult 3 enemies, and this will let him line up his ult for some crazy damage. If the enemy has a nasty habit of diving your carry (maybe a Xin Zhao , Master Yi , or Kassadin ?) you can use your ult to peel them off your carry. If they dive YOU then make sure to flash out.

At this stage in the game, even though you are gold-starved, you need to start warding. The Heart of Gold should help you afford to buy wards. As a support you are helping your team out by buying wards so your carries / tanks don't have to and can be stronger. Wards win games.

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Late Game (15-18)

Late game you should have both Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Authene's Unholy GrailAuthenes's Unholy Grail which will allow you to spam your spells rather efficiently. At this stage in the game it is very important for you to always be with your team, since a 4v5 match could mean gg. Make sure to always heal up your teammates even before fights, and prioritize your heal over damage during fights.
Keep in mind when to use your ult and CV's as described in the Mid Game section. Make sure baron is ALWAYS warded, as a free baron can mean gg. If you can buy Vision Ward for the ward hotspots such as Baron and Dragon. Also if your team needs an oracles you should buy it (at this point you are pretty survivable) as you are the support and need to take the burden off the other members of your team. Reasons you would need an oracles are if you know the other team is warding in your jungle, or you are up against stealth champs such as Evelynn or Twitch .

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This guy know whats he doing.