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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iCone


iCone Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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2.Abilities, Spells, Runes.
3.Reasoning for Abilities, Spells, Runes.
4.Talent tree
5.Item Build

Sona is known for her amazing support style of play, with the skills of some of the best supports, taric, soraka and anu. Although sona lacks the ability of escaping and is very vulnerable to this. She is very delicate, and will die in a blink of an eye if put in a bad position. So throughout this guide i will explain how we can make this squishy hero become a somwhat pest to kill. With her spamage from heals, and boost speed auras she will be very hard to kill with this build.

[Abilities, Spells, Runes]

ABILITIES - In my eyes sona is finally a true support hero, with her abilties able to heal, supply armor/magic res, speed boost and ult for a stun/disable.

Power Chord[passive] - sona passive is quite unique after spamming 3 of her spells, the next hit will be a bonus in damage, this can be utilzed for great harass early.[TIP]At the beginning of the game spam your heal first up for the 3 charges then go to your lane, first hit will be a strong one!

Hymn of Valor[Q] - sona one main damage spell, can be utilzed for farming/harrasing, can be helpful in team fights also.

Aria of Perseverance[W] - sona main healing spell, this will heal you and the lowest team member near you, spam spam spam, is all i have to say with the mp5 on sona you will be able to lane for a good amount of time. This also gives a buff for you and your teamates armor/magic res.

Song of Celerity[E] - sona speed aura which can be used for ganking or escaping, utilzed to save teamates this is very useful.

Crescendo[R] - sona ultimate move!! stuns and deals magic damage over time awsome initiating spell for ganks also good to survive! dont underestimate this ultimate.

SPELLS - For sona i've seen alot of people getting stuff like clarvionce, clarity, exhaust and flash. These are all good spells but in my eyes heal really does help give your that bit of an edge, also with cleanse, the other team knows sona is a threat in big ganks so they will target you and drop you fast, you want to be able to take some of the damage pop out with your speed, spam heals and ultimate, its vital your not disabled for the fight and tooken out!

In my eyes clarity is useless, sona has alot of mp5 from the runes and dosnt need when archangel arrives, clarvionce is good but i feel its not used enough until later on.

RUNES - With runes i;ve seen alot of people either stacking magic penetration or mp5. sona is all support not dps magic pen is useless for her since she only has really 1 main damage spell.. when looking at mp5 i've chosen abit of mp5 but apart from that you won't need anymore.. why stack to much when you can utilze it for better purposes like surviving?

Marks - ive chosen to go with Greater Mark of Vitality just since marks dont offer sona that much so the bonus 90 life really helps.

Seals - ive choosen Greater Seal of Evasion just purely based on alot of dodge given, i find most of my deaths are caused from melee jumping on me and with the build having 20% dodge is a life saver!! literally.

Glyphs - ive choosen Greater Glyph of Clarity since this type of rune is best for mana regen, with this you will be able to spam spam spam and use your items for more important things.

Quints - ive choosen Greater Quintessence of Clarity since this rune combined with the glyph will give you 25mana per 5 now add this with your talent tree and your arcangel and you've got 60/5sec, plenty to spam.

Talent tree:

Now most people might not agree that 15/15 is good, in my eyes its better suited then 9/0/21 for sona. Alot of people are trying to stack magic pen and it jus wont work with you trying to support and stay alive. I've chosen the most important aspects for sona throughout the utility such as mana regen, mana, speed. And the defence tree with armor/magic res/dodge/blocking and the reduced cd on spells.

This will help you survive alot more then stacking magic pen! Try it out you better alive then dead.

ITEMS - now alot of people ive seen are stacking alot of mp5(too much) and alot of magic pen(useless) in my builds basically you have the choice of going mercs or tabi, going tabi will help alot against a heavy melee team or you can go with mecs against a heavy magic or disable team. With the items its quite simple.. Meja since you should be in every gank and it will stack quite quickly, go with archangel first up for the bonus AP and mass mass mana which is so usefull. Then finish with stacking rod of ages, this not only gives you good AP/HP/MANA but also will stack with your archangel.(Will go into depth later)

This guide is very short, but its a rough otuline of how you should build her, I will go into depth later on about sona when ive used her for month or 2 and put updates.

Remember sona isnt a DPS/Carry.. she is support only, having a good offence requires good defence and sona now will be able to stay in the fight hopefully the hole time with getting killed in 2seconds..! add comments please :) update later!